Honest mood: I had a massive crush of Queen of Mars as a kid.
You know, it wasn’t really weird for me (even if i’m born female) but as a kid I decited to not tell anyone about my girl-crushes. Especially because they were always… um… really, really REALLY attractive? And for a lot of ppl “inappropriate for kids”. Such as Queen of Mars or Jessica Rabbit (both of them are still a big argue for me- Idk which one of them is prettier and sexier… Maybe they’re just equal) and that was my kind of perfect girlfriend for kiddo-me.
So I was looking for some nice music to listen while drawing and accidentally I have found this and… oh boy…
I had crush at her, but I remember when I saw this episode, I SAW HER… I was like “Holyfuck. She needs to be mine, she’s perfect, she’s all I need omg”. 
Again, I was a weird kid.
End of my honest mood. It’s 4:30AM I’m going to sleep now. BYE.

I just read the article, “How to Be an Artist, According to Kandinsky” by Artsy and it’s really helping me through my block. I’m not a huge Kandinsky hoe, but the 5 lessons they go over (however cliché they are) made me think about my own art process and what I want to people to see. Here are the 5 lessons:

Lesson #1: Express your inner world, not the latest artistic trends.

Lesson #2: Don’t paint things. Paint in abstract form.

Lesson #3: Approach color as a window into the human soul.

Lesson #4: Inject rhythm into your painting, like a musical score.

Lesson #5: By creating original work, you will further the cause of humanity.

It’s prob super lame, but I really like this. Just leaving this here as a reminder for me and any artsy friends having trouble.