On the road again. I’ve got a 6AM flight tomorrow to meet back up with Ray LaMontagne for another month of shows. Come see us if we hit your town. I’ll be the one wandering around venues playing Pokemon Go.

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ginnyvos  asked:

Hi Sam, I'm a huge fan of your fic and I'd love to see more of President Clint and shadowruler Tony. Maybe Vice President Steve gets up to some more shenanigans than usual? Maybe the faces the republicans pull trying to fuse the image of Captain America The Icon Of Republicans with Vice President Rogers who puts them down at every turn? Maybe that time they tried to throw dirt and Clint by implying that he was sleeping with Tony for his support and Tony was sleeping with him for his influence?

Well, I didn’t exactly take any of your prompts 100%, and I know this is later than the June Fic Fest, but I DID want to write more of President Clint and Shadowruler Tony and incorporate some of my headcanons into an actual story. So…a little late and not quite accurate, but here you go! :D 

(Story is behind the cut; if you don’t see the cut, try a non-mobile reader.)

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Twenty, young?  We lived through a war. No they didn’t train me as a child - this isn’t the Winter Order. I was unobtrusive, I kept my eyes open. That’s all that matters. The rest of it is just paperwork.

Except the war years. Muggleborn Resistance - the Bones Resistance - liaised between those two. More running than I’ve done my whole life. But worth it, every bit of it.

So maybe, maybe I was young. If you look at it one way. I like to imagine I was older than seventeen. I felt older, y'know? It’s the feeling that matters, not the actual truth - 

I don’t know why you’re so concerned about the ‘truth’ - the truth’s really ambiguous, we’re in the business of espionage, not heartfelt confessions. 

Mister Scrimgeour you’ve known me for at least three years now - fine, fine.

I’m qualified for this position, I’m bloody well qualified to head MI7. I’m twenty five if you must know. Sixteen when I started Hogwarts - but it’s simple enough to hide that when you’ve got magic at your fingertips, you of all people should know that. As though the Ministry was going to let their most important asset out of their sight - of course they fed the public all sorts of lies, you know that as well as I do. Pretend, forget, rejoice. Business as usual. MI7 doesn’t do that, Mister Scrimgeour. We don’t bloody forget and we don’t pretend. We like to keep an open mind. Not like the Auror Department. You’ll learn that in time - I’ve had nine more years working with this department, Mister Scrimgeour, you’ll forgive my insolence: you’re not exactly qualified to lead this department.

Well of course you didn’t bloody know we were keeping an eye on the Boy Who Lived. Discreet, of course. We trade in discretion - something you wouldn’t understand. But we were there. 

No I didn’t start out young. I was just very smart and unobtrusive. The only thing that matters in this business.

Well all right, I  had family in the business. The muggle side of the business. You’d be surprised how much they know about our world - how much they keep out of the muggle papers and no it’s not just the DMLE doing all the dirty work. There’s a lot you’ll have to learn.

You’re not half bad for an auror, I’ll say. So how about this? I teach you the ropes and you get to be the face we throw out in public. I do the real stuff; authorizations, co-ordinating our people, setting up teams. I hold the strings. Right?