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Genetically altered teenage freaks- and where to find them - phanfic.

Summary: Special Agent Phil Lester (also Agent 188) is assigned to assassinate Daniel Howell, a hacker who knows way too much. Though it’s not easy. Especially, after finding out this boy ain’t stupid,  and has a rather devious plan of his own. Upon realising, he’s suddenly in the clutches of a boy who just wants to be loved. But apart from being maybe kind of adorable, Dan Howell is dangerous and his actions set off a chain of events where Phil, a now genetically altered freak as well as an agent, and Dan- now a-deranged scientist, have to work together to round up a bunch of kids with screwed up DNA before they wreck havoc on the real world.

Genre: Secret agent AU, human experimentation, Supernatural

Warnings: N/A.

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