Vitrinero Sainteiyero updated!
Me falta sacar a God Cloth Mu de su caja (y otro Mu Agarma que tengo en una repisa externa)  pero eso ya después. Se me ha ido el finde limpiando los materiales de escultura que tenía en las repisas de abajo y ahora que está acomodado me pondré a hacer experimentos para aumentar la colección, muahahah. 
Mil gracias a @anewe9, @koopalex y @roandymon por los regalitos inspiradores ;w;


||Aries Mu God Cloth EX|| 

Let me tell you as beautiful as he is, he was hard to mount. Posing him is also a bit difficult but once you get the hang of how the wings connect, you’re good to go. And btw OMG just look at that wingspan! Nor SoG or the Soldiers Soul 3D model showed those spread wings that the cloth was designed for! They’re quite lovely  and posable with 3 points of articulation :) 

One of my favorite new features in this figure is the new sculpt for the hands, it’s such a gentle grip so becoming of him too! 


Galactic Nebula Aries Kiki 

So, the ever so kind anewe9, knowing how much I adore Kiki,  indulged me by finding a baby not-so-baby sheep for me (and other sheepgoodies!! Thank you thank you thankyou!! *o*) and sending him my way!!!!!  I got the box of goodies last Friday and I’m ecstatic!! Throwing in just a few pics because my camera broke, lol, but I’ll take more later, hopefully.

I must really say the face sculpt, hair and head texture, eyes’ paint and quality have me really impressed!! Even the cloth that’s for the most part plastic, gets it’s own flare by making the golden parts really shiny and the details more satin like  and lighter. He does look the part along my other Sheep from Bandai!  

I’m specially in love with  the way light accentuates his features (the bridge of his nose and the lips!), you can see the right amount of roundness on the cheeks, a wide smile and big eyes so characteristic of Kiki, but also a VERY NICELY SHAPED adult jaw and nose, much in the fashion of Omega; and of course his ponytail with the lilac ribbon!! OMG it’s so well done!

The Aries trinity is complete *o* NowIneedtostartaddingtherestofmycorralOMG