may the splendor never fade - Indila as Éponine, Niels Schneider as Enjolras

he twirls her around. her opulent skirts swish over her dainty ankles; her black hair splays out, catching the glow of the chandeliers. he pulls her back into his arms, and she smells like wildflowers.

“girl of ashes,” he muses out loud, “turned to gold.”


The Absolute Worst FanCast Ever: Les Mis Edition
 (from the genius minds of myself and my sister)

Jean Valjean - Nicolas Cage / Bishop Myriel - William Shatner / Javert - Jackie Chan /Fantine - Amy Poehler / Cosette Fauchelevant - Taylor Swift / Marius Pontmercy - Michael Cera / Eponine Thenadier - Lea Michele / Enjolras - Zac Efron / Grantaire / Jack Black