Alphabet Prompts

A: “Ah, the dangers of unrequited love.”

B: “Before you go. Please. Just talk to him one more time.”

C: “Can’t you see that I’m a little busy right now?”

D: “Don’t act like you’re innocent in all this! I might’ve been the bomb, but you were the kill-switch. You had to chance to stop me. But you were too weak to take it, weren’t you?”

E: “Even I have trouble understanding them, and I am-”
“Yes, yes, we know. Smartest AI on Earth, guide to the rich and wealthy. We get it by now.”

F: “Forget it. It doesn’t even matter anymore.”

G: “Going somewhere?”
“Nowhere that concerns you.”

H: “Hell is already here, brother, and I’m the devil.”

I: “I didn’t know that this would happen.”

J: “Just- just don’t forget about me. Okay?”

K: “Kind kings have this strange tendency to come up dead, mi'lady.”
“Worried, are you?“

L: “Lots of love, your stalker.”

M: “Maybe I could’ve done something, flipped some switch-”

N: “Normal people are boring.”
“It’s easy to say that when you’re the normal one.”

O: “Our goal is to achieve our objective.”
“So everything’s still classified then.”

P: “Pretty people hide ugly secrets.”

Q: “Quick question though, how do we get in? Or is that not in your PowerPoint?”

R: “Really?”

S: “So much for rebellion.”
The screen in front of them blared, the president’s words loud and clear as he screamed about rebels, and revolutionaries, and how they were so called “terrorists.”
But their eyes watched something else entirely.
Their leader being whipped.
“So much for hope.”

T: “Titanium is easy to find compared to this.”

U: “Unfortunately, today is not that day.”
“Unfortunately for us, you mean. Not you.”

V: “Very nice, but the presentation leaves a lot to be desired.”
“I’ll try harder next time.”
“I bet you will.”

W: “What on Earth-”
“Off Earth would be more like it, general.”

X: “X-Men.”
“Okay I know you can’t speak English very well at the moment, but what?”

Y: “You have this very strange talent, name surname.”
“And what is that?”
She scowled. “You get in my way.”

Z: “Zombies would be better than this.”
“Anything would,” he agreed.

anonymous asked:

Can you do an (platonic of course) imagine about MC being kinda young? Like 13-15? Thank you!

separated saeran/unknown cuz the setting of this HC is more fitting for unknown, but included saeran too [so there are 2 different HCs]


Note: This request was made by one of the applicants for the co-admin. Posted with permission from the respective person. 

Ri’s Edit on May 6: Ayyyy throwback, this was my entry to get accepted as admin lololol!!


  • he was really interested in the new girl in the RFA… unhealthily interested… 
  • the poor, lonely boy didn’t know that you were barely in high school! 
  • BOOM. 
  • that’s the sound of his guilt and embarrassment crashing on him when he finally met you at the party.
  • “MC! You’re uh, really… young.”  
  • but as you talked with him more, he realized that you’re still the same person in the chat that he admires 
  • he respects you a lot for gathering so many guests, especially with your age
  • you were greeting all the guests so professionally and engaging them in thoughtful conversations, rather than simple, polite ones - after the party, he approaches you excitedly 
  • “MC… I think you’re really amazing… Not everyone can handle this so well at your age!”  
  • he would definitely ask you to hang out with him when you’re free, just as friends, looking past the age difference  
  • he would probably like to take you to a pet shelter that he volunteers at, hoping to talk to you more, and to show you his skill with animals 
  • although he was disappointed that he was still a single pringle, he’d be overjoyed that someone he respected so much (cough, you) was his friend


  • it didn’t matter to him how old you were, because to him, you’re still a lady  
  • and he’s deadset on being a gentleman. 
  • he will fawn over you and offer his aid for the littlest things 
  • “Let me help you, mi'lady.“ 
  • *insert sparkly smile* 
  • Even if it’s just pouring water. 
  • he takes a lot of selfies with you because he thinks that’s what teenagers are into. 
  • deadly protective of you. 
  • he will glare at seven for even THINKING to prank you, and WILL hunt him down 
  • and he will even talk to Jumin Han if it means keeping him from talking to you and ‘tainting’ your purity 
  • Zen was like the older overprotective brother (or maybe sister lololol) you didn’t know you had… 
  • and even after the party, he continued to treat you like his little sister: taking you out for ice cream when you passed your tests, shopping with you and offering his fashion advice, making sure boys weren’t bothering you, all that sisterly Zen stuff


  • she has so much respect for you, honestly  
  • no, not because of the party organizing actually  
  • but because you could deal with Jumin Han.  
  • “MC! Please… I beg you to grow up faster, my job will be reserved for you!“ 
  • you thought it was ridiculous. It’s not like you really had any control over Jumin… 
  • but you and Jaehee got along very well, and laughed about Jumin together  
  • she even got you into watching Zen’s DVDs… although she covered your eyes for every inappropriate scene 
  • “nonono MC, you’re too young for this!”  
  • although, it really made you curious why she’d always be nosebleeding after…  


  • dude, he’s been gushing over how cute you looked since he first looked into your background 
  • he has spammed V’s phone about you too many times to count 
  • when he finally met you, he’d be playing pranks on you CONSTANTLY 
  • and he’d be cracking lame jokes with you  
  • and telling stupid stories to you - and pranking OTHERS with you  
  • all those things he wanted to do with his brother… instead, he did them with you, someone he viewed as his little sister  
  • but all his fun and games are gone as soon as anyone else makes fun of you. A guest pointed out that you were just a kid, and that it was improper for you to be at the party. 
  • Seven angrily retaliated that you had organized the party, and made the guest apologize 
  • that is, not before he stole the guest’s id card and hacked into all their social media!! 
  • all behind your back of course, he didn’t want to be evil in your eyes. He wanted to be your Defender of Justice, 707! 


  • he had no idea you were so young. 
  • after all, he was completely ignorant of it when you mentioned it in chat… It’s Jumin Han, what do you expect? 
  • when he first saw you at the party, he thought you were a lost child. 
  • “Good afternoon… Do you need help finding your parents?”  
  • to say he was shocked when he found out you were MC would be an understatement  
  • you two got off on the wrong foot for sure. You, upset that he thought you were a kid. Him, upset that you had shouted at him about it. 
  • but as an adult, he felt that it was his responsibility to watch over you  
  • so he watched as you easily interacted with the guests, making them laugh and successfully encouraging them to donate as much as they could 
  • and he watched as you got along with the other RFA members better than he did, even though he’d been with them for much longer 
  • and he watched as you delivered an inspiring speech, your charisma captivating the audience 
  • he was so ready to hire you. 
  • but you were still bitter about him… 
  • so for weeks after the party, he was sending you luxurious gifts in an attempt to coax you into wanting to work for him in the future 
  • finally, you confront him, demanding that he should stop sending gifts because you’d rather get to know him and develop the desire to work for him, rather than be tempted by money 
  • well! you’ve just won over his respect and admiration, as a person, and as a female. 
  • despite your protests, he will NOT stop spoiling you. Your TV broke down? Replaced. You cracked your phone? Now you have an entirely new one. You want a pet? Just choose one.  
  • he’ll even give you special permission to play with Elizabeth the 3rd.


  •  - he adored you. 
  • this man absolutely loved children, and treated you like a child, rather than your age 
  • he gave you a giant teddy bear, bags of candy and a tiny tiara accessory when he met you at the RFA party 
  • “she’s our little princess, don’t you think?!" 
  • he sounded so excited about it, you’d feel bad protesting. 
  • Seven was constantly taking pictures of you and snickering, and V eventually found out why 
  • he felt bad for not considering your feelings. 
  • he later apologized to you privately for treating you like a child… And promised to treat you with the same respect as the other members - but you admitted that you kinda liked being spoiled by him… 
  • so don’t be surprised when he gives you a dress the next time he meets you - "it’s to match with your tiara, princess~" 
  • you weren’t old enough to be his queen, but you were perfect to be his princess! 


  • he shifted uncomfortably in front of you, and you stared right back with a smile
  • you had been tending to the party, but decided to take a break to talk to Saeran  
  • he was still a bit shaky and adorably shy, now that the drugs weren’t controlling him anymore… The others were still a bit wary of him, so you wanted to give him a warm welcome…… although it wasn’t all too effective because you were so much younger than him 
  • "you know, I’m not a kid… You don’t have to stay here to look after me,” he muttered, looking at his feet. 
  • you smiled despite his intentions to push you away, replying, “but I’m a kid. So could you look after me?" 
  • Saeran cracked a smile at your reply 
  • ”..you’ve taken care of this entire party, so I think you can take care of yourself…“ 
  • and to your surprise, he said, 
  • ”..but I don’t mind being with you like this.“ 


  • "why is my target so tiny." 
  • that was his initial thought when he first began to stal- wait no that sounds illegal, ahem, investigate you 
  • honestly, he felt a twinge of guilt as he watched you pick up the cell phone. But he proceeded with the plans anyway, secretly hoping you would refuse to follow his instructions 
  • but goddammit, you were so fucking gullible 
  • a part of him was silently screaming at you to be more careful of strangers, and to not be so trusting 
  • after all, he couldnt trust anyone… not after THAT.. but that’s another story  
  • he couldn’t help but watch over you worriedly, guarding your apartment, rather than spying on you (okay fine maybe a bit of both, he admitted..) 
  • but apparently, you had noticed him from the start 
  • he was a bit dumbfounded that you didn’t call the police or, god forbid, Seven for help, if you noticed him but oh well 
  • you giggled in reply, "Of course I noticed! I’m not dumb, I helped to organize the party after all… I was waiting for you to say hi!" 
  • he couldn’t help but blush. Only a little. Just a little…  
  • "ahh… hi” (man he was awkward) 
  • you smile, “Hihi~! You’ll be my friend, right?" 
  • why was she so naive? Didn’t she know he was dangerous? Didn’t she herself just say that she knew he had been watching her secretly for DAYS? God, why did he even care about her, she’s just a target so-  
  • your expectant gaze just killed his doubts.  
  • ”…okay.“ 

book-nerd-and-a-fangirl  asked:

Prompts about a secretly lesbian princess who is betrothed to a prince who is starting to get suspicious about her sexuality? (I feel like that wad more complicated than it needed to be)

It’s not complicated at all! This sounds like such a good story idea, by the way. I hope that these can help!

1) “Name, would you like to retire with me?”

The princess froze in her seat as the prince held out his hand, his meaning clear beneath the words. Prove yourself to me. Prove you are who you say.

He was drawing lines to her, and she had to tread as close to them as possible.

She let out a small laugh and took another sip out of her wine, much too bitter and much too cold for her taste. “That would hardly be appropriate now, your highness. Better wait till you hear the wedding bells.”

He flushed red as the courtiers around them burst into laughter, each one much to drunk to have deciphered what had really happened. She met his gaze across her glass and smiled again, and he scowled towards her.

She may have won the battle, but she hadn’t won the war

“Your bed must be getting cold, mi'lord.”

At least, until he was dead, and she was queen.

2) “You have never kissed another man before?”

“I’ve never kissed any man before.”

He stopped immediately at her words and turned slowly, dropping her hand as he did. She wiped it against her skirt as he faced her, his eyes bright with confusion. “Ever? But you are so beautiful.”

His words, meant as compliments, made her want to get sick. “You flatter me.”

“I speak but the truth, mi'lady.”

3) *Sort of a continuation of two.*

“She says that she has never kissed any man before, but I feel as if she is lying.”

The princess put her ear to the door as the prince continued, spilling his fears to his sister.

“She is so beautiful, and she certainly doesn’t lack any confidence.”

“Maybe she doesn’t like you. Maybe she likes someone else.”

She felt her heart stop in her chest, thinking of all the stolen moments they had had behind his back, all the kisses and secret touches, all the sweet words and memories, each too precious to name. She certainly liked someone else, but surely his sister’s name wouldn’t reveal who.

Would she?

She thought again. No. She had too much to lose, just like she did. That was part of what kept them together - the risk; the thrill; knowing that if they were caught they could lose it all and if they weren’t they could themselves in pleasure.

They were perfect together, balanced.

But balance could be easily destroyed.

She pushed her ear nervously harder on the door, hurting, straining to hear his reply.

“No… No… That can’t be it.”

4) “You seem to enjoy the company of your handmaiden very much.” Not an accusation, but an observation. But still she couldn’t help but feel there was some bite in it.

“She reminds me of home.”

“You must be very homesick then.”

5) “And this is my father, king something of something.”

She nodded her head respectfully as the king shook her hand, his littered with scars and scratches. It felt odd in hers, but then again, most men’s did. “Your majesty,” she murmured.

“Please,” he said. “Call me name.”

~ And a bonus ~

6) “Your fiancè over there just asked me a very interesting question.” The princess resisted the urge to smile as her brother pulled her onto the dance floor, his voice barely more than a whisper.

“Really? What was it about, the price of foreign wine?” Something deep inside her told her no, but she continued jabbing at the prince. The alternative was much worse. “Did he want to compare tactics of swatting out tax evasion?”

Her brother pulled her closer. “He asked me if you ever had any ah… lovers before.”

“So he suspects.”

He nodded.

Ultimate Preferences:

This Ultimate Preference Collection includes; their fave book, fave food, waking up next to you and their nicknames for you. Hope you enjoy!


Fave Book: The Dexter Saga.

Fave Food: Burgers.

Waking Up Next To You: Anakin loves waking up to you, he’s always awake first due to his nightmares. He usually tends to let his eyes wonder over your body and graze over your face as you sleep peacefully. When he watches you sleep, it’s like all his anger and hatred just slip away with every rise and fall of your chest.

His Nickname For You: Mi'Lady.


Fave Book: Pride and Prejudice.

Fave Food: Pasta.

Waking Up Next To You: It’s rare Obi stays over and when he does it’s because you two had sex the previous night. He wakes up the moment he hears you stir and wraps his arms around you and kisses your shoulder blades murmuring how good you were the previous night.

His Nickname For You: Darling/Love.

Darth Maul:

Fave Book: Hannibal Lecter series.

Fave Food: Fruit Salad.

Waking Up Next To You: Maul is always awake before you, he has training extremely early but when he opens his eyes to see you buried into his chest and snoring slightly he doesn’t have the heart to wake you up or move you, so he holds you close and strokes your hair; staring at you until you wake up.

His Nickname For You: My Queen


Fave Book: The Viscount Who Loved Me.

Fave Food: Salmon.

Waking Up Next To You: You’re awake before Qui-Gon and he’s a really heavy sleeper. You’d lay your head on his chest and stroke his hair, smiling up at him as you watched how peacefully he looked. Qui-Gon is a sleep talker, so he’ll occasionally moan your name or mention something about leaving the Jedi Order for you. When he’d eventually wake up, he’d give you sloppy passionate kisses and give you a massage which can sometimes lead to more exhausting, sensual morning activities.

His Nickname For You: Princess


Fave Book: The Lord Of The Rings

Fave Food: Doughnuts

Waking Up Next To You: Luke never woke up next to you, he was always the one bending over to you, waking you up with a tray of your favourite breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee. After giving you your breakfast, he’d crawl next to you and nuzzle your neck asking if you loved his expert cooking. You’d nod and finish your breakfast before he rolled over on to you and would place tender kisses on your lips.

His Nickname For You: Sunshine/My Love


Fave Book: Of Mice and Men.

Fave Food: Onion Rings (IDK WHY).

Waking Up Next To You: You slept in the Falcon on top of Han or in his lap as he coo'ed sweet things into your ears. When you woke up it’d be to Han kissing your neck and stroking your hair whispering that it’s time to wake up.

His Nickname For You: Sugar.

Darth Vader:

Fave Book: P.S I Still Love You


Waking Up Next To You: You’re always naked when you sleep with Vader, you just love his gloved hands grazing over your body and he usually does that to help you fall asleep (also to hear little whimpers of pleasure out of you). When you wake up, you huddle yourself into his body it was like you were meant to be there together with your body’s locked together. Vader would do what you liked and rub his hands over your body making you sigh in relief and contempt.

His Nickname(s) For You: My Queen/Lovely/My Love/Baby/Baby Girl/Daddy’s Little Girl

Kylo Ren:

Fave Book: 50 Shades Of Grey (he wants to know how to loose his virginity properly okay don’t judge him)

Fave Food: Soup?

Waking Up Next To You: Kylo loves it when you sleep in his bed with him. It usually happens when he’s angry or sad, you clm him down and lay in bed with him. He’s the Big Spoon and you’re the Small Spoon and he just loves holding you close to his body, your contact calms him down. Kylo is relieved when he wakes up and you’re still entangled in his body, your breathing lightly and you look so peaceful.

His Nickname(s) For You:Princess/Babe/Lovely/Darling


Fave Book: Darren Shan Saga

Fave Food: Spring Rolls.

Waking Up Next To You: Hux always wakes up before you. Earlier than he’s supposed to just so he can lay there and hold you, sometimes watch your chest rise and fall and think to himself how he got such a wonderful and beautiful partner. He’d occasionally fall back asleep only for his alarm to wake him up.

His Nickname For you: Sweetheart/Princess/My Queen


Fave Book: He likes fairytales/Legend Stories :’)

Fave Food: Almost all Oriental Foods.

Waking Up Next To You: Mitaka is a man who’s spent all his childhood dreaming about the perfect girl to spend his life with. Occasionally he’d cry himself to sleep thinking he’d never get her and wake up to her face in the morning - but now he had you and it was almost like the Fairytales he loves to read. He’d always wake up with the both of you facing eachother, and as soon as his eyes opened he noticed your eyes flutter open. He’d smile and stroke your hair muttering a ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ and placing a sweet, delicate kiss on your lips. He’d hold you close, kissing your head before getting up, getting his uniform on and making you breakfast before he has to leave for work.

His Nickname(s) for you: Princess/Hunnie/Darling/Sweetheart/Babe/Baby/Doll/Baby Girl/My Queen/Sunshine/Bubba/My One&Only.

Here it is @my-amazing-nerdyness I hope you like it!Sorry it took so long, and I’m sorry to all those who had to send requests again, I really am >I start college next week so I won’t be posting as much, but I will be here so pls don’t unfollow me and leave me :(

Requests are open - just be patient!

adrenaline-revolver  asked:

idea: padme and anakin will talk in overly flowery romantic language to each other as both flirting and a contest to see who can do it the longest without giggling and calling the other a dork. Padme typically wins length wise. She could make a grocery list poetic and do it all day. Anakin is good at getting her to crack though. He's so earnest and sincere when he calls her 'mi'lady' and dramatic when they have to get back to work that she can't help it.


also, i think people just used more flowery language in the prequel era in general u know?? it was the golden age of the republic, culture was thriving and vibrant, everything was so different from the gloomy gray militaristic days of the empire that came afterwards, so much brighter and more full of life. so i feel like it makes sense that the language would reflect that!! that’s totally irrelevant to your ask but i was thinking about this and wanted to bring it up aksjdf

Just A Little (Luke imagine)

Summary: Fratboy!Luke and campus princess Y/N have a habit of spontaneously hooking up. 

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Light smut(?) and swearing

Pairing: Y/N x Fratboy!Luke

A/N: I have so many different endings of this written but I think this is the one that serves it the most justice lmao. I hope you enjoy it!

She sighs and slams her cup on the table- not caring if the liquid sloshes out of the flimsy plastic- and runs a frustrated hand through her hair. Her friends move past her and slowly the room drains of people until it’s only her and him.

“Hemmings.” She spits through gritted teeth. He steps from the shadow cast by the doorway and crosses his arms, a low chuckle reverberating from the back of his throat. “Y/L/N.” He replies, imitating her steely tone.

They begin inching closer together until they’re facing each other, a deathly silence infiltrating the air with the only sound being the pulse of music from the raging party through in the next room. “What brings you to my party?” She snarls. The gruff blond scratches at his grizzly beard as his rings glint from their positions hugging his strong fingers.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hi. I love your blog! It has inspired me so much lately that I've been writing more than usually. I'm so sorry to bother you but do you have any prompts/ideas for a story set in ancient times, such as ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece etc. I love ancient times but I'm out of ideas on what the story should be on. Thank you so much and keep inspiring everyone ❤

Thank you so much for all the compliments! I hope that these can help you!

1) “They say that you’re the high priestess around here. That you handle all the sacrifices.”

“Is that why you’re here? To see if you could apply? If so, you’re going to be greatly disappointed, my dear,” the priestess let out a breathy laugh, and learned forwards. “Plain ones need not apply.”

“Your cronies took my sister.”

“My cronies took a woman who was widely renowned for her beauty. A fine sacrifice.”

2) “I have slept for millions of years, mortal, and yet, you awoke me. How?“ 

The mortal squirmed in their seat as the god stared at them, their expression unreadable. He had learnt years ago that gods were dangerous, that speaking to one was speaking to a force of mass destruction, and that even the smallest mistake could kill you.

He wished now that he hadn’t dismissed those instructions as fantasy.

3) “Come into the light.”

“You are mortal. I am not. My form is a lot more horrific than yours, at least by your society’s standards.”

“I don’t care.”

“Perhaps you should.”

4) “Hello? Is anyone here?”

Medusa left her seat immediately to meet the intruder, a young woman with a strange tendency to bump into things, and with eyes that looked similar to hers.

“Please, I need help. I- I can’t see.”

So they couldn’t be turned into a statue then.

“I am here.” By Zeus, she felt sure that she would regret this later. “You need not worry anymore.”

5) “Oh mighty Oracle, can you answer my question?”

The Oracle smiled and took the man’s hand, looking over it carefully. “What do you wish to know?”

“If it’s true that you are a fraud, Mi'lady.”

Well. Her smile didn’t falter, but instead froze. “You shouldn’t listen to such rumours. I am blessed by the mighty Apollo, and doubting me is doubting him.”

The man grinned. “I knew it. I knew it!”

6) “Viking. How wonderful.”

The Saxon woman held up her broom, pointing in such a way that he would have laughed, if it weren’t for the blood staining her side.

“Coward, actually. Ran. Need some help?”

He only got a small grunt in reply.

Meet My Little Lad! (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

Originally posted by 2tiedships2

Requested by Anonymous!

I can feel them, I can feel them as if they are physically touching me….
Those radiant, gorgeous, breath taking sea green eyes staring straight into my soul, and causing my heart to skip a thousand beats so many times I’m pretty damn surprised that I haven’t passed out.
You know up to this day it feels like I have been stuck inside the most beautiful and longest dream ever, a dream that I always pray to God with hope that it will never end, I always ask him to let me keep this dream…to never let me wake up because I don’t want to wake up.
But then God himself has to constantly remind me that this isn’t a dream, this is reality.

You know over the years when you devote your love to a band that’s literally known all around the world because of their sweet, goofy personalities and music, with their billions and billions of fans continuosly screaming their names and listening to their songs every single day, being in a real relationship with one of them would never in a million years cross my mind.
Cause now here I am, sitting across from Louis Tomlinson a.k.a my first real love. No I’m just saying that because of who he is, so you can save your ridiculous comments that I see flooding on my social media every damn day.
I’m honestly saying it because of who he is with me, usually people view him as this very sassy person, which okay, he can be, because he’s brutually honest and is really not afraid to say how he’s feeling or give his opinion about you to your face, but with me he’s so gentle and caring, he treats me like a queen, not materialistically, but emotionally and physcially.
Even though he insists on showering me with the most expensive things in the world, I make it clear to him that I love him and not what’s in his wallet, and he’s more than enough for me.

Of course almost every one of his fans think it’s bullshit but lord knows that I’m not lying when I say that, and so does my man.
Up to this day I just can’t believe he’s all mine,
I don’t even know how it came to be this way between him and I, but I guess the heavens wanted us together, because somehow him and I always managed to cross paths no matter how far away we would be from each other and how long we stayed without keeping in touch.
We always ran into each other unexpected until we finally decided to stick together, get to know one another a little better and fall in love.
The feeling of those lovely eyes on my physical being got to me again, I couldn’t help but release a giggle.
“Stop.” Was all I managed to say in mid laughter, my eyes staying locked on the menu I was holding up.
“I won’t until you look at me too.”
My heart started beating a thousand beats per minute when his hand reached over and took a hold of mine, his thumb gently stroking my soft victoria’s secret lotioned skin.

“Babyyyy…” I heard him whine as he saw me just sink in my seat further down so my that face was completely hidden behind the menu.
“You are so mean! Look at me!” He adorably exclaimed, man that accent of his kills me with the feels everytime, it’s just so attractive just like the rest of him of course, it’s music to my ears.
I finally gave in and plopped the menu flat on the polished wood.
At this point I think my cheeks is pretty much as red as a hot cheetoe.
My eyes landed on his sweet face, and I laughed loudly when I saw him looking all grumpy with an adorable pout.
“Awwwwww don’t be mad at me honey!” I squealed, reaching over to pinch one of his cheeks and wiggle his head side to side.
“You’re so cute!”

When the compliment left my lips, a smile slowly made it’s appearance, he tried to fight it at first but he knew he couldn’t resist blushing himself whenever I was sweet to him.
“Awwww there’s my bae.” I cooed, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.
“Shut uuup….” He playfully whined, looking away from me for a moment to hide his redness.
“Louis come on don’t look away.”
“Hurts doesn’t it?” Louis smirked.
“Aw come on you know I love you.” I beamed.
“I know baby. I love you more.” He promised, bringing my held hand closer to him and pressing his lips to my knuckles, giving me light but sweet kisses.
Must this boy always cause me to have major butterflies form in my tummy? But then again if your boyfriend doesn’t make you feel that way then he’s doing something wrong.

“Seen anything you want to eat yet?” I asked.
“Besides you? No not really.”
“Louis!” I whisper screamed, looking around to make sure that nobody heard us.
“What? It’s true, you taste fucking good to me. That’s why I woke you up the way I did this morning.” He reminded me with a wink.
I felt the eyes of a couple in the table beside us glancing right when he said that.
I chuckled and shook my head, like I said, he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind, ever.
He took a look at them and shrugged…
“Hehe, like if they don’t do it either.”
“You’re crazy.”
“For you yes.” Louis smiled, right when I was about to return the sweet statement, the waitor came to take our orders, we started off with some wine and then Louis decided to order a tea with milk and no sugar, and for some reason I was craving coffee so I went ahead with that, then came our food.
As always we had a funny, romantic, with a mix of dirty talk type of conversation the rest of the evening, we didn’t even realize how much time had gone by and how many people had left until a different waitor came up to us saying that they were about to close.

With that being said we gathered up our things, I offered to pay for dinner this time but of course Louis protested and payed, insisting that I as a woman, especially because I’m with him, will never pay for a thing.
There is no winning with him when it comes to the check my goodness.
After that we headed out to the parking lot of the restaraunt with our fingers intertwined together, kisses being shared every now and then.
Thankfully the paps were nowhere to be found tonight, I seriously don’t think I can ever really get used to the million of flashes blinding the hell out of me, the last time I’ve faced that I pretty much fainted, but before that I had a slight panic attack because they wouldn’t stop bombarding me with questions about my relationship with Louis, not to mention they wouldn’t let me pass through until I gave them answers.
It was truly one of the scariest things I’ve been through.
But ever since then Louis has been very protective of me and made sure none of them ever bothered me again.

I shook off that ugly memory and happily wrapped my arms around his neck once we reached his car.
He seemed a little surprised by my sudden action but he played along and held on firmly to my waist, pulling me closer so that there was absolutely no space between us.
I just had a huge craving for his lips, tonight now more than ever, I don’t know if it’s because we finally had some privacy while being out in public for the first since we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, but the night sky was especially beautiful and the feeling was just right.

“You’re staring at mi lips an awful lot you little bugger.” He softly spoke, playfully poking my nose while still holding me.
I slightly laughed and nodded while humming a low and seductive “Mhmmm.” As well as my bottom lip being sucked in and bitten down on.
Without another word, my head reached up and connected my lips to his, kissing him nice and slowly at first, his smooth lips treating mine as if they were fragile but little by little deepening into them more, until eventually his tongue was begging for entrance into my mouth.
I placed a light hand on his cheek, my thumb smoothly stroking his scruffiness while my other played with his hair, gently tugging the ends of it while I granted him that entrance.
At this point I felt like we were gonna have sex right here and now in the parking lot, or better yet the backseat of his car.
I know that he was getting just as turned on as I am, I could hear his low groans, and the occasional “Mmmmm baby.” which truthfully was making my breasts twitch more for him.
I want his body in mine but one thing is for damn sure, we can’t do it out here.

With much hesitation I knew I had to lean away, but it was mission impossible cause Louis wouldn’t allow me to at first, he kept pulling me back…
“Lou…baby…” I called out in between our hot and heavy make out session.
“Don’t…stop now precious…” He begged mid kissing as well.
“Mmm…” I hummed, and somehow I managed to break it up, both of us desperately trying to catch our breaths as we just stood there in the same position.
I can tell that a wave of dissapointment washed through him, believe me I didn’t want to stop either but I wasn’t about to do a live porno show for the whole world to see, besides who knows if those dreadful paps were hiding somewhere taking low flash pics of us right now.

I got my back off of being pressed against the coldess of the car door and touched his hard chest that was still going up and down with huffs releasing themselves from him….
“Listen, I’m sorry I killed our little sexy moment but that doesn’t mean it was to completely end…” I say, hoping to lighten his mood up again.
His thick brows raised up high, along with another sexy smirk making it’s presence be known once more…
“What are you saying my love?”
“I’m saying that we should get our asses in this car, drive home and well…pick up where we left off. You made me pretty damn hot for you mister.” I proudly confessed, I was even more proud of his reaction, it was like he wasn’t expecting me to say that last part, but hey if he can dirty talk me most of the time I can sure as hell do the same.

He grinned, I don’t know how but he manages to make himself appear more angelic when he’s smiling, it makes me so happy.
Louis gave me one last little peck on my forehead and walked me over to my side of the  vehicle, opening my door like the gentlemen he is.
“Mi'lady.” He says, smacking my butt as I went in.
“Thank you kind sir.” I chuckled.

Moments later, as soon as the two of us set foot into our shared home, I squealed as he randomly picked me up off the floor, carrying me briday style as he shut the door behind him and ran upstairs to our bedroom.
He gently laid me on the silky sheets, the softness of them caressing the skin of my body ever so smoothly while Louis hovered himself over me, his hands pressing the material on either side of my head, causing me to sink just a bit.
He took a moment to really scrutinize me, his expression going softer and softer, I can feel it in my heart, the way he looks at me with all the love in the world.
“Why must you be so beautiful?…” He whispered.
“Funny, I could ask you the exact same question….” I also whispered, my hand reaching up to touch his scruffy face one more time.

Louis turned his head slightly to kiss the palm of my hand…
“You know I love you right (Y/N)?…I wouldn’t trade you for any other women in the whole world…please tell me you know that?…”
“I know sweetheart…I know….I feel the same, you’re just the sweetest angel and just when I was starting to give up on men you come into my life…I still don’t understand how you fell for me…just an ordinary directioner…” I replied, laughing a bit at the end.
“(Y/N) believe me, I can go on FOREVER telling you what made me fall so hard in love and become head over heels for you. But right now I want to show you better than talk about my love for you if that’s okay?…” He asked nicely.
This is another thing that I really adore about him, he always asks permission before getting physical, literally no matter how hard and how much his dick throbs, he would make sure that I’m on board with him making love to me.

“Of course…” I muttered with a slow nodd, while also pulling down the zipper of my crop top halfway to expose more of my clevelage…
“You bloody tease…” He chuckled, then his eyes rolled up a bit to my tied hair, taking the liberty to remove the small band that was keeping it in a stylish ponytail.
My hair was now spread on the sheets causing his smile to be even bigger, the next thing I knew I felt the warmth of his breath bring goosebumps to rise upon the skin of my neck.
“I hope you don’t mind that I did that precious, I know it took you hours to style it that way but I much prefer it down…..it makes you look like a goddess.”
Before I could respond to that, I felt how his skillfull lips began to dance upon my neck in the perfect rhythym, right when he got to my sweet spot using the tip of his warm tongue ro slide across it, the only word that came out of me was….

I heard the sound of my top’s zipper, feeling the way the fabric opened up to reveal my strapless lace bra.
We were getting so heated, our inner thighs and private parts burning up and aching for each other to be connected, especially mine as I was covering his now bare and tatted chest in kisses, right on his number 78 tattoo.
But something unexpected happend, right as he was about to unclip my bra and allow my breasts to be free, his cell phone rang in his pocket.
Louis huffed and lowly growled in frustration, I admit I was feeling the same, we were just getting to the good part.
“You know what, they can wait.” He assured, continuing to do my body right, putting his hands all over me, but then his fucking phone rang again.

We both grunted furiously, who the hell could be calling him so much at this hour?…
“Just answer your phone babe…” I sighed.
While still hovering over me he took his phone out and checked the caller ID.
“The hell?…” He said with furrowed brows.
“Who is it?” I asked curiously.
“It’s Briana.” Louis replied, getting off and sitting himself next to me.
Briana, that’s right, you guessed it, the mother of Louis’ baby boy, I remember meeting her for the first time last year…didn’t really go so well let me tell you.
She instantely felt the need to be bitchy towards me just because I’m with her ex.
I guess in a way I can’t blame her, I mean why would the old girlfriend want to meet the new girlfriend? But at the same time I approached her in a friendly manner.
Anyway, the point is she doesn’t like me, in fact she talks shit about me to my boyfriend sometimes, one day she was accusing him of spending more time with me than with their son, and that it seemed like he was putting me before Freddie, which is so not true, Louis has made it clear that his boy is first before anybody else in his life, and of course I completely agree because that’s the way it should be, I’m not gonna be one of those girlfriends who demand to be number one either.
Overall, I have no hate towards Briana, none whats so ever I promise.

Louis sighed once more as he tapped Briana’s number once more and placed his cell against his ear.
I sat up, putting my top back on and scooching closer to rub a gentle hand on the smooth skin of his back.
The sound of the other line was kind of loud, so I could pretty much hear what she was saying to him.
Now you answer?” She pressed.
“I’m sorry I was in the middle of…something.” He explained.
Yeah more like in the middle of (Y/N).
I pretended like I didn’t hear that, he slightly cringed but shook it off as well…
“What is it Briana? Is there something wrong?”
Oh wow did you seriously forget?” She questioned.
“Forget what?”
Okay, so you did, you said you were gonna take Freddie for the weekend remember?
Louis developed a confused expression but then his eyes went wide as he recalled…
“Oh shit!”
There we go. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you the entire day, I’m leaving to the airport in an hour, our son has been waiting since the morning for you to come and pick him up!

“Alright! Alright! I screwed up, I’m on my way to get him right now.” He promised.
Okay please hurry, see you in a bit. And tell your girlfriend I said hi cause I know she’s been listening in this whole time.” And with that, she hung up on him.
I ran my fingers through my hair and shook my head along with rolling my eyes, thank God my mom taught me how to bite my fucking tongue.
“I’m sorry (Y/N)….” Louis muttered while looking down at the floor and burrying his face in his hands.

“What? Why the apology babe?…”
“Because you have to deal with Briana’s rude behavior and also having to deal with dating a man with what American’s call “extra baggage”, I could imagine how hard it must feel for you sometimes.“
“Hey now, look at me.” I sternly tell him, lightly but firmly grabbing his fuzzy chin to turn his head to me.
“I don’t care about Briana’s bitchy remarks….no matter how much I want to explode on her sometimes but whatever, I don’t care, and your baby is not extra baggage Louis, he’s a blessing. And he’s waiting for his daddy so go get him.”

“You really wouldn’t mind us taking care of him this weekend?”
I couldn’t even believe that he was asking me that, babe you idiot….
“You shouldn’t even be asking me that Lou. Of course I don’t mind honey, and besides I never met Freddie before and you know how much I love babies!” I smiled brightly.
It’s true, out of this whole time that him and I have been together I have never once met his little bean, well atleast not in person, and now that I have the honor of spending an entire weekend with him, I feel nothing but excitement.
Louis grinned too and leaned in to give me a long and passionate peck.
“You’re the best (Y/N).”
“So are you my love, now go on, no more chatting.” I say, playfully smacking his back to get him moving.

He laughed a little and got off the bed, grabbing his t shirt and slipping it on as he reached in his pocket for his car keys.
“Aren’t you comming with me love?”
“Hmmmmmmmm.” I hummed with an unsure look upon me, if Briana were to see me she would just take Freddie with her on her little trip and possibly flip the both of us off.
“Don’t think so bae, it’s not a good idea.”
“Say no more.” He agreed, giving me a final peck on the cheek before dashing out of the house.
Meanwhile he was gone, I went downstairs and made myself some tea and ate some chocolate chip cookies I had baked yesterday.
Dare I say that I’m a better baker than Harry, haha, I remember he challenged me once, the rest of the lads being the judges, it was such a hilarious day, I will never forget it.
Man you just gotta love those guys, they’re like my silly, pretty brothers, and I thank God for getting to know each of them so well.

About an hour later I heard Louis’ car pull up to the driveway.
I placed what seemed to be my third cup of tea down on the counter and went to look out the window.
Sure enough it was him and by the looks of it he seemed to be struggling carrying all of Freddie’s stuff from the trunk to the house.
I giggled and stepped out to give him a hand.
“Baby you’re still up? I thought you would be sleeping by now.”
“Too excited to sleep, where is he?!” I squealed, making him laugh.
“I’ll take him out right now precious I just need to settle his things inside.”
I helped him carry and set up everything in the house, it took a while but thankfully we worked quickly.
As I was putting the packages of diapers, baby wipes, and bottles away in the kitchen, I heard the sweet sound of my man talking to his son as he came in and finally closed the door.

I glanced back and stared at the beautiful sight in awe.
“You have no idea how I’ve missed you little lad, I hope you missed your old man too because we are going to have a lot of fun for the next few days together. How’s the sound? Sound good?” He sweetly spoke as he placed the baby down in his little carrier on the floor.
Freddie wasn’t able to be seen though, there was a blanket covering him and the only part of him visible were his little chubby legs that slightly kicked in his navy blue onsie.
Even at just the sight of those, my heart melted, I’m already loving the hell out of this kid.
Louis glanced at me with a warm smile and squated down to the level of the carrier, waving me over while whispering…
“Meet my little lad.”

I quietly took steps over to them and squatted down also, my excitment growing more and more.
“Alright he’s sleeping right now so don’t go screaming like a fangirl.” He teased.
I playfully rolled my eyes and gestured that my lips were zipped and locked.
He slightly laughed once more and kissed my cheek, then came the beautiful moment of him lifting the blanket up to reveal the angelic sleeping chubby wubby baby who was cuddling a tiny elmo plushie, his pacifyer wiggling up and down as he sucked on it.
Believe me when I say it took A LOT for me not to squeal, he is even more beautiful in person, I was so used to seeing him in pictures so meeting him was as exciting as meeting another celebrity.
My lips were taken in mouth as I frantically fanned myself with my hand, Freddie is just the cutest little bundle of joy I have ever seen.
My boyfriend noticed me and almost bursted into a fit of laughter until he stopped himself, yeah yeah I know I looked like a complete dork right now but can you really blame me?

He put his hand over my mouth and sighed with a bored stare that had a hint of a smirk….
“Go ahead.”
“MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” I squealed into his palm as I also happy clapped my hands together.
“God I love you.” Louis chuckled, finally releasing me once I was done.
“Oh my goooosh he’s so cuuuute babe.” I complimented, my index finger reaching to carefully caress his tiny hand…
“You are so handsome, yes you are.” I softly cooed to him.
“Yup, that’s the Tomlinson effect right there.”
I smacked his arm and giggled, “Shut up.”
“Hehehe, oh, bloody hell I didn’t realize how late it was, come on, let’s take Freddie up to the bedroom.”
“I’ll carry him.” I beamed, I can tell in his eyes that he was really touched by how happy I was having him here.

He went ahead and took the blanket completely off and pushed back the hood of the carrier, followed by unbuckling him.
“Okay little love, I hope you don’t mind my stranger arms holding you for a moment.”
I say to him, placing a hand under his head while lifting his little body up with the other until finally I was cradling him and the two of us stood up from the floor.

“Wow…usually he starts crying when his sleep gets interrupted. Look at you.” Louis praised.
“Awwww thank you sweetie.” I responded, we heard something fall and saw that it was the little elmo he was holding.
Right then and there Freddie began to stir in my arms, his face scrunching up a bit as if he was about to cry…
“Uh oh…” We both said, Louis acted fast and picked up the toy, putting it back in his little hold.
We both sighed of relief when he settled down and went back to being soundly asleep.
“Guess he can’t live without that red furry bastard.” His daddy pointed out.
“Babe don’t make me laugh, he’s gonna wake up, now let’s go.”
We all went upstairs, I laid the baby down in the small crib next to our bed, making sure to keep him nice and warm with the blankets.
Even though he was asleep Louis sang him a lullabye with that amazing voice of his.
Man, you could only imagine the feeling I had inside watching him do that, after that we both said goodnight to him and finally fell asleep ourselves.

Just as I had expected though, Louis and I didn’t really get any sleep throughout the night.
Him and I took turns getting up to feed Freddie or change his diaper, get him whatever he needed whenever he woke up and started crying.
Louis told me that I didn’t have to be doing all of that and to just let him worry about the baby but I reminded him that I was really happy to have Freddie here with us and that I used to babysit my baby cousins all the time growing up, it was really no problem for me.
“Eeeeeeehhh…” I heard the little angel speak up once again.
I sat myself up on my elbows and can see his little legs kicking in the crib.
I checked the time to see that it was almost 6am, the sun was barely starting to rise up in the sky.
At this point Lou was snoring and drueling into his pillow, I didn’t have the heart to wake him up, poor guy was always so tired already.

I leaned down and kissed the back of his head right onto his soft brown hair and got up from the bed.
I walked over to the crib and looked down in it with a smile.
Freddie immediately stopped kicking once he caught sight of me, his beautiful blue eyes looking back up at me curiously, it caused me to laugh quietly. I guess now that daylight was beginning to shine into the room my face was more visible to him.
“Awwww I’m sorry, you’re probably used to seeing your mommy’s face every morning. But  now that you’re fully awake, I can properly introduce myself to you.”
I reached down to have him wrap his hand around my fingers which he did, his eyes never leaving mine.
“My name is (Y/N), I’m in a really healthy relationship with your daddy. Although you probably much radther have him and your mother together. But overall it’s really nice to meet you Freddie, you sure are a cute little button, you look just like Louis.”

His lips seemed to perk up into a smile at the compliment, like father like son, always blushing whenever a women tells them something sweet.
“Awww you even smile like him, tell you what little man, since the two of us can’t sleep anymore how about we go downstairs, I’ll make you a nice warm bottle, maybe give you something like strawberry and banana gerber, and we can just get to know each other a little better, what do you think?”
Words cannot explain how shocked I was to see his smile get bigger and his arms shoot up, signaling me to carry him.
My heart just about melted completely.
I happily reached down fully and took him into my arms, his little hands gripping on my shirt while his chin rested on my shoulder.
He seemed to wiggle a little and say some baby gibberish as we passed by Louis…
“Sshhhh, daddy’s sleeping sweetheart, we need to let him rest a little, he’ll wake up in a few hours and join us okay?” I whispered, rubbing a loving hand on his back.

Once we got downstairs I decided first thing’s first, give Freddie a warm bath and a change of fresh clothes.
After I got all that done and freshened up myself, I put him on his little play mat and surrounded him with a lot of his toys meanwhile I got a small jar of gerber from his baby bag along with a spoon to feed him.
“Is the little prince hungry?” I asked, waving the jar in front of him.
His face lightened up and he dropped his toy car, reaching for the food.
I chuckled and carried him up once again to sit him in his chair, then I opened the jar and dipped the spoon in it.
“Look Freddie, here comes the airplaaaane.” I sang, opening my mouth wide so he could open his up.
He mimicked me perfectly and ate up all his food without a problem.
Now that he was finished with his breakfast it was time for me to make him his bottle.
I made sure to keep my on him from the kitchen as he continued to play with his toys and crawl around the soft mat.

I don’t know what time it was at this point but I predict that it wouldn’t be long until Louis notices that I’m not next to him, he always gets mad at me when I do that because he says that everytime he wakes up, the first thing he wants to see is me.
Cheesy I know, but hey, no complaints on my end now.
Besides I think he would be happier to wake up and see how well me and Freddie have been getting along this whole morning.
I walk back over to the baby and I see him slam his toy down.
“Haha don’t be grumpy Freddie I got your bottle right here.”
He turned his head to look at me and he spoke more gibberish, quickly crawling his way over to me and gripping my pants with a desperate face.

“What’s wrong honey?” I questioned with concern, squatting down and kneeling in front of me.
“Aaaah!” He growled, his face getting red as he bounced up and down, oooooh now I see what the problem is.
He grabbed a firm hold of my index fingers and growled some more and I jokingly gasped…
“Are you pooping mister?”
“Eh!! Eh!! Pfffft!!” He replied, making fart noises with his mouth and making it all bubbly as he squeezed more out into his diaper.
I couldn’t help but laugh, his pooping face looks like Louis whenever he got really pissed off.
Freddie didn’t seem to like it though, in fact he was on the verge of crying…
“Awww no no no don’t cry my love I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to laugh, go ahead and finish, I’ll even help you.” I promised, laying him down on his back and grabbing a hold on his legs, remembering the certain trick my cousin taught me to do whenever babies went number 2.

I pushed his knees up, making his legs spread and holding it like that just like nurses would do to a woman while she gave birth.
It helps babies release their waste quicker so they wouldn’t use so much of their delicate strength.
Once he was finished pooping, I assured him that I would be right back with his fresh diaper.
I went into the kitchen and ripped open a new pack of pampers, then I went into the downstairs bathroom to grab the wipees.
Once again I came back to him, thank God he’s a patient baby, he sure didn’t inherit that from his dad though.
I put a towel down and laid him on top, then I took his pants off and opened up his dirty diaper.
“Oh my!” I yelled, looking away for a moment while holding my wrist up to my nose.
I could hear the little angel laughing at me and I looked back at him with an amused head shake.

“Dang Freddo, the food just went right through you huh?” I say, making him laugh more.
I finally got the most difficult task overwith and put a new pair of pants on him seeing as how he pretty much stained the other ones.
Now came the best part, when I picked him up and covered him in kisses.
“Who’s the happy baby?! Who’s poopy free now? Huh?! That’s right you are!! Yoooou aaaree!!” I cheered, earning myself one of the world’s cutest squeals and laughs.
“Awwww I love your laugh sweetheart, does this you like me?”
Ever so slowly we locked eyes once more and a small then bigger and bigger smile revealed itself on his adorable face.
“I’ll take that as a yes, besides Louis you have made me one of the happiest girls on Earth.”
“Mmmmm.” Freddie cooed, chewing on his fist with his smile getting larger if that was possible.
Spending this time with him was really beautiful, it just made me look foward to the next days of him being here.

For the next hour or so, Freddie and I were just playing with his toys, and also watching some seasame street on tv.
Since his favourite toy was his elmo plushie he loved to cuddle with he would gasp and grin whenever elmo would appear on the screen and I would giggle saying…
“Yeah Freddie look, it’s your buddy.”
And he would always hug his toy of him everytime, it was so damn cute I couldn’t handle the feels he was giving me.

“Well well well.” We heard a handsome voice with sexy accent behind us say.
I turned around to see Louis standing there all fresh and clean with his arms crossed above his chest.
“Good morning sleepy head.” I happily greeted.
He approached and gave me one of his famous good morning kisses.
“You’re cruel precious, you left me alone, I could hardly go back to sleep without you there.” He pouted adorably.
“I’m sorry bae, but Freddie woke up and needed some love and care. And you were sleeping so peacefully. Besides Freddie and I are best friends now.” I explained, giving the baby a kiss on top of his head.
“Awww my two favourite people.” He stated, sitting next us.
“Da da…” Said Freddie and my mouth dropped open, Louis laughed and grabbed him from my lap.
“Yea pal! Good morning to you too! I love you!!” He cheered, blowing on his tummy and covering him in kisses as well then sitting him down on his lap this time.

“Did you have a good time with my (Y/N) while I was sleepin?”
Freddie didn’t say word, instead he shocked me more by beaming and wiggling his way off his father’s lap and crawling back over to me.
I could’ve sworn I had tears of joy going down my face when he did that.
Louis was shocked too, so he tested it out one more time and brought him back over to sit on him.
But Freddie wiggled himself out and crawled back to me one more time.
“Oh my goodness! You sweet little angel. I love you too Freddie!” I tell him, holding him close to me and feeling his little hands touch my face.
“Hey, little lad.” Lou called out, the both of us instantely facing him.
“She’s MY girlfriend okay?” He joked, pointing at himself.
We started cracking up like crazy when the baby made another fart noise with his lips and tongue and looked at my man all grumpy.
Aw man like I said before I am loving this kid.
But I am even more confident and joyful to say that….

This is going to be the absolute best weekend of my life!

(Sorry for taking a while to write this, work kept getting in the way lol, also just to clarify I in no way have hate towards Briana, I respect her as Freddie’s mother! Have a good day loves!)

GoT putting in work

Beginning of season - Captured by Khal Moro and brought to Vaes Dothrak.
End of season - Solidified control over Slavers’ Bay. Has an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and Dornish supporters + dragon babies are no longer babies. IS FINALLY SAILING FOR WESTEROS.

B.O.S - On the run from Winterfell with Theon.
E.O.S - Won back Winterfell, killed her abuser/rapist, shut down one of the most powerful men in the world, and looked damn good while doing it.

B.O.S. - “I need to be less of a bitch”.
Middle of season - “Nah, I’m a bitch”.
E.O.S - “Fuck this shit I’m out”.

B.O.S. - Finally comes back. Knows less than Jon. Stubborn as hell.
E.O.S. - Finds out about how the White Walkers came to be, inadvertently caused the death of two of the characters that he loves most, becomes the Three-Eyed Raven.

B.O.S. - Hodor! + “… And lowers it when he’s going to dodge mi'lady”.
M.O.S. - *puts team on his back* HODOOOOOOR. *holds door*

B.O.S. - Loves Dany.
M.O.S. - Loves Dany.
E.O.S. - Loves Dany.

B.O.S. - Thinks barbaric slave traders will conform to Westerosi ways of living.
E.O.S. - Finds out he was wrong. Gets named Hand of the Queen anyways.

B.O.S. - Loses the woman he loves, his most loyal servant, and his wife.
E.O.S. - *Fulfills lifelong dream of becoming Purina Dog Chow*

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3: Hi
Episode 4:
Episode 5:
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
Episode 8:
Episode 9: Bye
Episode 10:

B.O.S. - *brings back Myrcella’s dead body* “yo sis, let’s get it on”
E.O.S. - Sees the Mad King reborn. Has a really, really awkward boner.

B.O.S. - Saves Sansa from imminent death. Pledges her sword to her again, fulfilling her duty to Lady Catelyn.
E.O.S. - Still looking back every so often to see if Jaime is following her.

B.O.S. - Gets mad.
M.O.S. - Falls in love.
E.O.S. - Takes a crash course on battle strategy.

B.O.S. - Blind, homeless, basically done for.
E.O.S - Somehow kills the waif. Somehow makes it back to Westeros in like a day. Somehow finds a job working in the kitchen at the Twins. Somehow makes me forget all that. Feeds Walder Frey his own sons. Cuts his throat. Bows for the applause.

The High Sparrow:
B.O.S. - Still living in robes. Most powerful man in King’s Landing. Needs a bath.
E.O.S. - “There’s no way the super conniving, vengeful woman that I wronged last season is trying to get out of this trial and blow me up”. *A few seconds later, “Oh fuck”.

B.O.S. - Looks at Jon’s bloodstain for a while to make fans theorize about how it means something. Misses Stannis and Shireen.
E.O.S. - Cries manly tears and gets Melisandre booted from the dream team. Calls Jon a king literally a few days after talking with Tormund about how he’s not a king.

B.O.S. - Road trip. Oblivious that his best friend was stabbed. Puking a lot.
M.O.S. - Asks question, “Is my dad still an insufferable asshole?” Gets answer: “You betcha.”
E.O.S. - Joins Fraternity. Struggles to fit in.

B.O.S. - Still recovering from walk of shame. Rocking pixie cut in spite of her abusers.
E.O.S - Heart is ice. White Walkers are scared of how cold this bitch is. Gets new bling.

B.O.S. - Taking a well deserved nap.
E.O.S. - Helps Sansa win back Winterfell. Gets to slap Ramsay around. Learns how to be better with adorable yet ferocious young girls. Gets a new nickname. Misses Ghost. IS A FUCKING TARGARYEN.

I’m lost without you

I’m lost without you
Riarkle fanfic - Some Lucaya. It isn’t my best , but I hope someone enjoys it. <3

Rated- T :D

Riley had  missed  the school day  due to being sick , and Farkle had been so worried he didn’t even remember what they learned in chemistry. Then at lunch Maya , and Lucas who had been dating for about 6 months now started  fighting about god knows what , But Farkle had never been happier to get out of the school for the day.  On his way over to Riley’s he stopped in a store grabbing a few cups of soup , Tissues , a bouquet of flowers , and a few DVD’s. When he went up to the counter the lady smiled at him “You are a great boyfriend. She must be a lucky girl.”

Farkle started to get the money out of his wallet as he stuttered. “oh..um..I mean its for a girl , but shes just a friend” He handed the cashier the money then took his back as she just smirked at him already knowing more then he did.

He quietly jumped through her window seeing she was fast asleep on the bed her poor little nose was all red. He thought it was really unfair how pretty she still looked even with a cold , and not wanting to wake her yet he went thorough her door to the living room. “Came to check on Riley?” Topanga asked not even question people coming out Riley’s room “And i’m glad you here. Cory is out with Auggie , and I need to go do a few things at the office . I was dreading leaving her alone so my question is will you watch over her for me?”

“Farkle smiled , and started to unload the bag on the kitchen counter “Yes of course Mrs.Matthews”

“Thank you Farkle I’ll be back as soon as I can” As she went to grab her back she saw the bouquet of purple flowers. “She is going to love those” Topanga knew her daughter was is safe hands as she left the apartment.

He kinda stared at the apartment door wondering why everyone kept saying weird stuff today. It was like the whole world was on a different page then him today . Deciding just to blow it off , and stay focused he grabbed the flowers first , and a vase while walking to Riley’s room. He opened the door softly trying to not wake her as he placed it on her night stand so it would be the first thing she saw.

That’s when Lucas , and Maya came Farkle cringed he had enough of them already earlier.

“Why do you always have to be such a huckleberry?” Maya said in a hushed tone while glaring at Lucas. “I’m not a huckleberry just , because  I thought it was dangerous for you to take a subway home by yourself after 10.”

Lucas clearly frustrated while Farkle just took a seat on the edge of Riley’s bed trying to act like he wasn’t there. “No it was the way you said it Like I needed protection or something…just leave me alone I’m here to check on Riley” Lucas gets in front of her “I was coming to check on her first” Maya grabbed his shirt pulling him close “You are really getting on my nerves..” As they continued to fight Farkle was staring at Riley wondering how they hadn’t woke her up yet. “would you two please calm down?” Farkle was now closer to Riley trying to as far from them as possible “Be quiet Farkle” they both said in unison making him cringe. Farkle not knowing what else to do shook Riley’s sleeping body “I am so sorry Riley but please wake up I can’t do this without you”

“Hmmm?” Riley started to stir picking up on the commotion going on close by. When did Lucas , and Maya get in my room? And who is shaking me? Opening one sleepy eye she first saw Farkle his hands still on her should making her smile.

“well yes we are dating…you asked me , and I said yes. What does that have to do with anything?!?” Maya yelled loudly as Farkle started shaking Riley again.

“RILEY..Please…Wake up..I’m lost without you!” Farkle was desperate at this point so despite her cold he leaned down kissing Riley softly on the lips. He automatically got ready to be pushed off the bed or something when Riley actually kissed him back.

Farkle pulled away his eyes huge with confusion his heart racing harder then it had in years. One stupid kiss had thrown back into all the hard work he did to just seem like he loved her as a friend. Glancing behind him Maya , and Lucas were still to focused on each other so they had missed him which was kind of a relief. Maybe she is still dreaming he thought….Maybe she doesn’t even know it was me she was kissing.

Riley was wide awake now , and had known what she did. She had discovered her feelings for Farkle a few months ago , but he had stopped showing  signs he wanted her that way so she had just pushed it away just wanting him in her life. When he kissed her she just took then chance also she was a hopeless romantic , and it made her feel like the princess in all those books she read. Farkle was still turned away as she put her hand in his tugging it a bit.

He faced Riley after feeling the tug“Riley…I’m sorry I kissed you” He was lying , and he didn’t even care if he caught a cold it was more then worth it.

Riley sat up her hair in a mess , her nose red , and she was in a pair of Purple cat Pajama’s. “I’m not” Just in case Farkle didn’t enjoy It as much as she did she played coy hiding her full excitement.

“Oh?” Half of him was shocked by his answer the other half was amazed by how damn cute she was right now.

Riley grabbed a tissue blowing her nose then placed it the basket next to her. “Yeah…I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.” She sighed. “I’m sorry I look horrible I planned to actually look pretty when I told you one day , but when you basically kissed me to bring me back to life you messed everything up”

“Riley you are beautiful all the time , and right now I just think you are even more cute then before.” Farkle rubbed his thumb against her face. “Also you should of kissed me then it’s not like I’ve loved you since the first grade or that I find a reason to spend most of my time with you. That I brought you those flowers . That I actually hated class today , and a project in CHEMISTRY didn’t even make me feel better! Also Maya , and Lucas have been fighting all day , and only thing I kept wishing is you were there to fix it….” Mid sentence it hit him hard as he swallowed a lump growing in his throat. “Riley I’m in love with you. You are the one who finally gave this tin man his heart ,and without you I’m just an empty shell. I want nothing more then the next time you are sick to come over , and nurse you back to help while we watch Star Wars or even a Romance if you want. I just want a chance to make you smile for the rest of my life.”

“That was better then any dream I’ve had about you….” Riley sniffle a bit a huge smile on her face her cold mixed with her happy tears.

Oh…damn it I forgot the most important part” Farkle jumped over her then grabbed the flowers holding them out to her.“Will you go out with me Riley Matthews?”

“You better say yes!” Maya said loudly

“I’m going to have to agree with my girlfriend…You better say yes Riles” Lucas’s wrapped his arms around Maya , and pulled her against him cuddling her close. Riley , and Farkle had been so lost in there own little world they hadn’t heard Maya , and Lucas had made up.

“Come on let’s leave the love birds alone” Maya couldn’t help , but smile at the two she was really happy they had finally figured it out.

“Be good you two.” Lucas said before letting Maya go , and they both exited through the window.

“I had actually forgotten all about them..Which I’ve done a few times.” Farkle blushed a bit then cleared his throat. “ For example when your dad had to step on the middle after the mud ball fiasco. I really wanted to kiss you , and forgot we were in class until your dad got in the way of us.”

“Funny enough That was the day I figured out how I felt about you…”Riley said quietly her eyes on the gorgeous flowers in his hands. Farkle was always the best guy friend to her , and Now she wanted nothing more then to see how amazing he would be as a boyfriend. Riley knew he was the one for her , and she had finally found her story.

“The woes of Falling for a nerd…How ironic it happened in chemistry , but back to what I was saying  “ He held out the flowers to riley again. “Will you go out with me Riley Matthews? , and If you say yes I will kiss you like the princess you are anytime you want”

Riley giggled making Farkle’s whole face light up that was still his favorite sound in the whole world “Yes! but on one condition” Riley took the flowers then put them in the vase before sitting back on her bed.

Farkle eyed her curiously not being able to wipe the smile from his face “Anything Mi'lady” He stood up to  bow playfully.

“ I am hungry…My Riley tummy is growling would you go get your sickly girlfriend some soup” Riley gave him the cutest smile she could muster up. She also wanted a minute to girly squeal around her room without him watching.

Wow…He knew from this day on hearing that as well would always be one of his favorites things. Riley Matthews was his girlfriend after all this time. Farkle couldn’t help , but laugh at her request as he leaned over taking all the features of her beautiful face before kissing her again softly. “I am one step ahead of you Darling. I actually bought soup when I got the flowers.”

“Oh man…First princess kisses , Flowers , and SOUP! You might just already be the boyfriends of all boyfriends. I might just have to keep you.” Riley kissed him back while being really happy she had been sick today.

Farkle fixed Riley’s pillows his eyes never leaving hers. “Oh and I got movies. So after I finish your soup you can pick one , and I will cuddle you back to perfect health!”

“DEAL!” Riley said back loudly as she propped herself on the pillows Farkle had set up.

“Now don’t you move Riley. You rest , and I will be right back” Farkle started to exit out the door.

Riley’s whole face was flushed not being used to all this attention “Hey Farkle?”

Farkle stopped turning his head towards her “ Yes Riley?

“ I love you Farkle.” Riley bit her lip being nervous to say those words for the first time with that kind of meaning behind them.

“And I love you Riley” Farkle didn’t know he could ever be this happy , but he knew with Riley as his girlfriend he could make it through anything for the rest of his life.

On the balcony where they couldn’t be seen Lucas , and Maya high fived . “Told you it would work especially with him having to deal with us without Riley. ” Maya sounded quite proud of herself that her planned had worked to drive Farkle into Riley’s arms. “I never doubted you my Blonde beauty” Lucas intertwined his fingers with hers as they started to actually leave.

Pride and Pathetic Flirting

A/N Written for Jily Valentines Week. Prompt: Bookshop AU

When James had offered to take Remus’s position at the bookshop while he was sick, he had expected it to be boring.

But not this boring.  

In the two days he had been working, not a single customer even entered the bookshop. It was a wonder the shop was still even open, especially if this was how sales always were.

It didn’t help that Sirius refused to stay in a bookshop for more than 7 minutes without starting to mess up, meaning Remus had forbidden Sirius from stepping foot in the shop.  

So as he dwindled away in this little bookshop on a bright summer day, Sirius and Peter were out, gallivanting around, flirting, and of course, eating.  

Ice cream. What he wouldn’t do for a nice ice cream right about now.  

Admittedly, he could be sick like Remus, so this wasn’t the worst. It was sort of a close second though.

So, to entertain himself, James had started a new…sport.

There was a ladder in the back room of the store. A bolt of inspiration had struck him when he saw it. He brought it out behind the counter. He grabbed a stack of white paper and a pen.

The game was simple: How many “inspirational messages” could James fit behind the top shelf of books?

He climbed up on the ladder, where there was a convenient extra step for him to write his messages on, wrote the message, ripped off the bit of paper, and threw behind the top line of books. His messages, he prided himself on. They were absolutely brilliant.

“When the world looks upside down and horrible, remember, James Potter is exists!”

“Your life goal should be to meet James Potter!”

James sighed in satisfaction. At least he was doing something. The idea was that when Remus went get a book down from the top shelf, a bunch of encouraging sentiments would float down with it. He’d been doing this since yesterday, so he was almost done.

He was just writing his most brilliant one yet:

“The worst insult you can give someone? You’re Sirius Black. The highest compliment you can give someone? You’re James Pot

All of a sudden, someone came in yelled, “Remus! That was a great book!”

It was so sudden and loud that James shot up, hitting his head on the roof of the shelf and fell off the ladder, on to the floor. His glasses had fallen off.

Luckily, he had been about 2 meters (6ft) up, so he wasn’t too badly hurt. The paper he had just been writing gracefully swished down to the counter.  

James groped around for his glasses. He found them, put them on, and saw an incrdibly bright flash of red.

A redheaded girl, though it was a deep red, stood in front of the counter.  

“You’re not Remus.” She said.

He replied slightly grouchily. “I’d certainly hope not.”  

The girl frowned at him “Why are you lying on the floor?”

James chose not to answer, instead standing up and brushing himself off with some dignity.

The girl looked at the slip of paper on the countertop and read it.

She grinned. “I presume you’re Sirius Black then?”

James fought back a grin. She certainly had a…charm, for lack of better word.

He calmly said, “No, he’s my friend.”

The girl asked “You’re James Pot?”

This time he laughed. Her tone was curious, but trying not to be nosy. “No, I’m James Potter. I was in the middle of writing it. Oh, Remus isn’t here. He’s sick, He’s my friend, so I’m taking his job, while he’s sick. Do you want me to pass on a message?”

“Tell him I hope he gets better soon. I’ll talk to him when he gets better.”

James cocked an eyebrow. This was his chance to be smooth. “From?”

The girl seemed to know what he was doing, she rolled her eyes, ever so slightly. She seemed to be alright with it though. “Lily. Lily Evans.”

James let out a short laugh. “That’s funny, I’m a potter and you’re a flower. It’s like we go together, Evans. A match made in heaven.”

She blushed. There was an awkward silence. Fail James.

He tousled his hair.

James blurted out “You are eyes are really green. Like a fresh pickled toad.”

She blushed even harder and laughed at the same time. “That’s a new one. I’ve heard emerald, grass, and a bunch of other green things, but never that one.”

She seemed to be examining him. She was blushing ever harder, if possible. Another awkward silence.

“So can I help you?”

She seemed to shake off her blush. “Actually, yes. I wanted to buy a copy of Pride and Prejudice. By Jane Austen.”  

“Of course.” Wow. A customer. And a cute one.  

He climbed up on the ladder. Jane Austen. There it was, on the top shelf.  

“Hardback or paperback?”

There was a short silence.

Then she said, “Oh! Um, hardback.”

He reached up and grabbed it. There was his mistake. A pile of paper slips floated through the air, landing in his hair, on the ground, and on the countertop.  

Fuck.  Fuckity fuck fuck.

He turned around slowly. She looked quizzical, but she was grinning too.

“Ummmm, what is this?”

James bluffed. “I have no idea. I’ll have to ask Remus.”

Lily picked up a slip at random from the counter.  

She read it out loud. “Is that a hardback book in your pocket or are you greeting me with another hard thing?”  

He winced.  

She was laughing. She picked up another one.

“Is it just me or is this room really hot? Never mind, it’s just me.”

And another.

“The answer to life, the universe, and everything is James Potter. Always.”

“James Potter is the supreme. Give him all your money and worship him.”

Lily raised an eyebrow. “And you have no idea what this all is?” She gestured at the mess of paper.

He grimaced. He had been caught and he knew it. “Don’t tell Remus?” he pleaded.

“And why ever not?”

She was teasing him. Hopefully.

“Oh come on. Can’t you imagine Remus’s face when he takes a book down and all this paper glides down with it?” he beseeched her. “Please don’t tell?” He did his best puppy dog face.

She laughed. “I don’t know. I mean, it seems like the right thing to do. I better go tell him right now.” She headed towards the door.

In a ninja move, James leaped over the counter and stood between her and the door.  

“Please? Remus will skin me alive. I’ll even clean it up for him after it happens.”

She grinned. “All right, all right.”

“Thank God, all that begging was bad for my ego.” he joked.

“On second thought”

“No! Never mind!” he took a step towards her. They were almost nose to nose.

Neither of them said a word as they both became conscious of how close together they were.

James wanted to move forward, he really did, but what if she didn’t?

Finally, after a painstaking silence, Lily took a step back, never breaking eye contact.

And in that moment, James abandoned his better judgment, strode forward and kissed her.

There was no hesitation as she replied in kind. After what most certainly qualifies as a snog, they broke apart, both flushed and red.

James winked. “Well Evans, would you look at the time? Shop is closing for lunch. Out you go!”

She protested as he pushed her out the door. “Potter! Real classy! And I didn’t even get my book!”  

He went back and grabbed her book and followed her out the door.

She was standing with a slight smile on her face.

He bowed. “Your book mi'lady.”

She took it from him. “Most gracious of you, kind sir. Now, if you won’t object to a fair maiden’s request, I am taking you out to lunch. After all, the shop is closed for lunch.”

She offered her arm. James took it grinning.  

“Lead the way.”

A/N They’re such nerds. *sigh* Also, Lily was totally checking out his ass when he was up on the ladder.

My girlfriend came and saw me today (I was all sicky and didn’t go to school).

We talked and cuddled and such before she had to go- rambling about our weekends without one another, how much we missed each other, poking my cats in the face and taunting them with her lunch meat (good times). <3

I’d noticed the origami birds she left on my little table, and she mentioned them in passing, but I didn’t take a good look at them until after she left.

Each one has some writing on it, but one got me in particular:

“I wish I actually deserved you.”

This just

I didn’t even know what to say.

And I was suddenly very sad that I didn’t read them sooner, while she was here. So I could tell her otherwise.

I started crying almost instantly
and I just couldn’t place why.

The only response that could really bubble to the surface was 

“Oh no,

no, sweetheart

that’s not true

please, remember you deserve me, too.”

"We're not exactly Subtle are we?"

• Marinette and Adrian end up going to College on opposite ends of the country. •For years Chat Noir and Ladybug end up being super separately. •Marinette ends up a famous designer, Adrian is still Modeling as he works on his Ph.D. In Theoretical Astrophysics. •Adrian ends up doing a photo shoot for Marinette’s new line. •An akuma attacks in the middle of their meeting about her new line. Ladybug and Chat Noir meet for the first time in years. •He flirts, she snarks. (“Is that longing I hear in your voice Mi'Lady” 😘 “Is that your leather fetish alley Chat.”) Ladybug is surprised by how overcome with joy she is at not fighting alone. •She confesses to Tikki that she’s surprised at the evolution of her feelings for her partner after all this time, although Adrian has always been the man for Marinette, maybe if Adrian says no she should give Chat a chance. •Adrian discusses Marinette with Plagg, Chat Noir loves Ladybug with every breath in his body, even after all these years just being around her takes his breath away. But Marinette is warm and clever and caring and Adrian is still so desperately lonely. •Marinette asks Adrian out for drinks after the shoot. •He says yes. •Later that week Chat Noir asks Ladybug if she would consider spending some time with him outside their roles as protectors of Paris. She explains to him that she’s in love with someone else, that she’s missed her kitty cat, that he’s her partner and her friend and she needs him in her life but that this other man has been in her heart for a while and that if she doesn’t give them a chance she will always regret it. •Adrian cries himself to sleep that night. •Marinette lies awake wondering if she’s made a mistake. •The next day Adrian feels freed, he will face the day with Marinette, who he doesn’t love quite yet but who’s his friend and clearly loves him. •Marrinette wakes up upset with herself at having hurt someone she trusts and cares for. •Adrian notices Marinette’s low mood and asks about it. She tells him she’s afraid she’s hurt the feelings of someone close to her “my partner in crime, he’s always been someone I could trust above anyone, even after years apart, I thought it was just an act, part of our banter but he meant it, I was just too blind to see.” •Adrian is smarter then a bag of rocks but decides to test her. “That can’t have been an A-meow-sing conversation Mi'Lady.” •Marinette is not stupid either.