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Bunny » Hwang Mi Young

» pairing: Tiffany x Reader

» genre: Smut

» author note: Now, the second my eyes landed on the request, my mind was filled with flashing images of Mommy!Tiffany and I couldn´t simply ignore them. I hope you enjoy!

» warning: Thigh riding, orgasm denial, over-stimulation, pillow humping, mommy kink

» requested by: anonymous

» gif not mine, credit belongs to the owner

Originally posted by panwlnk

It wasn’t that you hated clubs; you simply preffered more calmer ways to spend your Friday. 

Having countless, sweaty and intoxicated bodies rub against you wasn’t your ideal of fun. And even on the rare occasions you did go clubbing, you took on the role of the designated driver to avoid as much trouble as possible. This time, however, oh this time it was much different. 

It was Hyo Yeon who insisted you have to go out with her, Tae Yeon and Soo Young and ‘let loose’. Of course, your half-assed protests went unnoticed by her and the others, and you had no other choice than to tag along for a few drinks. Although you hoped to once more be the one to sit behind the wheel, Tae Yeon beat you to it. 

Unfortunately, you had everything but a jolly good time. While Hyo Yeon and Soo Young showed off their exceptional dance skills on the dance floor and Tae Yeon chatted with an old friend, you stood by the bar with hurting feet and a margarita in you hand. Your mind was filled with images of your comfortable bed, and boy, did you wish to fall into the soft sheets. However, your daydreaming was soon cut short when a man appeared before you. He was far from good looking, with a protruding beer belly and dried up vomit on the corners of his lips. Here we go, you thought. The strange man began his sleazy antics which made your stomach turn. 

You were running out of space to retreat into, as he got closer and closer in an never-ending attempt to touch you. Before you knew it, you ran into something. Well, someone. The person stumbled, but quickly regained their balance. Their arms wrapped around your waist to prevent you from falling, and you quickly used it to your advantage. 

“Honey,” You drawled out sweetly, turning around in the stranger’s hold. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of a beautiful woman who held you close, her deep eyes staring into yours calmly. The scent of her perfume intoxicated your senses more than any alcohol ever could, and you wished to stay in her arms for eternity. If it weren’t for the disgusting, old man behind you. “there you are. I couldn’t find you.“ 

Luckily, the mysterious woman quickly caught on, playing along as well as she could. She pulled you even closer (if that was even possible, of course), and glared at the man while responding. "I could say the same about you, bunny." 

The pet name said in her sultry voice was a dangerous combination, which sent shivers down your spine. "Can we go home? I’m tired.” You pouted, running your finger across her exposed collarbone. She smirked and leaned in to your ear, whispering. “He’s gone." 

In that instance, you pulled away from her, placing a hand on your chest. You couldn’t help but let out a nervous chuckle, unable to look at her. "Thank you…” you paused for a second and the woman got the hint. “Mi Young.”

“Thank you, Mi Young.”

“Anything for a pretty girl like you.” She winked, and you thanked the gods above for the dimmed lights by the bar, otherwise your already red cheeks would turn an even brighter shade. “I should- I should probably get going now. Sorry.” You said, realizing your hand was still gently placed on her hip. Truth was, you didn’t want to leave, and neither did you want her to let you walk away. And as if she had read your mind, Mi Young gripped your wrist and pulled you flush against her. 

“Lay your hands on me.” She said, and you complied. Your arms wrapped themselves around her thin waist perfectly, almost as if they were meant to lay there. “Good girl." 

"Now, bunny, why don’t we go home? Didn’t you say you were tired?” She hypnotized you. She had you wrapped around her finger, and she had barely done anything. You were willing to do anything for her, and it scared you, yet excited you at the same time. Without any words, you followed her out of the club, away from everyone. A small voice in the back of your head was telling you to stop, to think of the concequences, but you ignored it. You let yourself fall deeper into her. Her lips, plush and soft, were pressed against yours in a heated kiss, her hands roaming your body. She pushed you onto the soft mattress looking down at you with lust filled eyes. Her gaze alone made your skin burn with anticipation, body desperate to feel her touch. She bit her lip as her eyes took in your form. Sprawled out on her bed, so desperate it was almost pathetic. 

“What should Mommy do with you?” She wondered aloud,  sitting on the edge of the bed. Her fingertips traced patterns on the exposed skin of you thigh, travelling higher and higher, making you shudder. A small plea slipped past your lips, her brows raising in question. “Louder, bunny. Mommy didn’t hear you." 

"Please, make me feel good.” Her angelic laugh rang in the air at your words. 

“Do you deserve it, bunny?" 

"Yes, please, Mommy. I was a good girl, I promise.” Her gaze hardened, voice sharp as she barked out her order. “Strip." 

You jumped to your feet, obediently removing the last bit of clothing you had on you. You stood before her, exposed, and waited for her next order. It came in no time, and you obeyed once again. You could feel your arousal dripping down your legs as you straddled her thigh, whimpering at the feeling. 

"Now you´re going to listen to me well, okay?” You nodded, batting your lashes innocently. The woman in whose lap you rested smiled proudly, brushing wild strands of hair out of your face gently. 

“I want you to show me how desperate you are to cum. Do anything you want, use anything you want. Show Mommy how pathetic you are.” Her lips brushed the shell of your ear and a shiver travelled down your spine, a blush creeping up on your cheeks. You hesitated at first, but your arousal was much too big to be ignored. In fact, it was beginning to get painful, and you wanted nothing more than to feel the sweet, sweet relief. You started of slow, rubbing yourself against the exposed skin of her thigh. Short and quiet moans and whisper were slipping past your lips, filling the otherwise quiet hotel room and gradually becoming louder as you worked your hips against her leg. Your breaths became irregular as you felt a knot form inside you and you gently tweaked your nipples, trying to fasten the process.

You were throwing your head back and forth, a moaning mess yearning to cum. And just as you were about to reach your high, the woman beneath you shifted her position, robbing you off the pleasure. You whined, a frustrated frown crossing your features. 

“What a shame, bunny. But Mommy was starting to get uncomfortable.” She said sweetly, but you knew her words held no sincerity. She was only teasing you, getting off on your desperate state. Your eyes scanned the room, searching for anything you could use. And finally, they landed on something. You climbed on the bed, quickly reaching for a pillow and wasting no time in pushing it between your legs. Time lost all concept for you as you began humping it vigorously, relishing in the feeling of the soft yet rough fabric rubbing against your clit.
“Look at me.” You rose your gaze from you hands which were clutching the sheets, moaning at the sight. Mi Young was leaning against the headboard, her legs spread and fingers buried deep inside her heat as she watched you with lust-filled eyes. “Don´t stop looking.”

You struggled in keeping the eye contact, getting closer and closer to a release. But once again, you were stopped only seconds before tipping over. You stilled completely, not daring to move a muscle. Your eyes were focused on Mi Young´s fingers, completely coated with her essence. She smirked when she noticed your intense gaze, pulling them out. 

“Come here.” She whispered and you crawled over her, positioning yourself between her legs. “Go ahead, bunny. Get a taste." 

So you did. You dived in, eating her out as if she was your last meal. Her moans filled the room, resonating in your ears and only fueling you further. You wanted to hear more. Mi Young´s fingers tangled themselves in your hair, pushing you closer to her sopping cunt. Your nose was brushing against her clit with every lick, her body jolting every time. "That´s right, bunny. Make Mommy feel good, make her scream. You´re doing so good." 

Her words of praise only encouraged you, and in no time she was cumming. You lapped at her juices, not wanting anything to go to waste. She pushed you away from her, body still trembling. She pressed her lips against yours, slipping her tongue into your mouth. Her hands roamed your body, gently pushing you on your back. And that was when the hell started. Mi Young knew exactly what she was doing. With her lingering touches, heated, open mouthed kisses and teasing words, you were sure she could make you come undone with her voice alone. Yet, she didn´t let you. You begged and cried, obeyed her every command only to be denied your high over and over again. Tears were streaming down your face when she pulled her three digits out of you, only milliseconds before you came. 

"Please, Mommy. Please, let me cum. I need it. I need it so bad, Mommy.” You begged, hoping she would finally have mercy on you. And she did. 

“Well, if you want to cum so badly, I don´t see why you shouldn´t, bunny.”
Her fingers - not two, not three, but four of them - were soon buried inside of you, pumping into you at an incredible speed. Mi Young´s powerful thrusts had you arching your back, screaming her name each time she hit your g-spot. And as if it wasn´t enough, she began circling your clit with her tongue. You were in complete and utter ecstacy, writhing and trashing underneath her ruthless touch. But even after you already reached your high, absolutely spent, Mi Young didn´t stop. No, in fact, she even sped up her pace even more (if it was even humanly possible). You were pleading for her to stop, the pleasure morphing into pain, but she ignored you. She ignored your protests completely, and with her free hand stopped you from moving as best as she could. 

Your second orgasm came much faster than the first one, and was just as powerful if not more. But after the second one came the third, and the fourth. You were sure Mi Young was going to ruin you, that she wasn´t going to stop until you passed out. However, luckily for you, it didn´t happen. 

A knock made her stop abruptly, and she turned towards the door with an agitated look on her face. “Yes?” She called out.

“Miss Hwang, the CEO of Blanc & Eclare, miss Jung has to leave unexpectedly. She would like to go over the designs for your new collection before she does so. She´ll be waiting in her room.” Mi Young sighed, shouting back her answer before looking at you. She leaned in, whispering: 

“Don´t you think that we´re done. When Mommy comes back, we´ll pick up where we left of.” And boy, were you looking forward to it.

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