mi tries to cosplay

tutorial: how to add hidden pockets to shorts, skirts, or pants

look i know no one asked for this tutorial but i was in the middle of making these shorts and i thought to myself, “the day i figured out how to add pockets to my cosplays was pretty much the best day ever”

and i was right. cosplays without pockets suck. but then i realized a lot of people probably dont know how, so im like? ill just make a tutorial and maybe help someone out.

note: this tutorial places the pockets directly in the seams of your shorts/pants/skirt, so unfortunately it does require you to be making whatever youre making from scratch. if anyone wants, i can also make a tutorial for how to add pockets to existing pants, but it is a little harder to get right, just so you know.

tutorial under the cut, with pictures!

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