mi numero unos

ps can you believe how ethereal my baby looked in the promo  &  did u hear her fuqqin angelic voice  &  can u believe she’s home !!!! she’s in westeros !!!!!!! she’s on dragonstone !!!!!!!!!!!! she gets to touch the beach w/ her liddo baby hands  &  breathe the air  &  just take in, for two seconds, that everything she’s worked so hard for is finally at her fingertips !!! 

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for the characters ask: A, R, H, S, N


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My fav digimon..

Rukawa Kaede

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I’m one of his cheerleader.

Hakuryuu Ren

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mi numero uno. He fell into depravity. I fell in love.

Sasuke Uchiha

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I want to help him resurrect his clan.


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coz lil Nemo will swim against the flow, for sake of helping others.