mi kyung yoon




We must be hidden yet be alive.
We must be invisible, 
but we must give lively energy to the tree, leaves and flower petals.
On the ground called history, 
the root should be hidden and yet be rooted strongly and deeply.
We are…
this ground’s hidden root.


“Of course I’d trample on the weak… Would I trample on the powerful? Of course I’d steal from the weak… Would I steal from the powerful? Since the beginning of time… the weak has always been trampled on by the powerful. A thousand years ago… and even a thousang years from now…. the weak will be stolen from by the powerful. The only truth in the world is… the powerful wrecks the weak. The powerful plunders… the weak. This the only constant truth!”


Kim Mi Kyung’s instagram updates while marathoning ‘Heirs’

with Park Shin Hye: “The Heirs - My daughter Eunsangie~~^^ Currently re-watching this!”

with Kim Woo Bin: “The Heirs - Youngdo. Watching this again and it’s refreshing.”

with Lee Min Ho: “Handsome Kim Tan! Watching this again and it’s so much fun~~^^”

with Im Joo Eun and Yoon Son Ha: “with Rachel’s mom and my Joonie~~^^”

with Kim Sung Ryung: “Ki Ae madame~~ㅎㅎㅎ”

“My wish is everyone I know becomes happy. In 10 years later, I’ll be holding a party in my house…” - Kim Tan.

The Heirs episode 20