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gàidhlig / français

mots et phrases en gaélique écossais avec traduction

Halò ( hallo )
Salut !
Hai ( ha-ee )

Madainn mhath ( mah-ten vah )
Feasgar math ( fez-gur mah )
Bonjour  ( apres midi )
Oidhche mhath ( oy-kah vah )
Bonne nuit

Fàilte ( fah-eel-tuh )
Bienvenue !

Ciamar a tha thu? ( kim-er uh hah oo )
Comment vas-tu ?
Ciamar a tha sibh? ( kim-er uh hah sheev )
Comment allez-vous ?

Tha [mi] gu math ( hah [mee] guh mah )
Je vais bien

Dè tha thu a dèanamh? ( jeh hah oo uh jee-ah-nuv? )
Qu'est-ce tu fais ?

Tapadh leat ( tah-puh let )
Merci  ( s )
Tapadh leibh ( tah-puh leh-eev ) 
Merci  ( pl )

Dè an t-ainm a tha ort? ( jeh an tennem uh hah horsht )
Comment t'appelles-tu ?
Dè an t-ainm a tha oirbh ( jeh an tennem uh hah ho-reev )
Comment vous appelez-vous ?

Is mise … ( iss mee-shuh )
Je suis …
S e … an t-ainm a th'orm ( sheh … an tennem uh horrim )
Je m'appelle …

Mar sin leat ( mar seen let )
Au revoir  ( s )
Mar sin leibh ( mar seen leh-eev )
Au revoir  ( pl )

Tioraidh ( tshee-uh-reeh )
Salut / Au revoir / Ciao

Sports in Japanese 2/2

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ウォータースポーツ [wo ー ta ー su po ー tsu] = water sports

水泳 [すいえい sui ei] = swimming

シンクロナイズドスイミング [shi n ku ro na i zu do su i mi n gu] / シンクロ [shi n ku ro] = synchronized swimming

飛び込み [とびこみ to bi ko mi] / ダイビング [da i bi n gu] = diving

スキューバダイビング [su kyu ー ba da i bi n gu] = scuba diving

サーフィン [sa ー fi n] = surfing

ボート [bo ー to] = boating

ヨット [yotto] = yachting

セーリング [se ー ri n gu] = sailing

カヌー [ka nu ー] = canoeing

ウィンタースポーツ [wi n ta ー su po ー tsu] = winter sports

スキー [su ki ー] = skiing

スノーボード [su no ー bo ー do] / スノボー [su no bo ー] = snowboarding

スケート [su ke ー to] / アイススケート [a i su su ke ー to] = ice skating

フィギュアスケート [fi gyu a su ke ー to] = figure skating

ボブスレー [bo bu su re ー] = bobsleigh

リュージュ [ryu ー ju] = luge

カーリング [ka ー ri n gu] = curling

アイスホッケー [a i su hokkeー] = ice hockey

陸上 [りくじょう riku jou] / 陸上競技 [りくじょうきょうぎ riku jou kyou gi] = athletics

ジョギング [jo gi n gu] = jogging

ウォーキング [wo ー ki n gu] = walking

トライアスロン [to ra i a su ro n] = triathlon

登山 [とざん to zan] = mountaineering

ロッククライミング [rokku ku ra i mi n gu] = rock climbing

体操 [たいそう tai sou] = gymnastics

新体操 [しんたいそう shin tai sou] = rhythmic gymnastics

ヨガ [yo ga] = yoga

重量挙げ [じゅうりょうあげ juu ryou a ge] = weightlifting

スケートボード [su ke ー to bo ー do] / スケボー [su ke bo ー] = skateboarding

自転車 [じてんしゃ ji ten sha] / 自転車競技 [じてんしゃきょうぎ ji ten sha kyou gi] = cycle sport

サイクリング [sa i ku ri n gu] = cycling

カーレース [ka ー re ー su] = auto racing, car racing

F1 [エフワン e fu wa n] = Formula One

クレー射撃 [クレーしゃげき ku re ー sha geki] = clay pigeon shooting

ライフル射撃 [ライフルしゃげき ra i fu ru sha geki] = rifle shooting

アーチェリー [a ー che ri ー] = archery

乗馬 [じょうば jou ba] = horse riding (as a hobby)

馬術 [ばじゅつ ba jutsu] = horse riding (as a sport)


The following four are publicly‐managed gambling sports in Japan.

競輪 [けいりん kei rin] = keirin (motor-paced cycle racing)

競馬 [けいば kei ba] = horse racing

競艇 [きょうてい kyou tei] = boat racing

オートレース [o ー to re ー su] = motorcycle racing

See also Sports in Japanese ½

[Showtime Ep 4] Hoya’s letter to his teacher

A translation of the letter that Hoya wrote to his sixth grade teacher shown in Episode 4 of Showtime:
(a fanbase screencapped this and tl-ed from kr-chn and below is a tl from chn to eng, if anyone can read the writing in the screencap from the show and spot any errors you are very welcome to correct me!)

Dear Gu Mi Sook Teacher, 

Hello Teacher, I’m Howon. Before entering sixth grade I never really studied hard and I didn’t really read well or a lot, but after meeting teacher I changed a lot and worked harder on my studies.  So far, of all the teachers I’ve met, you are the most considerate, and when teaching you are the most strict, but when I think of you teaching, I think studying is really interesting. Aside from Grade 6 Class 9 students, I hope Teacher does well in other areas of school life too. From now on, I’ll behave well. So now, I wish you well. 

Lee Howon 

May 15, 2003


Ishbel MacAskill - Gradh Geal Mo Chridh (Fair Love Of My Heart)  

Time for bed as I listen to a beautiful Gaelic song

Anglicised version below

Bheir mi ò hu ò hò  
’S mi fo bhròn ’s tu gam dhìth  

’S iomadh oidhche fliuch ‘us fuar  
Ghabh mi cuairt 'us mi leam fhìn  
Gus an d’ ràinig mise 'n t-àit’  
Far an robh gràdh geal mo chridh’  

Bheir mi ò hu ò hò  
Bheir mi ò hu ò hì  
’S mi fo bhròn ’s tu gam dhìth  

Dhèanainn treabhadh dhuit is buan  
Chumainn suas thu gun dìth
Bheirinn as a’ ghreabhal chruaidh
Do mo luaidh teachd an tìr  

Ged nach eil sinn fhathast pòsd’  
Tha mi'n dòchas gum bi
Fhad’ ’s a mhaireas mo dhà dhòrn  
Cha bhith lòn oirnn a dhìth  

English Translation:

Bheir mi ò hu ò hò
I am sorrowful without your company

Many nights wet and cold
I took a trip all by myself
Until I reached the place
Where was my heart’s fair love

Chorus (after each verse):
Bheir mi ò hu ò hò
Bheir mi ò hu ò hì
Bheir mi ò hu ò hò
I am sorrowful without your company

I would plough and reap for you
I would keep you unfailingly
I would like to take from the hard gravel
A livelihood for my love

Although we are not yet married
I hope we will be
As long as I have my two hands
We will want for nothing