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Problem in being in a lot of fandoms #256

There is no way I can show my love for all these shows/books/movies on one lock screen.

garden witch jehan is peacefully gardening when montparnasse walks by, and he doesn’t look away until parnasse is out of sight. when he looks back into his garden, he’s made black roses grow around him. they don’t fit with his pink, purple, and blue garden aesthetic but he lets them be anyway.

the next time montparnasse walks by, he sees the black roses and leans in over the fence to steal one, but before he can withdraw his hand there’s surprisingly strong fingers gripping his wrist.

“hello, stranger,” says the garden person. “if you’d asked, i’d have given it to you.”

montparnasse, torn between being endeared and annoyed, shakes his wrist loose and says, “where’s the fun in that?”

jehan carefully breaks off a rose from its stem and puts it behind montparnasse’s ear. “there it is,” he says.

I see a whole lot of people doing this, so I hope this works.
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In The Flesh
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Over The Garden Wall
How to Get Away With Murder

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Rosa pimpinellifolia spinosissima … a semi-double Old Scots Rose

‘William III’ is an Old Scots rose which produces small, spicy scented magenta-crimson flowers that fade to lilac-pink with age. It is named after William III King of England, Scottland and Ireland  1650-1702

All the bees love William …. a real charmer of striking beauty!

@jenna221b  tagging you because this rose is from Scotland  @isitandwonder @stillgosherlocked