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do you hear the people sing?

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

Let us describe Javert’s human face. It consisted of a snub nose, with two deep nostrils, bordered by large, bushy sideburns, covering both his cheeks. One felt ill at ease on first seeing those two forests and those two caverns. When Javer laughed with was rarely and terribly, his thin lips parted, showing not only his teeth but his gums; a cleft as broad and wild as the muzzle of a fallow deer formed around his nose….Beyond that, a small head, large jaws, hair hiding the forehead, and falling over the eyebrows, between the eyes of permanent central crease like an angry star, a gloomy look, a pinched and ferocious mouth, and an air of fierce command.

Javert’s introduction, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

So I dont know about yall but I’m not accepting any Javert unless its a tiny nose with huge nostrils, a terrifying smile, and massive sideburns


Mini closet cosplay photo shoot for @mardisoir from their amazing fic One Thousand Nights

Jean: @petalprouvaire

Montparnasse: @montparnassee

We promise to do a better one soon and go out and buy/make outfits, but yet again this was done at 3am…. plus I want to get a wig so I can do Jean’s hair styles~


Whose son is this? He is so good-looking.

will you give all you can give so that our banner may advance
some will fall and some will live, will you stand up and take your chance?
the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of france


 (it’s time to celebrate the les mis fandom with my mediocre drawings again)


skam month: favorite season: season one: eva

ok, so i just love season one so much because it is when the girl squad formed, and i feel like i can relate to eva a lot. like, not necessarily on the boyfriend front, but i’ve felt that loneliness of feeling like you don’t really have many (or any) friends. it was the beginning of everything which always makes the first seasons of shows great but skam really came out strong from the first season, so ya, first season. also i’m low-key in love with eva so ya. 

soooo, i kinda went a bit overboard when figuring out and selecting the clip for gifs and there are like wayyyyy too many so i’m gonna do different color schemes of season one! hopefully i won’t reuse any of these, but I kinda tried to select them so i wouldn’t reuse them later (which makes this not the most exciting gif set, and i know it doesn’t really encompass season one as a whole, just eva, so sorry, but i hope you guys like my season one color schemes!) 

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For the meme 5, 11, 16 and 18 for Bahorel? :D

Guilty pleasures 
..Nah. Naaaaah. He’s considered trying  guilty pleasures before, because some people sure seem to get a boost from the guilt, but the knowledge that he’s doing something he “shouldn’t” be doing, because it’s socially frowned on, or supposedly Beneath Him, or “technically illegal”, always just makes him feel better about himself and life in general. He’s done some things he’s not proud of, but Enjoying Himself is none of that.  

Bad or petty habits
Absolutely yes thank you 
Gossip? he’ll take all he can get thanks. smokes….nearly anything, drinks the same, spends ridiculous amounts of money on absolutely indulgent nonsense from food to clothes to art, fights for reasons good and bad. Is generally NSFW in his private and often very very public life. He is a Dreadful Creature and enjoys the hell out of being so. 

Answered 16 already!

Things they’ll never admit
**looks around to make sure no one’s around**
He’s….really  knowledgeable about the law. Like, he’s studied intensely,  in secret. He only did it to more thoroughly disobey, but still…he could ace all his exams in a heartbeat. He could win cases, definitely. No one can ever know.