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Mini closet cosplay photo shoot for @mardisoir from their amazing fic One Thousand Nights

Jean: @petalprouvaire

Montparnasse: @montparnassee

We promise to do a better one soon and go out and buy/make outfits, but yet again this was done at 3am…. plus I want to get a wig so I can do Jean’s hair styles~

When The Sun Goes Down (Enjoltaire version) [931 words]

A woman’s voice boomed in the airport’s speakers, Enjolras fidgeted a little more. It was a heads-up for his flight. “You’ll be okay, Enjolras” Jehan said comfortingly. Grantaire and his friends has joined him at the airport. Bahorel, Jehan, Eponine, and Grantaire surrounded him. They all had their goodbyes, he got a hug from Eponine, two from Jehan, and a light punch on the elbow and a pat on the back from Bahorel. Jehan’s eyes were glassy, “We’ll miss you, mon-cher” they said. “Make sure to come visit again. Make sure of it, or ‘Taire will lose his mind” Eponine half-joked, Grantaire’s shoulders had a short-lived shake from his chuckle. “Guys, can I drag him off, somewhere first?” Grantaire said, the rest gave a thumbs up and Grantaire pulled Enjolras off. They went to a secluded part of the airport, where there was a glass pane, and outside you can see the plane Enjolras was just about to leave in. The sky was beautiful, and they were alone. Grantaire pulled Enjolras in for a soft kiss. “I’m gonna miss–” Enjolras started, Grantaire cut him off by kissing him again. “I know, not much words for now” Grantaire said softly. Enjolras’ heart swelled, he felt as if his eyes were tearing up and his heart was tearing apart. He was about to leave. “When the sun goes down” Grantaire started, he held their hands in between both of them, “you’re going to be boarding on that plane, and you’ll go back to America.” “I think I’ll be able to manage that” Enjolras said softly. “When you leave France, I’m gonna be calling you everyday” Grantaire said, Enjolras looked straightly into his eyes, he meant what he said, he thought, “Because I’m falling hard for you.” They were gonna be okay, Enjolras assured himself, they won’t be able to hold each other’s hand, or hug each other, or kiss each other, but they’ll always talk. They’ll be okay, he’ll be okay. They were gonna try. They’ll keep holding on, Enjolras’ heart ached badly. It was like he never wanted to leave. He looked at Grantaire deeply, who in return was gazing intently at him too. He took in every parts of his face, the curve of his nose, the stubbles on his jaw, his soft chapped lips, his angelic blue eyes that didn’t seem real, the curls that fell over his eyes. He needed this picture to be imprinted on his mind. “I go back on Labor Day” Enjolras said in reassurance. “And I will try to make my way-” Grantaire started and Enjolras gripped his hand tightly, he has never said this before, his eyes were hopeful, and they were like a promise, a vow. “-Out west to New York” they both said, Enjolras spoke softly, with uncertainty. Grantaire’s voice was firm. “So we’ve got the summer” Grantaire said, he’s working anyway, he has long graduated his art school, but Enjolras still had law school. “And we’ve got each other” Enjolras replied, “Perhaps even longer.” Grantaire got one of Enjolras’ hands and pressed a long kiss on the back of it. “When you’re on your own, and suddenly without me, will you forget about me?” Grantaire asked quietly, Enjolras tightened his grip on his hands. “I couldn’t if I tried” And he was telling the truth. “When I’m all alone, and I close my eyes” Grantaire closed his eyes, and opened it once again to have Enjolras staring at his clear blues, it had specks of tears on them, “That’s when I’ll see your face again.” Grantaire has always complimented Enjolras on his looks, he was his angel, his Apollo. It would be the same for Enjolras too, when he closes his eyes, all that he’ll see was Grantaire, and for a moment in his mind, they would still be together. He didn’t want to leave, not now. “And when you’re gone” Grantaire’s eyes were now softening with tears, it threatened to pour all over, “you know that I’ll be waiting when you’re gone.” Enjolras barely let him finish his sentence when he hastily pulled Grantaire’s hand to caress his cheeks, he pushed his cheeks against Grantaire’s palms, he still held Grantaire’s hand from behind, “But you’re here with me right now” Enjolras reminded, his eyes were also tearing up. “You’ll be working hard,” Grantaire said, he almost sounded unbearable for Enjolras to hear, his heart was breaking, their hearts were breaking, a tear had escaped Grantaire’s eyes, Enjolras wiped it with his free hand, “but, if we should drift apart-” “-Grantaire-” Enjolras uttered, voice half breaking half firm. “-Let me take this moment just to say, that you are gonna change the world someday” Grantaire told him firmly, so much faith in his voice, holding his hands tightly. A choke escaped Enjolras’ throat, tears dripped on his face, “I’ll be thinking of you” he forced a smile. Grantaire did the same, “And I’ll think of you-”, “-every night” Enjolras said with him, “at the same time.” When I leave, I’ll be leaving my heart with you, Enjolras wanted to say. Orange light was reflected on Grantaire’s face, he looked golden, beautiful. “When the sun goes down” Grantaire said. They were gonna be okay. “When the sun goes down” Enjolras’ repeated. There was the second to the last reminder for his flight in the airport background, but he couldn’t care less, it was just the two of the in the world right now. “When the sun goes down” Grantaire confirmed with a nod. They were gonna be okay.

(Based on the song “When The Sun Goes Down” from In the Heights)


Whose son is this? He is so good-looking.

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in sixteen languages, named here:

English // French

Spanish // Japanese

Korean // German 

Swedish // Dutch

Czech // Danish

Hungarian // Hebrew

Portuguese // Polish

Norwegian // Mandarin Chinese

Les Mis Hogwarts AU because I love Hogwarts Aus. Who doesn’t love Hogwarts AUs?
This took me forever because I’ve been cowardly postponing the time of coloring the ties. It’s so difficult to sort these guys into houses! I’ve had doubts with everyone (except maybe Bossuet and Ferre?)
But hey, it’s completely okay if you have different HP headcanons! These are just mine, and they’re not even unchangeable. So if you want to know my reasons for, idk, Huffle Marius, you can always ask and I’ll gladly answer. And maybe, if you are interested in more things about this AU (like, what’s Joly favorite subject, or who is the DADA teacher) just say it and I’ll tell you more silly Hogwarts headcanons of mine.

(Don’t touch that cat, Bossuet! I’m sure you’re allergic!)

P.S: I’ve shamelessly copied the idea of Jehan with a carnivorous plant from another HP AU drawing I’m not able to find anymore? Because I can totally see him as a Herbology nerd

P.P.S: I still have the feeling that Slytherin R is going to be polemic. But I’ve actually seen him sorted into the four houses, so that’s a proof he’s pretty difficult to classify, I think. Congratulations on creating complex characters, monsieur Hugo.


Modern Les Mis: First Year Gavroche aesthetics (Hogwarts!AU)

I’ll see you on the Hogwarts Express on September first!