mi beer

Founders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, MI) ReDANKulous Imperial Red India Pale Ale, 750 ml., 9.5% ABV, 90 IBU. This weekend’s house work featured a roll-off dumpster, which is another way to say that I’ve been waiting for this beer since Friday night.

Hamilton Licks the Bread Act I

Mi naym is ham
Ive things to do
I wil not stap
These werds r tru
But do not fret
I hav a plan
In new yowrk u
Can b new mayn

Mi naym is burr
And wen i see
An immigrant
Walk up to mi
I buy him beer
I hav him sit
Then they barg in
“Wat tim is it”

Mi naym is ham
And wen im poor
I wish there was
A great big wor
Mi mind is big
Ideas hot
I wil not thro
Away mi shot

Our naym is dddrunk
But wii r rite
To ris up we
Wil need tu fite
And wen the rev-
olution starts
We will b there
Wii wil take part

Mi naym is Ang.
And wen im free
To wander round
New york u see
I look 4 those
Not unlike kirk
I look for peeps
Wit minds at work

Mi naym is sam
And i declare
Our king is good
So pls beware

Mi naym is King
Across the sea
And pls do not
B mean 2 mi
The ocens ris
The empirs fal
Im saying dis
To let mi stall

Mi naym is ham
The wor has start
The british might
Tear us apart
But tu ris up
I need command
So i can b
A rite hand man

Mi naym is bur
And wen im pissd
I go tu bal
I look 4 kiss
I canot tel
If they dont liek
Or if women
R not mi typ

Mi naym is El.
And wen i see
A hamilton
Lookin at mi
I tel mi sis
He wil b mine
Becase his eyez
They r so fine

Mi naym is ang.
She dos not kno
The rite hand mayn
I luv him so
But i m rich
Must stay that way
At least his eyes
In life they stay

Its us again
Wii stil r druiuiunk
Our dignitee
Has even shrunk
And look theres bur
We'r drunk 2nit
Its our biz now
Who do u liek

Mi naym is burr
I liek a girl
She married 2
An officer
I think its best
If i just wait
But evry1
Startin 2 hate

Mi naym is ham
And wen theres wor
Or there r things
Worth fiting for
I grab mi horse
I grab mi gun
I strike bi nite
I hit n run

Mi naym is jon
I ask to duel
I duel against
The bigest fool
There is a list
I liek to keep
On how 2 duel
Insted of flee

Mi naym is Liz.
And wen i see
The rite hand man
Come home tu mi
I tel him that
I do need him
Yes even tho
His stomach slim

Mi naym is george
And wen im stressd
Advise comes from
The very best
And lafayette
Tels mi his plan
But wii wil need
Mi rite hand man

Dear hamilton
U need tu kno
In history
Down u will go
So come back here
And fite n stuf
But remembr
Dont screw dis up

Mi naym is ham
Im back to fite
We must not screw
It up this tim
We wil keep watch
And we wil see
Our secret spi
Our hercules

Mi naym is king
O crap i lost
But dis mi friend
Is at a cost
The wor is won
The flag is flown
But now u kno
Ur on ur own

Mi naym is bur
I hav a child
She is so sweet
I see her smil
ok ok

Mi naym is bur
And wen its night
I get in bed
I snug up tight
And wen im safe
Or if i were
He breaks mi door


Yesterday was a really fucking hard day. Like, the worst. But when I walked out the backdoor of work my dear coworker had his truck pulled up and blasting music, a cooler of beer on the tailgate, and a bunch of my coworkers were throwing around a frisbee as the sun set. I love my work family. It was truly what I needed.


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I was recently in a really bad car accident (last pic is about how I look now since it happened) and have a super bad concussion and can’t really do anything bc of it, so I’m pretty lonely.
Come talk to me, please. I promise I’m nice.

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