mi babys



No tienes idea de cómo me gustas... Me gustas como para besarte por horas. Me gustas como para abrazarte hasta quedarme sin fuerzas. Me gustas para recargarme en tu pecho y escuchar el ritmo de tu corazón. Me gustas como para hacer todas esas cosas que siempre quise hacer pero nunca me atreví. Me gustas para ser uno solo. Me gustas para hacerte feliz.

I’m in love with stories in which Grantaire falls for Enjolras before meeting him in person, before even knowing what he looks like.

Enjolras may be that guy working at the helpful outline Grantaire keeps calling

Enjolras may run that very famous blog on tumblr Grantaire loves to get into arguments with, but whom he secretly admires

Enjolras may be that anonymous angel who calls and pays a cab every Tuesday night because Grantaire is too drunk to go home and doesn’t remember his guardian angel’s face

Enjolras may be that faceless neighbour Grantaire has never seen, but they keep passing each other passive-aggressive notes under the door and the notes turn into letters and whole conversations

Enjolras may be that guy who sent him a text by mistake once, and Grantaire responded and they kept the conversation going for months without sharing a picture

Because Enjolras is light through his words and passion, not solely his appearance. And though lbr his physique is the cherry on top, Grantaire falls in love with a lot more than that