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Jehanparnasse In The Sun

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It is early in the morning when Montparnasse finally comes home. He has already learned to open and close the door to their new apartment soundlessly. Not that he usually needs to, nights like these are an exception nowadays. He sighs. At least Brujon had the sense to call Sous before going after Faunt. Montparnasse rubs his eyes. Well, no harm done. He’ll make Faunt pay for the loss of a night’s sleep later. With a sigh he takes off his shoes and walks softly into the living room.

“Good morning.”

Montparnasse turns around. Jehan is laying sprawled out on the rug in their pyjamas, basking in the morning sun streaming through the window.

“You’re awake,” Montparnasse mutters.

“Prrr,” a soft sound comes from behind Jehan and Montague’s snout peeks out from behind their hip.

“You both are,” Montparnasse yawns.

“I woke up and the sun was shining,” Jehan says happily. They raise their head up a little. “Was everything okay?”

“Of course,” Montparnasse sighs, strolling towards them. “Faunt got themself in some shit that’s all.”

“Okay,” Jehan says calmly. Sometimes they ask questions and sometimes they don’t. This is apparently one of the latter times.

Montparnasse looks at them and at the cat curled up next to them. Involuntarily he smiles. Back when nights like these were still common he definitely didn’t have a Jehan and a cat to come home to. Never thought he’d have anything like this either. Jehan is blinking their hazel eyes at him sleepily.

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Whose son is this? He is so good-looking.


“For Good” with Cosette (Emily Langridge) and Eponine (Kerrie Anne Greenland)

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Do you have any ideas about aro Courf? Like he's super affectionate and loves cuddles and fooling around but doesn't want to date and never gets crushes at all, he loves everyone too much and can't understand romantic love. Sorry if you don't understand this ask but thanks anyway for being awesome!

Hey so a little lark has told me that it’s aro-spec awareness week!!!  Of course I’m happy to oblige with headcanons . And Happy awareness week!<3

  • There are lot’s of things that Courfeyrac has the desire to do, bake a hundred Christmas cookies on an impulse in July, Go on a cross country road trip with Enjolras and Combeferre, learn how to ride a unicycle- but falling in love is not one of them, not even in the slightest
  • He’s tried dates before, out of pressure to go on them more than anything, but they always felt so strange and wrong to him, and people would often quickly grow frustrated with his inability to return their romantic affections
  • It wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that he discovered the term Aromantic whilst attending a gender and sexuality poetry slam with Jehan and it landed softly in his mind like a the first snowflake to fall in winter
  • He did a lot of self discovery, attended some more poetry events with Jehan (begrudginly), had long and emotional D+M’s with Combeferre, talked in length about the difference between romantic and sexual attraction with Marius (who is asexual but as we all know, a huge romantic), found encouraging words and self assurance when Enjolras gave him a “You’re perfect the way you are and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise or tries to change you” speech
  • Ultimately it enraged him how little information is readily accessible for people on the aro-spectrum. (“Finding yourself is everybody’s right, and you shouldn’t need a degree in sociology to find this information!”) and made it his mission to spread positive, informative and accurate information on the subject
  • Will give anybody who places the value of romantic love over other types of platonic love a very heated and precise shut down. He’s even written a rap about it. (Bahorel refuses to ever let him perform it though. Comparing it to “a kids bop rendition of X Gon Give it to Ya”)
  • The most kind and loving friend you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and eventually-confident and proud of himself and the knowledge of who he is.

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Hi can you please do number 9 (“I’m fully aware that it’s one o’clock in the morning.”) with Nick. Thank you.

So I may or may not have a thing for major Amaro fluff rn and I think he’d be a really attentive partner during his SO’s pregnancy that is all. Enjoy!

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9. “I’m fully aware it’s one o’clock in the morning.” | Nick Amaro

Warning: Pregnant reader

“What are you doing?” 

His voice was soft and tired, but it still made you jump. Clutching your heart as you wheeled around, you let out a sigh of relief to see a disheveled and half-asleep–and shirtless–Nick standing in the kitchen doorway, hand on the wall.

“Jesus, Nicky, you scared me,” you breathed, letting out a little chuckle as you turned back around. 

“Sorry.” He paused, before asking again: “Are you planning on telling me what you’re doing?”

You hummed as his arms wrapped around your waist, hands resting low on your protruding belly. His chin nuzzled into the crook of your neck. He smelled of sleep and of warmth and of home, inviting and comforting. “Nothing, Nick,” you murmured, continuing to chop up strawberries as you felt him press a kiss under your ear. “Just making some yogurt and fruit.”

Nick let out an amused huff, the breath hot against your skin. “Do you know what time it is, mi tesoro?”

I’m fully aware that it’s one o’clock in the morning,” you informed him. “But I’m pregnant and I was craving some ice cream but we didn’t have any in the house. I can’t eat in the morning anymore, because I still get too sick. So I compromised and I’m eating breakfast now.”

Everyone had said that the cravings and morning sickness would be the worst in the first trimester, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. You were approaching the eighteenth week, and although they had been absent through the majority of your first trimester, the cravings and morning sickness were just now hitting you full force.

“If you wanted ice cream, you could’ve just asked, belleza,” he said. “I could’ve run to el bodega and picked some up.”

“I know you would’ve done that for me,” you explained, turning in his grasp. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed a quick kiss to his nose. “You’re very sweet for that, Nicky. But you were asleep and I can handle a night without ice cream.”

“You could’ve woke me up. I wouldn’t mind.”

“I know,” you repeated. “But we have a long day of work tomorrow and you and I both need our sleep.”

“I’ll be fine, belleza. You’re the one who should be sleeping.” He paused, thinking for a minute before opening his mouth again. “Tell you what: you and nuestro hijo go lie in bed and I’ll finish making you your breakfast. Then we can go back to sleep, because it’s still one in the morning.”

You smiled, pressing your lips to Nick’s for a moment. “You’re the best, you know that?”

He smiled, laughing a little before kissing you again. “Only the best for you.”

“Sixth Cup of Coffee.”

For, ANON!

From, SPRING BREAK PROMPT LIST!!! Check it out HERE!!!

“Where are you going?” You mumbled as your husband got up.

“I’m not very tired.”

“You should be exhausted and you shouldn’t have had that sixth cup of coffee.” You smirked. “You should be sleeping not drinking loads of caffeine.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He dismissed walking into the bathroom.

“You’d also have to pee less too!” You sing-songed.

“Mi amor, I am aware of the side effects of coffee and caffeine, so your declarations of factoids are completely unnecessary.”

“Well.” You huffed. “I’m just trying to help you Rafi!”

He seemed to sense your irritation and settled back on the bed next to you. He took your hand and pressed his lips softly. You closed your eyes, but then met his green ones.

“If I promise watch my coffee consumption will you stop pestering me?”

“I can’t promise to stop pestering you, but I would appreciate if you watched your coffee intake.” He rolled his eyes, but nodded slowly.

“Fine.” He huffed softly before kissing your cheek and turning off the light.


I think mom made a mistake.


Vielen Dank für die Glückwünsche /blushu/
I hope this is ok for 50s style i honestly don’t know anything but google image stuf sorry. Drawing eponine in that dress was a wonderful experiance tho so thank you a lot for this request!!! :D