mi 24 hind


A newer HIND, a better HIND, a “Super HIND”

The South African MI-24 “Super hind” is an attempt to modernize the MI-24V. It is rebuilt using a mostly digital “core” operating system; combining flight, combat, and navigation systems to make the venerated combat helicopter more modern and accessible to Western pilots. In the process, the helicopter was upgraded several times; it’s overall upgrades featuring a new doppler GPS navigation device, a FLIR Pod, TV camera, a new dual-feed 20mm cannon, a day/night heads-up-display (HUD), a black box and a VHS recording of sensor data.

The Mk. IV, seen in the last two photos, has been upgraded with Pall vortex engine air particle separator system over the engine intakes. All of these features combined has made a much more agile (and a lot less jittery) HIND. Personally; with its latest iteration, the Super Hind has become a helicopter fit for service in any 1st world military.