It teaches me that swollen eyes and hospital visits per your partner exist, but I do not have to exist beside them.  That it comes from the mouths and the nonverbal cues of any age, race, religion, any gender. It teaches you how sometimes you carry trauma through quiet.  Through plummeting self-esteem and not calling your friends back and shrinking at the intonation of someone’s voice.  Through crying too many days and nights, until you stop pretending and realize you’re not actually fine.  From an ulcer like a bound butterfly, to chest pains at work that fold your knees in like a prayer to something you never even believed in, just to make it stop, just to get back to a person that you thought lived underneath this all, the person ‘before.’  It teaches me the necessity to set boundaries, that healthy compromise is never the same thing as gaslighting someone/(being gaslit) into your own/(their) opinion.  Most importantly, it teaches me about myself.  How I am not to blame for through it I remained soft and honest, how I am not to blame simply because I reflected my own empathy onto them, how I am not to blame for being deliberately broken down and manipulated, all the while only trying to love them.  After eleven months, it teaches me that I leave or I die.  That I am the most resilient person I know.  That I still choose to be kind.  Every day, no matter how futile it seems, not matter how difficult.  Lastly, it taught me how to let go.  It taught me never again to hold onto someone who nine times out of ten wouldn’t even reach for me. That I will find a different person, someone better and therefore more beautiful, who looks at and touches me so gently, who will melt into a kiss and mean it, who will hold my shaking body some nights as I continue to grow into myself after everything I’ve been through, someone that I will believe truly and fully loves me, because for the very first time I will be able to differentiate it.
—  What Emotional Abuse Teaches You About Love,
valentina thompson  (ig: x, yt: x)

Matty’s tattoos are honestly one of my favorite things about him. They’re so beautiful and yet have such deep meanings. I’ve never found tattoos to be so appealing, but Matty has certainly changed that. These, of course, are just a few of the ones he has.  He has an anchor on his arm along with a cross and a flower on his legs.

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Okay, but tell us what would have cedric's character done had he lived. Do you have any alternative universe in mind?

ok this is probs definitely gonna a bit hedric-y but what else would u expect from me…

cedric lives - idk how let’s ignore that minor detail for now, pettigrew doesn’t cast a killing curse it’s something else, something  powerful and horrible but not necessarily fatal and idk who cares basically he lives 

harry still brings his body back but only it’s his unconscious body not his dead one and he gets taken to the hospital wing. and when he comes to he sees cho and his parents and they tell him what happened, that he got injured in the maze. they tell him “potter’s gone mad, the poor boy - keeps saying you-know-who is back” and cedric thinks. ok he doesn’t wanna believe it, it can’t be true…but ??? it makes sense. that portkey wasn’t part of the task and that thing in pettigrew’s arms…voldemort….he can’t be back right??but then his family leave and dumbledore comes to see him and they don’t say anything for a bit until cedric asks if it’s true and when dumbledore tells him about the order he signs up immediately because of course he does he’s cedric-too-good-for-this-world-diggory 

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Cualidades de un tauro ♉

Sus cualidades, solo pocas personas las pueden ver:

-Fuertes de voluntad
-Dotados de gran fuerza física y psíquica

Entre muchas cosas más…. 😘


“you really fuckin’ fucked outta your mind if you think i’m leaving this bed today,” he laughs, fixing the pillow beneath his head before taking another hit from his blunt. “had noc shift and had to stay an extra four hours ‘cause fuckin’ jesse slept through his alarm.” marcus explains before holding a hand out for them, urging them to come closer. “you can go out with your friends still, if you want. just give me some lovin’ before you go, baby.” 

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Porque las taurinas te mueben el tapete haces que le prestes atencion y luego ellas ignoran?...

Hay muchos porque…..que son difíciles de entender….

A si son…hermosas pero frias…
Tiernas pero sin corazón…
Lindas pero son unas mald*#%s

Ni yo que soy Tauro puedo entender a este signo.


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Cómo es una relación entre Tauro mujer y Escorpion hombre ?

😏Apasionante y excitante, por lo general siempre astrológica mente, dicen que es mejor pareja de amantes que de relación comprometida, pero aun asi en los dos casos es muy apasionante.

En lo personal me encanta esta relación de los signos, no importa si es en amistad o en intimidad, es muy excitante. 😏 Son opuestos y su primer encuentro o primera conversación puede ser sensacional.

Se atraen inevitablemente, pueden tener un relación duradera y placentera, solo si, SOLO SÍ!, hablan sobre sus sentimientos, y esto puede ser un problema, por que estos dos signos son muy cerrados con sus sentimientos y puede causar problemas en la relación.


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If you had to take a guess, what patronus do you think Draco would have?

ok i decided i would look into this and see wht animal best represents him. so just started googleing random animals that i thought might fit and i found ones that i also think might fit lucius and narcissa too

  • narcissa - swan, an elegant and graceful creature but vicious as fuck when they or their nest is threatened..
  • lucius - meerkat, aye ok a weird one but here me out, meerkats
    protect the young from threats, often endangering their own lives.(…) Subordinate meerkats have been seen killing the offspring of more senior members in order to improve their own offspring’s position.
  • draco - the temptation is to go with ferret but i was feeling like a penguin or i looked up penguins and i found this description of a king penguin that i feel fits draco perfectly
    “frequently compared to little men wearing suits, King Penguins are little gentlemen who strut around their colonies convinced of their own importance.” 

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¿Cómo sería si se conocieran por primera vez un sagitario y una tauro? Osea cuáles serían sus reacciones de que hablarían y si se llevarían bien :) Besos ! AMO su bloggg🙌🙌

Hola, gracias por tu lindo comentario sobre el blog ♡

A primera vista, no se caerían bien, ya sea por el comportamiento que lleguen a tener ambos signos, pero si uno de los dos se anima hablar con el otro se daría cuanta que no es como lo pensaba (y hablo por Tauro)

Las conversaciones que tendrían serian con giros inesperados, por ejemplo pueden estar hablando sobre el amor, los noviazgos y acabar hablando sobre como sobrevivir a un apocalipsis zombie.
Se llevarían bien si ya saben como son, en lo personal me gusta esta relación de signos, en amistad y en pareja. 😳



Allen is just a huge ball of cute! Don’t you just love him?
(Also, I know the tattoo isn’t Matty, but you know… It’s still Allen!)
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These faces, I can’t even. He’s adorable even when he has the sassy face on.
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