Quidditch World Kiss // Draco Malfoy imagine

“Dad I found our seats!” You called as you dad came walking over. He began talking with some of his friends and you walked over to say hi to Narcissa malfoy said
“Hello (y/n) and how are you today?”
“I’m good thanks, and you?” You made small talk about the Quidditch World Cup and after you were done she thanked you for being with draco and for always keeping him out of trouble. Narcissa walked over to your dad and started talking to him as well. Your eyes wandered over to Lucius and Draco talking to harry. They had a smug look on their face and soon walked off. You felt a hand touch your elbow and turned to find draco standing there. He handed you a jersey for your favorite team. It was a little big on you considering it is his jersey but he put his arm around you and sat down. Throughout the game there were
Ooos! And ahhs! Coming from all over the stadium. Your favorite team was in the lead and all you prayed for was the snitch to be captured and to hear your teams name be screamed through the speakers. Then about halfway through the a magic screen appeared in mid air with the words
Share a kiss! On the bottom. The kiss camera flew around the stadium in the shape of a giant snitch. It landed right in front of you and draco. Before you could object he took your chin and pressed his lips on yours. You felt a surge of energy run through you for about three seconds. When the snitch flew away everyone was clapping and laughing. Mr malfoy leaned over and said to draco
“She’s a keeper son.” And Draco looked at him and said
“Oh trust me I know she is.” And he kissed you again. You loved that dracos parents love you and that your parents love him. You and Draco have quite the future ahead of you.

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do you listen to big time rush because you seem like the person who does