170324 Singderella INFINITE SungKyu ‘Lee Moon Se-Whistle’ cover

If Infinite had to wake up their significant other
  • Sunggyu: Babe, wake up, it's 7am already... *nudges, gets no reaction* Babeee *still no reaction* ... *pounces*
  • Dongwoo: Hey babe~ Rise and shine~ *smiles at their sleeping face*
  • Woohyun: Morning babe!!! *Sees them sleeping.* *Bends down and kisses them awake*
  • Hoya: Hey, uh, wake up, it's morning... *No reaction* ... *Decides to come back in another 10 mins because they've been really tired for the past week*
  • Sungyeol: *Tiptoes in the room, draws a moustache and takes a photo. Then tickles them awake.* MORNING BABE!!!
  • Myungsoo: *Whispers next to them* Good morning! Wakey, wakey! *Gets distracted and starts playing with their hair*
  • Sungjong: Babe, rise and shine! *nudges them* ... *no reaction* ... *Sets up 50 alarms*