Following behind the others before me, these are screenshots of my Mog House, January 2013. I barely played last year, so I’m pretty sure this was what it looked like when I left it behind.



The hair and make up is where the doll like theme comes to life. I want to create a pale face, extreme contouring, bright blue eyes and red lips to ensure all my models look like real life dolls but in a stylish way. I have arranged a make up artist so the tones of skin will be perfect. I will be doing the hair, i want big and bouncy with back comb or flat at the top and curled at the bottom. I want to keep a vintage feel throughout. 


We can live like Jack & Sally if we want.
Where you can always find me.
We’ll have Halloween on Christmas.
and in the night we’ll wish this never ends.
Wish this never ends.


I chose to use three models for my film because i wanted to create a feel of domestic living in different scenes. I feel the scenes would have more effect with three models and give each look a really different feel. I was looking for three very different looking girls with different shaped faces and unusual facial features. I wanted almost foreign looking girls to give the feel of east german throughout.