‘rents be like

me, home for the first time in weeks: hey mom look i learned how to juggle, i know you said it’s a dumb skill but loOK IM DOING IITTT

mom: *staring at phone* mhm good yep mhm

mom: hey Cal look at the funny cat video on facebook

me, studying: oh yeah cool seen it when it came out in 2009

mom: well fucking fine then

ask-star-singer  asked:

Greetings to you! Star Singer's the name, and I'm a vocalist and a musician at the same time! You can tell it by my cutiemark, thought...! Do you perhaps know a good massage that let my wings feel like having it's energy back?

‘’Greetings! Mhm mhm…Looks like the weight of neons and all that singing did take a little toll. This will need not one, but a couple deep massages!’’

He pulled on the wing lightly, Before slamming his skillful hoof down on it, making a soft cracking sound. 
‘’Very stiff…’’

some stuff to do for self-care 💕

- drink tea/coffee/water/ur fav drink honestly
- watch your favorite tv show or movie all snuggled up in blankets
- paint on yourself
- cry it out when you need to
- write and write and write and write
- or make lots and lots of art
- skincare!!!! pamper yourself~
- go out with your best friend/sibling/parent/anyone you really enjoy being around
- watch those random tumblr vids of cute animals (does anyone know that one video of sounds sloths make yeah)
- meditate
- take a nap!!
- change your sheets and change into pajamas
- make your favorite meal
- listen to music that makes you calm/happy

Open To Interpretation: Negan x Reader

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A/N: Ya’ll. I’m so fuckin’ swamped in responsibility. I feel a lil guilty about coming back with something non-Rami but fuck it. Some other things I wanna say: Send me anything. Send me asks. I wanna answer you guys’ questions. Be nosy as hell. Also, I have something you might be interested in coming up after my birthday which is in like 2 weeks. Please feel free to request more Negan stuff, I’m branching out bitches.


Warnings: Inappropriate teacher/student relationship (student is of legal age in the US and UK), smut, the usual. Also, I wrote the character a little more like myself bc I feel like I keep writing the same kind of reader and its getting tedious. Hit my inbox if this is you af. ALSO HIT MY INBOX IF YOU’VE EVER HAD ANY KIND OF TEACHER/STUDENT RELATIONSHIP? SPILL THE TEA I’M NOSY.

Word count: 4448  

“Preserving innocent life, orderly living in society, worshipping god, educating children, and reproducing.” His deep, gravelly voice fills the lecture hall. All his students are enraptured, a rare thing for many teachers. He pauses before continuing. “What are the issues with these precepts that Aquinas put forward?”

You bite your lip anxiously. Answering questions in class isn’t an issue for you, in fact your teachers often tell you to give the other students a chance, but your Philosophy and Ethics professor makes you somewhat nervous. Tall, late forties, gorgeous black beard with silver streaks and piercing hazel eyes. The recipe for a crippling medley of anxiety and attraction.

Despite this, impressing him and getting your grade is often the reason you manage to pluck up the courage to respond to his queries, his opinion of you is something you are very conscious of. You glance around the room to see no one has raised their hand. You decide to take one for the team, slowly lifting your arm from the desk.

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  • me, in the Mercy ship tags: Why is Mercy so shippable????
  • me, in the Mccree ship tags: Why is Mccree so shippable??????
  • me,in the Genji ship tags: Why is Genji so shippable????????
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*sees a skinny Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS  H Im ThERe.

*sees a chubby Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*sees a green/white/brown/gray/purple Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe.

*fashionable Taako/fashion disaster Taako*

My BOI mY Boi There he is goddAMn MY B O I. T HA T  IS H Im ThERe. 

Just T A A K O.