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🎶i FeEL sUiCiDaL 👏👏 süïcïdäl 👏👏 like killing myself (mhm) kkkkilling myself (mhm) 👏 sūīcīdāl 👏👏 sûîcîdâl 👏👏 eVEeRybOdY wAnTs mE dEaD 👏👏
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Imagine playing monopoly with Wesker & somehow you're beating him. He gets frustrated but little does he know you've been hiding cards in your bra. So when he suggests playing with you instead of a "stupid board game", to his surprise all the cards you had hidden fall out the moment he removes your bra. In an effort to save face, you grab a bunch of monopoly money & stuff it down his pants & telling him to "go buy yourself something pretty"

Reita and Uruha vs a girl who has a boyfriend and four fuck buddies (Rajigaze 2/17)

Dark Side Mail

Reita (reading mail): “Last time Ruki and Kai were doing the radio, I sent them mail asking for advice because I was meeting one of my guy friends and he told me to come in something sexy, and I didn’t know what to wear. Kai was like, ‘so this is your boyfriend then?’ but he’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend with benefits. He has a family, and I have a boyfriend as well, but this guy is a lot more well-off financially, and can give me experiences that my boyfriend can’t, so I hang out with him sometimes. But I don’t consider it cheating, I think it’s the same as just going out to eat. My boyfriend is who I really love; it’s still better than if we were married and I was having an affair. I just want to experience everything I can before I’m married. I guess most people would think it’s bad, wouldn’t they. I have three other [friends with benefits], but I guess I should break it off with all of them and be loyal to my boyfriend? All my girl friends do this too, so I don’t really know the general opinion. Please tell me!”

Uruha: Oh???

Reita:  Oh!!!

Uruha: Oh!!!

Reita: OH!!

Uruha: OH!!!!! This is a cheating bitch isn’t it!!!

Reita: Well…….yep that’s exactly what this is.

Uruha: That’s messed up…

Reita: But she doesn’t feel that way, she thinks it’s no different from just going out to eat with someone.

Uruha: It’s that kinda casual relationship [people have] these days…

Reita: Well this is just how she personally feels about it…

Uruha: And the guy is married too, right?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah, like I wonder how his wife feels about it…like, the girl is saying it’s more acceptable than if she were married and cheating

Uruha: Uh she is already cheating lmao

Reita: Like I don’t know if I’d call it acceptable…anyway she says most people would probably think it’s bad, what do you think about that?

Uruha: I don’t know, I feel like so many people are doing the same thing, so you can’t really get anyone’s honest opinion about it…people just kind of let it slide, you know? Like, oh my friends are doing it, so whatever.

Reita: Yeah, for sure.

Uruha: That’s how behaviour spreads among the human race. [ALIEN CONFIRMED]

Reita: …Are you mad?

Uruha: It’s the same with drugs.

Reita: Right, drugs, and disease…

Uruha: Oh am I allowed to talk about this?

Reita: Yeah yeah it’s fine

Uruha: Well, I mean, people start doing it because everybody’s doing it, you know?

Reita: Mhm…

Uruha: Mhm…I mean, it would be nice if we could spread good things…

Reita: Mhm.

Uruha: But this….this isn’t good, like…have some self-consciousness.

Reita: Self-consciousness (laughs)

Uruha: Heheheh

Reita: And like she’s doing this with three other people…

Uruha: Well that’s not surprising.

Reita: I guess her boyfriend can’t satisfy her sexually?

Uruha: No I don’t think so…I think she really does value true love…but she’s just getting influenced by people around her…she thinks she needs more [partners]…to you know like…look better? Idk

Reita: Ohh, socially? So she can brag like, I have this many..

Uruha: Yeah, you know, like that…

Reita: Pyramid?

Uruha: No, not pyramid…

Reita: Oh, like Caste?

Uruha: Yeah, like Caste!

this is what they are talking about i’m screaming

if u have no fuck buddies ur a farm worker

Reita: I guess you gotta have more, huh?

Uruha: Yeah…

Reita: When is she gonna stop tho? I mean, she can’t just keep going forever…

Uruha: Hmmm…

Reita: I mean, she has a boyfriend and everything.

Uruha: Yeah….I think when she get’s older, she will realize.

Reita: Yeh maybe…ya ok…..but what I really wanna know is, what did she end up wearing?

(both laugh)

Uruha: Well Kai said she’s not allowed [to wear something sexy] so…

Reita: Oh, if it’s not her boyfriend?

Uruha: Yeah.

Reita: Well, if that guy wasn’t married, I could still see it being kinda okay [wearing something sexy not cheating lol] but since he is, like…there has to be some restrictions, you know…

Uruha: Hmm….yeah….this wasn’t Dark, this was just…heavy…

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My Opinion on;

Character in general:
    Let me just, - grabs a chair - Right, you want to know my opinion on Akame.  Akame is AMAZING she was well written, she’s well rounded as a character and I love her almost as much as I love Leone.  Akame’s the character that cares too deeply for her friends, but has to hide it behind her killer mask or she wouldn’t be able to do her job.  She, in my opinion, deserved so much more - and I honestly hope we get to explore their relationship sometime in the future !!!
How they play them:
    Whilst I’ve yet to really interact with you on a more ‘ serious ‘ level, the Akame I’ve read from you has been SPOT ON, it’s clear you have so much love for such a beautiful character Lucia.  I just;; really hope we can interact soon, if not ALL the time !!!
The Mun:
    Even though we’ve pretty much only spoken today, I feel as if we have the potential of being great friends !!!  I can only hope my Leone is up to par with your Akame.  I love you Lucia, thank you so much for following me back.  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Do I:

RP with them:
Not yet !!!!
Want to RP with them:
    I do, I really really want to

What is my;

Overall Opinion:
If you aren’t following my main girl Akame here, I think you should.  What you’ll get is QUALITY and a life time of fun, give Lucia your love.

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The Birth of Pegasus || [Painted Horse]


Lou was excited.

Which, was a very rare emotion for Toulouse Bonfamille, who did his best (and sometimes couldn’t help) to live a rather stoic life. In fact, he’d spent the last few days wandering about the Bonfamille manor, everything quiet, even Nounou giving him his space these days. The hallways echoed quietly and almost everything was still. It felt like living inside a museum. And not even of his own life. Of some stranger’s.

It had left him feeling hollow in his chest and when he’d received those texts from Pegasus, it made his heart feel like it was beating again, to remember those golden-brown wings. He’d wanted so badly to draw them that night, and though, a bit of the magic had been swept away by his own–lack of emotion, he still did wish to draw.

Not even to draw, but to paint. A full portrait, oil on canvas, of course. 

He had not slept much the night before, spending much of it in the studio at the school, setting up his easel and supplies, everything that he would need, arranging and rearranging the colors and the pencils and the blanket draped over the long, cushioned table that the model would use. He was still unsatisfied by the time he had to go home to shower before meeting Pegasus, swiping one of the cameras from the studio’s collection.

Now, Lou sat on a rock near the edge of the lake, fiddling with the settings of the camera and taking a few test shots while he waited. His brain was humming pleasantly as he worked. Lou did love photography, though, he preferred old cameras. Had a collection of them, actually, though no one of them had seen any action since he and Anita had gone on a day trip to the Next Town Over, where he’d taken one on the off chance he’d catch a few good photographs (which he had–all burned now, though, except the ones with Anita, he was sure.) 

Still, the Canon that he had would work much better to catch the definition of the lighting and such that he needed to properly draw what he had in mind. 

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My Opinion on;

Character in general:
    I have no idea about the fandom, but from what I’ve seen of your interactions ???  He’s a good boyo, a little softie vampire that needs a parental figure.  Yes, a good kid who needs neechan Leone around !!! Don’t worry it’ll happen.
How they play them:
    Good ???  I think, I know I enjoy the Mika you’re providing - if that means much to you friend.  You MAKE me want to roleplay with Mika, does that count ???  I hope so, I’m excited to explore an unknown character with you at the helm of it !!!
The Mun:
    You have a WICKED sense of humor, that’s from what I’ve noticed - What I’ve seen of your interactions.  I hope, the longer we’re mutuals, the more we’ll interact.  So !!!  Until then this is all I gotta say.

Do I:

RP with them:
Not really !!!
Want to RP with them:  
    Aw hell YEAH.

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

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Writing a Person-Centered Therapy Session

Writing a therapy session can often be daunting.  There are so many different approaches to therapy that it’s downright impossible to say “this is how all therapy looks.”

So I’m going to be writing brief guides to help y’all figure out what kind of therapist you should write depending on what purpose the therapy session serves within your story.

We’re gonna start with person-centered therapy, because it’s by far the easiest to write.

The whole idea behind person-centered therapy is that all that you need for a client to change is to really be nonjudgmental, understanding, and 100% there for the client. There’s no fancy techniques. The therapist just builds up a relationship with the client, and does their best to understand them.

What person-centered therapy is best for narratively:

The client character gets to express all the emotions they really feel inside, in a safe environment with no consequences to outside relationships. It’s a great way to show, not tell, your readers what your character is going through.

Advantages of using person-centered therapy:

You don’t have to worry about characterizing the therapist very deeply or learning fancy therapeutic techniques. Just make your therapist a good listener who never gives outright advice, and it’s hard to go wrong.

The client character is the driving force behind the session. You get to explore the client’s emotions in depth, without worrying about the therapist interfering or changing things.

It is especially effective in cases where your client character feels like no one listens to them, or that they can’t express their emotions to others in the outside world.

Disadvantages of using person-centered therapy:

Your character is carrying the weight of the scene. You have to already know exactly where your character is going before you start writing it.

Person-centered therapy is often inadequate for treating certain disorders on its own. 

If you need to have an outsider tell your character what they need to be doing, you can’t use person-centered therapy.

How to portray a person-centered therapist:

  • Kind, compassionate, caring, an amazing listener.  
  • Tends to nod & say “mmhmm” or “oh?” a lot.
  • Leans towards the client character; pays full attention to them at all times.
  • Speaks less frequently than the client character.
  • Tends to mirror what the client character is expressing to build their understanding of the client’s experience
    • “It seems like you’re saying…”
    • “You sound like…”
  • Really looks at how the client character is reacting emotionally during the session

Important: a person-centered therapist will NEVER tell the client character what to do or how to solve their problems. The client is completely capable of figuring it out themself if the therapist can provide a safe environment for them to explore the issue in.

So what does a person-centered therapy session actually look like? Let’s find out!

The following are some excerpts of this video, which is a filmed session between a woman, Gloria, and Carl Rogers, who founded person-centered therapy. Highly recommend watching this; there’s other videos with Gloria seeing other famous therapists that I will be discussing in future parts.

Gloria: I don’t know if [my 9 year old daughter] can accept me the way I am. I think I paint a picture that I’m all sweet and motherly. And – I’m a little ashamed of my shady side too. 

Rogers: Mhm, mhm. I see. It really cuts a little deeper. If she really knew you, would she, could she accept you?  

Gloria: This is what I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t want her to turn away from me. 

Rogers: That relationship-

Gloria: And I don’t even know how I feel about it because there are times when I feel so guilty like when I have a man over, I even try to make a special set‑up so that if I were ever alone with him, the children would never catch me in that sort of thing. Because I’m real leery about it.

Rogers: Mhm.

Gloria: And yet I also know that I have these desires.

Rogers: And so it’s quite clear it isn’t only her problem or the relationship with her, it’s in you as well.  

Gloria: And my guilt. Yeah. Yeah. I feel guilty so often. `

And later on, Rogers is super aware of how Gloria is expressing her emotions, and looking at what that means:

Gloria: …I hate myself if I’m bad, but I also hate myself if I lie.

Rogers: I guess, judging from your tone of voice, you sound as though you hate yourself more when you lie than you do in terms of things you disapprove of in behavior.

Even later on, Rogers reflects what Gloria was saying, in a way that made Gloria feel understood:

Gloria: …This has really bothered me. This happened with Pammy about a month ago and it keeps coming to my mind. I don’t know whether to go back and talk to her about it or wait. She may have even forgotten what she asked me, but uh – it just-

Rogers: The point is, you haven’t forgotten.  

Gloria:  I haven… No, I haven’t.

So that’s kind of an overview of what person-centered therapy looks like! It’s not too bad, right? 

Stay tuned next month for something a LOT more complicated!