It’s to the point where Riley and Maya are so close and lovey-dovey/touchy-feely and just so plain gay with each other that if they kissed randomly, in front of everyone, no one would even react.

Farkle would shrug it off, Smackle wouldn’t give it a second glance, Zay would just smile admiringly and everyone else would literally not even care and the only person freaking out would be Lucas because he’s so far up his own butt that he doesn’t even notice how gay his girlfriend and her best friend are.

  • D4:But at this time, G18 did not have a YouTube channel either. Sidearms didn't have a YouTube channel, D20 didn't have a YouTube channel, and G18 didn't have a YouTube channel. So they were all just kind of playing with us and-
  • D20:And at that time we also did not know G18 was a dolphin.
  • Sidearms:Yeah we got catfished on that one pretty hard.

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Imagine playing monopoly with Wesker & somehow you're beating him. He gets frustrated but little does he know you've been hiding cards in your bra. So when he suggests playing with you instead of a "stupid board game", to his surprise all the cards you had hidden fall out the moment he removes your bra. In an effort to save face, you grab a bunch of monopoly money & stuff it down his pants & telling him to "go buy yourself something pretty"