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I saw your post about the voltron discourse and I have to say that everything you noted was correct,, but people need to remember not to bash the others in the wrong. They should just inform them of their wrong doing. Everyone makes mistakes and only when the person continues doing it should it become serious.

Why Mika gotta look like he’s havin heart problems in official art

*clutches chest* oooh bOii

like especially with yuu 

Does yuu have special heart attack powers or

see he’s concentrating on mika’s heart with his powers

they are now in sync with their heart attack powers

conclusion??? Yuu has special heart attack powers

okay but imagine the team are out for dinner and jack came done for the weekend or something and shitty is there too because he finally has a weekend where he has nothing to so so they just had to tag along because durh they are family

so they are at dinner and jack and bitty are playing footsie under the table hoping no one notices because they aren’t sure how to let their friends know and seriously it has been five months now they need to at least let the guys know but footsie and just touching one another is too important at this point and time so confessions can wait

and this footsie is getting serious, jack is the one full on going for it whilst bitty is blushing like a peach. it gets so seriously neither of them notice chowder crawl under the table with a bottle of ketchup all set to do a good old shoe check. they only notice when chowder hits his head on the table and squeaks after jack did something so not pg 13 to bitty under the table right in front of him and chowder just wanted to run because this is like walking in on his parents.

anyway so jack is smirking like fuck now and bitty is even redder and everyone is staring at them as chowder crawls on from under the table who gets grilled by ransom and holster like “did you even check their shoes, bro?” and then chowder just rambles on about how he was about to but no way was he going to check a shoe when it was that far up bitty’s leg for it to be innocent and how sorry he is but seriously nobody should have to get that close to whatever weird flirting was going on

and then the team goes silent and just all eyes turn back to jack and bitty and oops looks like the cat is out of the bag. shitty looks the most upset “you never let me play footsie with you, jack” and jack just rubs his neck, smirks and goes “yeah but I’m not dating you, am I?” and the table explodes

ransom and holster are demanding deets, shitty is handing lardo what looks like fifty bucks before going into a speech about breaking the social norms and hetero bull and honestly no one knows anymore because he is happy crying, chowder is still stammering, nursery is looking anything but chill and his eyes are popping from his head whilst dex is laughing at him. meanwhile bitty looks like a cherry now he is that red and tells jack he is never getting pies again and jack is still smiling because these dorks are his friends and they don’t have to hide anymore.

the rest of the night is spent trying to calm the guys down and then properly telling them the story before they all go home for the evening. that night when they are getting ready for bed jack apologises to bitty saying he knows they wish they’d done it in a more controlled way but bitty walks over and kisses jack softly and says “i wouldn’t have it any other way, mr zimmerman”.