AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ahem. These are the things that have excited me the most amongst the new horde of Monster High goodies. Yes, including Garrett’s shirt. >_>

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The Original Ghouls vs The Original Ghouls

Yes the title sounds redundant but it’s kind of fitting.

So today Mattel revealed an online exclusive 6 pack of the original wave dolls (excluding Deuce and Holt) much to the joy of newer fans of Monster High, and to the disappointment to the fans that already own these dolls.

But something seemed off about the re-released basics to me, so I got my own original ghouls together after having bought them three years ago, and posed them like in the newer dolls photo. 

Even though some of them are missing a few parts (poor Lagoona is missing both her right fin and necklace) they still provide a good comparison to their remakes, and their are actually a lot of differences between the two groups.

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