Spectra’s Blog Unearths Scandal

You could cut the tension with a cleaver in Mr. Hackington’s 1st period Mad Science lab this morning. Student bodies squirmed in their seats as each pondered how Rochelle could scare up so much drama between Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile. The news of the boo d’état broke late last night on Spectra’s blog: “Gorgon drops Scream Queen and makes room in heart for Gargoyle,” read the headline that rocked monsters to their core. She was only confirming what everyone had been speculating for weeks. “Rochelle and Deuce have definitely been growing closer ever since they were paired up in Home Ick at the beginning of the scaremester,” reported Frankie Stein, “But this news is totally shocking!”

Or is it?

The Gory Gazette reported back in mid-March that something might be brewing between the creeperific friends. Did we correctly predict the end of Cleo and Deuce, Monster High’s reigning royal couple? Only time will tell.

Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute info on this late breaking story.

Photo from Suteki_Neko


So You Scream You Can Dance?

Think you have what it takes to capture the lead solo in the upcoming MH dance recital? If you have killer dance floor moves, Mr. Where and Venus want you to bring it…to the Screamatorium! But student bodies be warned, the MHGG has it on good authority that ghouls across campus are dying to sink their claws into this creeperific part. 

Spring v. Winter: The Eternal Debate. According to sources, Frankie, Abbey, and Cupid took seasonal showdown to a creeperific new level today in Mr. Rotter’s class! Find out which season took top horrors in this freak-peek video obtained exclusively by the Monster High Gory Gazette.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Creeperific New Video

Happy Summer Solstice to all of our creeperific MHGG readers! Now you can celebrate in style with this fangtastic new video. We’re deadicating this one to any readers who ever wondered whether or not the Zombie super highway was fact or freaky-fierce fiction.


According to sources, Skelita transformed Mr. Hack’s class with her presentation on an item close to her heart. Her thrilling family hiss-tory has inspired The MHGG to ask – what is the one item you love most? Re-blog and dish the dirt, guys and ghouls!


A Recipe for Disaster

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that Cleo’s latest class project is headed for disaster. After witnessing Cleo and Scarah conspiring in the halls, this MHGG reporter is convinced the two are plotting some sinister trouble for the Home Ick classroom. Will Cleo’s project be cursed to meet its inevitably dreary fate? Only time (and Mrs. Kindergrubber) will tell.

Tips for the Furrrociously Stylish Ghoul

With a stylish ghoul like Clawdeen as a big sister, I’ve found that carving out a place at Monster High can sometimes be a challenge, but by combining my easygoing attitude with some key items, I’ve started to really find my own way. As a special this week, I’ve compiled some top tips so you too can steal my style.

Howleen’s 5 Furrrocious Summer Must Haves:

Whether you want to stand out, feel confident or if you’re just looking for a few items to jazz up your wardrobe, these selections will make any occasion creeperific!

As many bracelets as you can get your claws on - the bigger and brighter, the better

A bright purse to clash fabulously with any outfit

Bright eyeliner to accentuate those fierce wolf eyes

A furrrociously patterned zip up hoodie

A clawesome halter that all your ghoulfriends want to borrow 


KittiesMama’s WeStopHate Video Draws Clawsome Crowds

WeStopHate videos have been haunting the Creepateria non-stop this week and MHGG staffers are proud to report that one spirited ghoul’s video brought every monster to their feet.  “Claws were clapping…and clapping loud,” Deuce told staffers this afternoon, “I couldn’t believe how crazy loud it was in there. This ghoul really rocked her video.” Deuce and legions of other monsters were blown away by a video submitted by KittiesMama. Sources have unearthed that the standing ovation lasted nearly thirteen minutes.  Didn’t capture a lurk during this afternoon’s showing? Don’t fret – we’ve managed to score a copy for our loyal (and UHHH-mazing) readers.

venivididolli  asked:

Hi, Twyla! Your pet is scary cute! Would you please tell us about him or her?

Ummm, fangs for asking Venivididolli. My dust bunny companion is named Dustin. He’s a bit reclusive so very few monsters have actually seen him in the flesh.. He’s a scare-dy bunny, but rightfully so. When I found him, the wind was blowing him around, so I rescued and adopted him. Ever since, he’s been by my side hiding under beds.

Hauntingly yours,


Fangsgiving Spirits Lift This Season

This time of year has always been one of the most epic seasons to stay vocal about what you’re thankful for. This year, MHGG staffers were tasked with finding out what our very own student bodies were most thankful for – and the results were truly inspiring!

When stopped in the hallway, Draculaura didn’t blink twice before answering. “My scary-cute BFF (Bat Friend Forever), of corpse! Count Fabulous is the sweetest pet a vampire could ever ask for.” Other ghoulfriends were just as quick to unearth a loving response. Scream Queen Cleo De Nile surprised staffers with her honest and heartfelt answer, “My sister may be a royal pain, but her freaky flaws are what make her shine in my eyes.” Shocked by her open sincerity (and sensing a loving tear in her eye) staffers stood by, mouths agape before she continued, “Avert your eyes and get over it!”

Operetta also has a homespun and heartfelt thing to be thankful for this year. “Why my homestate of Louisiana! This ghoul wouldn’t get by without my rockabilly lullibies. It’s a real important part of who I am as a monster,” she told reporters. For Toralei, her friends are what matter to her most. “Purrhaps I’d say Meowlody and Purrsephone? They’re the only cats in school that don’t rub me the wrong way.”

We hope all of our UHHH-mazing MHGG readers had a Happy Fangsgiving! You are the biggest part of what makes this publication so fangtastic.