mhermeiser50 (click to see his blog)

He just reblogged my post (shown above) saying “Trannys are werido posers why can’t they just be themselves? Quit posing and just be your self (man if penis, woman if vagina) keep these tranny fagbrains out of my skatepark no posers allowed! They just pose instead of being themselves and that’s not cool!”

He also reblogs countless amounts of art and claims that it’s all his and asks his followers to report the blogs which likely created it.

I understand his blog may be a joke, but it’s an offensive and disgusting joke. So, please signal boost and REPORT HIM. I’ve seen stuff on my dash about him before.

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what the fuck! this is MY art you piece of shit everyone report this motherfucker for stealing my art!

Hi there. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I said I’m watching a movie and sewing. There is absolutely no art in this post at all. Also I do not appreciate being called a m*****f*****. So if you could kindly go troll somewhere else, that’d be awesome. Thank you.