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Was snooping around a bit and based on this, discovered that Nolan North, who was the voice actor of Mhenlo, is the voice actor of your GW2 main male human character (if you roll one). I knew that voice sounded familiar! 

Mhenlo has invaded my player character! XO

I sure hope they aren’t related or anything. But given how many girls Mhenlo seems to hit on in Factions, perhaps he has affected the future population of Tyria….

Not that I have anything against the voice actor! I’ll just have a hard time not thinking about Mhenlo every time my character speaks in a cutscene now. I thought I’d shaaaaaaare~ 


  • Forever In Love
  • Kenny G
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click play and scroll for true otp romance luv story

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

once upon a time 2 ppl named Master Togo and Mhenlo fell in luv and ur invited to their weddin right now

the happy couple posing 4 pix

such an epic luv united the warring factions of cantha

the ring bearer was a siege turtle to represent the luxons

the flower girl was a beautiful juggernaut, representing the kurzicks

togo farmed for the ecto centerpieces himself tbh, fresh from the underworld

the cute coupl cutted the cake, shipped from vabbi’s kitchens

and then mhenlo threw his bouquet to the waiting crowd. who would be the next to get married????????!!!!????!?!?!?!? maybe find out next time idk

their love professed to the isle of shing jea, mhenlo and master togo got in their car to drive for the Shing Jea Holiday Inn







I could think of about 879457345 better titles for “The Story of Mhenlo”

We don’t know who wrote this book, but honestly, who remembers Mhenlo for his ‘ohhh look at me being tutored in both Dwayna and Balthazar stuff’? NO ONE. Everyone remembers Mhenlo either for his involvement with the ladies or for being a flop Monk. I have never read or heard anyone say “Hey, that Mhenlo is sure torn between 2 gods!”

Mhenlo probably wrote this book himself under a pseudonym, let’s be real

What would you call “The Story of Mhenlo”?

I would call mine Orison of Boring: the Story of Mhenlo

or Clandestine Monastery Lovers: The Story of Mhenlo (and Togo)

Mhenlo's Spawn

Have you ever wondered if Mhenlo and Cynn had a baby what it would look like?


idk why Guild Wars kept pushing Mhenlo and Cynn’s relationship after Factions was introduced because we all know his true luv is Master Togo

Some people on the internet ship Mhenlo/Danika which is just LOLWAT

Personally I ship Mhenlo/Death, preferably by a large Tyrannus

If you want to see a special Guild Wars creepy baby spawn, pm me lol

That about sums up how I feel about Mhenlo. 

Thanks to Hayley for voicing her thoughts on this particular noob NPC.

You’d think they’d update his build, but he’s still spamming orison of healing on the minions just like he was in Ascalon. God forbid he ever become anything other than a noob with no hair and no concept of monogamy. 

She should hate Mhenlo, he is the reason people fail in normal mode.

*Orison of healing* *Orison of healing* *Orison of healing* *Orison of healing* *Orison of healing* *Orison of healing* *Orison of healing*

Is that the only skill you freaking own?!

Jeez, anyone would think all that money that is SHARED BETWEEN THE PARTY would be of some use to help him get new skills. 

I bet he just spends it on his many lovers though. Maybe that’s why Cynn’s skill bar updates as she goes through the game: She has no numerous lovers to support. 

Cynn, I’d leave Mhenlo tbh, he’s totally cheating on you. Just look at his skill bar.