Hi!! I would absolutely love to be one of your Favourites! Well where to start? haha well your like a modern chic blog and your really friendly! I adore meeting new people, and love to just chat like all the time and i LOVE giving advice. If i was chosen i know i could bring a unique new aspect to your amazing blog and I pledge to be always supportive of youu. I’m friendly and I’m literally addicted to tumblr. I am happy to help out with votes, likes etcetera. xx anyway I think You should consider me as one of your faves !!
Xx Em ✌

oh my gosh!

mhdern is following!!! wtfudge!!! when did this happen???? oh I’m so happy wright now!!! hehe thank you so much!

… let me just go happy cry in a corner now…. :’)

modernyst asked:

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Her questions: 

1. Your fav celebrity? Logan lerman 

2. Your fav Tumblr blog? Mine ofc. Nah just kidding don’t really have a fave

3. What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest? When I got my dog (‘: When my grandma died )’:

4. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yeahhh

5. Best moment with you crush? When we held hands cause we were playing a game heh

6. If you could choose an age, what would it be? 24

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Bora Bora omg

8. Your fav/wish-you-could-speak language? French

9. Able to fly or teleport? Fly heheh

10. Fav Youtuber? Jacksgap


What would a perfect day for you be like?

Would you migrate if you could?

Celebrities you’d like to be friends with?

Fave holiday?

Concerts you’ve been to?

Would you rather give up tumblr or twitter?

Best book you’ve read?

Fave song atm?

Most embarrassing moment?

Worst thing you’ve eaten?