3rd in novice over fences, 1st on the flat! 

I drew Chief O/F, a cute little paint pony. In the past, I hadn’t had fantastic rides on him in practice, but I tried to put that all out of my head. We had a good round overall! There was a diagonal line that I didn’t decide if I wanted the 5 or the 6 coming in, Chief took care of my indecisiveness and chose the 5, which meant a long distance coming out, and I got left behind. Our other two lines were fabulous! There was a lead problem coming to the last fence, where I was just completely confused about what was happening underneath me, but it all worked out.

I drew Contessa for the flat, which was the best thing ever! I love that little mare so much! We had a very good flat lesson together on Monday, and I just had a lot of fun riding her in the show ring. I wasn’t stressed out about the results or the other people in the ring, we just had a good time flatting around and looking our best <3

I can’t wait to look at the videos from this weekend! I feel like I’ve improved a lot in the last two semesters, and my confidence in the saddle has definitely increased. Such a good day, even with the freezing temperatures!


Cav thinks jump poles are super tasty. #sillypony #mhceq #homeshow #gofightwin