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Why don't you like walking alone? My best friend is the same way but she doesn't know how to explain to me

I’m very self-conscious when I walk, I think, and I don’t like being looked at in most situations. when I become aware of the fact that I am walking, suddenly I’m measuring my steps, trying to walk straighter, fixing my hair, looking down at the ground/anywhere else except someone else’s eyes, pretending to look busy, etc.

it’s a weird kind of anxiety but I’ve always had it :0c


oh yeah, i almost forgot, i went to the svt fanmeet in manila back in aug 14 with @mhaikkun!!! i drew and gave her these hansol (and seokmin) watercolor polaroids as my part for our art trade ^q^

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I feel the exact same way about walking!! So I'm that kid that's pretty much running in the halls just to get it over with lol. But when I have to walk a a normal speed it's the worst feeling. Sometimes it helps me to hold on to a strap and pretend it's someone's hand if that makes sense??

yep, I understand! I also feel better when I’m holding onto something

in my case though running still makes me feel self-conscious so I try to run…gracefully maybe? and when I stumble on something it feels like the end of the world cries

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oh, i just read one of your asks and i'm so confused right now?? whenever i'm walking alone i feel so uncomfortable and i'm always trying to have my watch or a scarf on to keep my hands busy or just to look distracted. i thought it was considered polite to look at the floor and i'm always a nervous wreck and really can't make eyecontact with someone. but some days ago my sister told me that i seem really arrogant and now i'm even more self-conscious. is there a way to overcome this?srytobotheru;

hmmm did your sister call you arrogant because of how you act when you walk on your own, or because you can’t look people in the eye? :0c

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I HAVE THE SAME ANXIETY AHHHHHHH I'm really glad I'm not the only one!!!!

yeah!!! it’s really nice to be able to talk about these things and learn that there are other people who are the same way! it’s very comforting