Here are some extremely good Fremione fanfics for all those who ship it as much as I do. There are some smutty one shots, and the ratings are T or M. Most art 20K+ long but so worth the reading - enjoy

A Butterfly Effect - ari_j | T | 20k

Frivolous Thoughts - sleeponrooftops | T | 20k

Gossip -  IfOnlyFredWeasleyHadLived | T | 10K

To Us - Mhai-kun | T | 44K

Legitimement Maries - flue-player56 | T | 42K

Legitimement Maries Vivre Libre - flute-player56 | M | 14K

Fremione Through the Years - Werewolf Marcy | K | 127K

Weasley’s Witches Wooing - EuphoniumGurl0 | M | 58K

Not So Bad After All - HalfWaytoNowhereq42 | M | 43K

Drowning Sorrows - BittyBlueEyes | M | 17K

A New Life - BittyBlueEyes | T | 25K

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Just Pretend for a Night - Lara Zed | M | 14K

Snipe - Wizards-Pupil | M | 266K***

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Tale as Old as Time - Wizards-Pupil | T | 71K***

Love Means Never Having to Time Travel - Zeze Writings | K | 35K***

The Mist of Time - Wizards-Pupil | T | 98K***

Forbidden Bond - Wizards-Pupil | T | 76K***

Expectations and the Tale of the Beetle and the Bard - anarchyartist23 | M | 66K***

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The High Priestess and the Fool - KkarmaCchameleon | M | 44K***

*Updated: most of the same fanfics, maybe only one or two additions

fun fact: i originally read Oumagadoki Zoo around the time when it first came out, about 6-7 years ago (around 2010-11)

i was still in highschool.

that was also Horikoshi’s first official weekly debut. sadly, it was canceled not long after along with his second series (Oumagadoki at 38 chapters, and Barrage at 12), but i’m so glad he’s continued on even past these failures and went on to create MHA

i always knew that dude had a lot of potential, and i’m so glad he kept going until now

the only reason it took me so long to touch MHA was because Oumagadoki and Barrage were canceled soon after they started, and i didn’t want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed again. (also, because while Oumagadoki had a lot of heart in it, Barrage felt very forced and uninteresting to me. i was worried the new series might have that same feel in it’s writing style; Horikoshi even went on to say that he didn’t enjoy writing Barrage. 

thankfully, MHA has never had that feeling to it. you can tell how much Horikoshi enjoys writing it, and he puts so much heart and care in the story and the characters. you can just tell how much he loves writing MHA.)

also, as sad as i am that Oumagadoki got cancelled after only 38 chapters, i think it really helped Horikoshi hone his writing skills, because a lot of what he put into Oumagadoki has been reused in MHA. things like character designs, traits, development, and plot points that originally appeared in Oumagadoki have all been reused and reinterpreted in MHA in new and interesting ways. 

the biggest i can think of are Shiina’s childlike mentality vs. Shigaraki’s (and the circumstances that lead to it), and how Shishidou started out as an aggressive character obsessed with being Number One who eventually mellowed and became more of a friend to the cast vs. Bakugou’s own similar character development.

but that’s hardly the end of it

not to mention, look at his art development. 

the top pic is his first published colorspread for Oumagadoki (and his first published colorspread EVER). the bottom is for MHA that was published about a year ago. that’s only a few years difference, about maybe 4-5? maybe??

he originally started out using traditional art like most of his fellow mangaka, but he obviously had a hard time using copics and markers. but somewhere along the way, he switched to digital; he still draws the outline traditionally with an ink pen, but all the coloring is done digitally, and it has done WONDERS for his art

a comparison between Oumagadoki’s first colored chapter cover vs. one of My Hero Academia’s.

the dude has improved A LOT.

idk where this post is going, haha. Horikoshi is just a dude i’ve been following since i was about… 15-16? i’m an adult now, and i’m following his current series, which is getting so much attention and it’s so well written and it just passed it’s 100th chapter and it’s actually popular

i followed Oumagadoki Zoo week by week, hoping that it would raise a little in the rankings so it wouldn’t get canceled, only for it to end prematurely

My Hero Academia has just hit it’s 120th chapter, is about to air the second season of it’s anime, and already has a dub for the first.

i’m just really proud of Horikoshi and how far he’s come. despite failing twice, he continued on, and now he’s onto his third series and he’s doing such a good job with writing his characters and his story. people are finally appreciating his work.

and his story is unique; yes, it’s similar to what we’ve seen before, but he’s so good at manipulating and subverting common shonen tropes, and he’s telling this Hero’s Journey in a way that we’ve never seen in this genre before. the mentor doesn’t die, the mother actually has a say in her son’s life, the characters are actually punished and rewarded for their actions instead of having them brushed over, etc. the young character’s mental health is actually a THING and treated seriously.

so yeah, i’m just… really proud of Horikoshi. he’s come so far and improved so much. i wanted for so long for him to have a series that became popular, and he did. i kinda grew up with this guy and saw the potential he had, even as he failed and failed, but i had hoped, dearly hoped, that he would finally break through and get his day

and he has.

i’m just…. so proud of Horikoshi, you guys. so proud

Fremione Fic Rec list

Thought it was about time to compile a Fremione fic rec list so here you are! Enjoy!

Works in progress:

Flaws by @a-sleepingdragon

The Bookworm and The Prankster by Misha Young

Falling Through Time by Kait Hobbit ( @wittyhistorian )

Dead or Alive by @politelycynical

Crispers, Cats, and You by soyforramen

Mr Wrong by soyforramen

Erised by @katwithlove


The Remedy by @a-sleepingdragon

This Damnedable Curse! by @politelycynical

Lunch Date by @politelycynical

Just Around the Corner by @politelycynical

Live Fiercely by Senatsu

George Knows Best by hotstuffhufflepuff

Give by 123Quarters

Stick in the Mud by acro acro

Caramel Confessors by TheFifthCharmedOne

Liar, Liar, Robes on Fire by cr8vgrl

Please Don’t Hate Me by cr8vgrl

One More Song by soyforramen

Matchmaker by soyforramen

Can’t Get You Off My Mind by soyforramen

You, Me, and the Banshees by soyforramen

Complete multichapters:

A Kiss at Midnight by KLHF23

To Us by Mhai-kun

Magnetic Moment by kalina-blue

Just a Harmless Joke by CrazyGirl47

Snipe by Wizards-Pupil

Tale as Old as Time by Wizard-Pupil

Someone Like You by soyforramen

Also, you can check out my own Fremione fics by following the link on my tumblr page. Wait— What do you mean it’s tacky to promote yourself this way?

oh my god i really need to reread the last like…. 30 chapters of MHA

i haven’t been paying as close attention b/c Bakugou’s not in it as much

anyway what fucking chapter is the scene where Izuku starts crying and Iida/Todo comfort him with food b/c i can’t fucking remember

mutantgurls  asked:

I got ine got u. Fairy au with human Shiro protecting his curious fairy boyfriend who's from every large things.

awwwww that’s is such a cute idea!!!! i hope i do it some justice!


Shiro woke up to the sound of something falling on the floor. he looks around the room but doesn’t see anything see anything that’s been fallen over but nothing that he can see is out of place.

wait. where’s Lance?

Shiro gets out of bed in record time, making his way through the apartment, looking for any sign of what fell or for his boyfriend.he checks the hallway, the bathroom, the living room. and no sign of his boyfriend.


Shiro stops once he gets into the kitchen, seeing the spilled water on the floor and the tipped over cup on the floor. and there in the cup was his fairy boyfriend. soaking wet from head to wings to toes, trapped in the upside down cup. Shiro tries to keep from laughing at the scene, but he can’t keep the chuckle out of his voice.

“how you doing there champ?”

Lance looks over to Shiro and gives him a pout, which is just too cute when he’s dripping wet.

“haha. very funny. can you get this cup off me now?”

“ i don’t know…” Shiro walks over to the cup and kneel down to where he can practically see the water dripping off his wings “can I?” he akss, a smirk painting his face.

“you can be such a pain, you know that. will you just get let me out of the cup now, i’m really cold.” lance whines, pushing against the cup, but only succeeds in slipping in the puddle around him and falling face first into the puddle, only making him more wet and more grumpy.

Shiro lets loose another round of chuckles, he picks up the cup from the floor and puts it on the island counter. he reaches back down and offers up his open hand to Lance. Lance gratefully crawls into the palm of Shiro’s flesh hand, appreciating the warmth it gives off.

“come on, let’s get you dried off.”

Lance nods his head exicedly, and with that Shiro stands back up and slowly walks over to the bathroom, careful to make sure he doesn’t make Lance fall over.

Shiro sets him down on the sink counter, and gets one of the face clothes he keeps in there. most for situations like this.

“mind telling me what you were trying to do before you got stuck under the cup?” Shiro asks as he carefully starts to dry off his little boyfriend, being mindful to not rub too hard.

Lance mumbles something out, obviously avoiding eye contact with Shiro. his response is ruffling Lance’s hair with the corner of the wash cloth.

“what was that? i didn’t hear you.”

and there’s that famous Lance pout again, it would probably be more effective if he wasn’t the size of Shiro’s index finger. instead it just makes him look cuter than he already is.

“I said….mhmbmph mu mhay muhmpth.”

“one more time. little louder.”

“I said, i wanted to get it for you!” Lance yells, a blush taking over his face.

“awww, that’s sweet honey, but you didn’t have to, you know.” Shiro smiles, taking much more care of drying Lance’s wings.

“I wanted to do something for you, since you do so much stuff for me. i didn’t want to seem like i was taking advantage of you or something.”

Shiro smile only grows more, he as such a great boyfriend. even if he’s only a couple of inches tall. he couldn’t ask for a more loving man to spend his time with. Lance flutters his wings, making sure that they were completely dry, before flying up and stepping onto Shiro’s shoulder, curling up into the corner of his neck and shoulder.

“ well I can say for certain that i don’t think that in the slightest, okay. i love you too much too think that at all, so don’t think that your a burden or that your ‘taking advantage’. now come on, how about i make us some breakfast, and you can help me. how does that sound?”

Lance flies back up and nods his head happily, giving him a fairy kiss on top of his nose before flying off out of the bathroom and into the hallway.

Shiro follows behind, making sure he doesn’t get too excited and accidentally fly into something on the way there. he was lucky that he and Lance met, because no one makes him happier than his own little fairy.


i know its pretty short, but i hope you enjoy this!


Decided to do a quick and dirty Mahariel to go with my other wardens because she’s cute

*zevran voice* mhai mather’s dehlish glavs

SO I’LL BE HONEST….. i don’t really care about like. the science behind quirks or genetics, or how quirks can ignore/manipulate the laws of physics whatever in MHA

i just don’t think it’s all that important to the story, and i don’t think Horikoshi put a lot of thought into it beyond ‘and then humans evolved superpowers. except some didn’t’

b/c this is a universe where people have tape dispensers in their elbows, engines in their legs, they can cancel out gravity with little pads on their hands, hair just fucking sticks straight up with no explanation, floating attack scarves, animals can walk and talk, Sentient Darkness, there is at least one literal walking skeleton in the background of some scenes so that’s a thing, etc

i just don’t think there’s any real point in looking at it all in finer detail, b/c it’s just there to give a framework to the story

the real important bits are the characters and how they interact and move the story forward with their actions. the science behind their powers isn’t as important as how the characters develop