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Who were you before Mystic Messenger tbh like I don't think you could live without your new guy

LOL well before mystic messenger my favorite thing was (and still is, because it will always have a special place in my little egg heart) is knb!! I actually bought the manga recently and I’ve been rewatching a few episodes and I really miss em, so I want to find time to draw them again!

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for that anon asking for game recommendations: check out cheritz's older work? its all on steam. dandelion ~wishes brought to you~ has a less clean translation but its fun. Nameless ~the one thing you must not forget~ is fun but the writing can be clunky and feel like a chore to read. they might like it though.

ooh thank you so much for the suggestion!!!!!

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Do you have any apps/games recommendations? (maybe like mm? I'm really obsessed with it haha. your 707 fanarts give me the feels!!)

ahhh thank you!! ^^ unfortunately I don’t know that many games, but the mobile game “notice me! senpai” is really really cute and fun!