as promised, here are the scans of all the pages in the new Avatar: The Last Airbender Legacy book, complete with all the special features, all in high resolution (300dpi)! Hope you enjoy hahahah this took so long

also, I would totally encourage you to make graphics/edits/icons/whatever out of these scans but if you do, please link back to this post so that whoever sees it will know how to access the full scans too! ;0

and of course, if you like what you see, please consider picking up your own copy of the book (they’re less than $15 on amazon!!!) to support the creators. thank youUUu!


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Omg i love your "Guardian going back home and suddenly comes back" ! Can you do the same for Nevra, and Leiftan?

A/N: Hello dear anon!!! I´mhappy to know that you liked those scenarios ^^
Nevra´s was already done. HERE YOU GO
Below is Leiftan´s! I hope you like it :D

@driadatujest (tagging you because you love Leiftan ^^)

Leiftan looked at Guardienne´s retreating figure as she vanished, together with the portal. He wished to have the power to stop her, but he didn´t. It was her decision and even if he loved her, the blonde man couldn´t come between the girl´s decision.

“Leiftan, are you alright?” Placing her hand on his shoulder, Miiko asked with a worried expression plastered on her face.

“I´m fine.” Lies. Everyone knew he was lying, but no one dared to go against him.

The feelings of loneliness and abandon were running through his body, wanting to somehow find a way to go to Guardienne´s side. Openning a new portal was so tempting, but he couldn´t do that to his friends and companions.

“We should take care of the food. It’s taking all the space.” Picking a couple of boxes, Leiftan went to the kitchen, giving everything to Karuto who was delighted to do a big feast out of the big amount of food that was brought from the human world.

It was already night when everyone finished taking care of the boxes and went to eat, everyone except Leiftan.

Leiftan decided to take stroll around the beach, contemplating the big full moon that was up in the sky and the vast ocean whose waves were calm, way too calm for his liking. It made it look like a storm was going to come.

A storm just like how his heart felt. It hurt and once he felt droplets falling on him, he finally let go his tears as looked up to the sky with closed eyes.

“Guardienne…” Leiftan whispered her name, wishing everything that was happening was a dream and once he woke up, she would be standing in front of him, smiling. How delusional was he? That wouldn´t happen.

Everyone could see the bangs under his eyes. The lack of sleep was noticeable and worrisome. No one knew what to do and time was the only answer they could come up with.

Yet, months passed by and no progress was made. Leiftan was devastated and nowadays doing a very simple mission like helping Purroko was too tiresome for him.

“You´re sick.” Ewelein said to Leiftan after Miiko brought him to the infirmary for passing out in front of the gates. “You have quite a fever and not sleeping is making it worse.”

Upon Miiko´s and Elewein´s orders, Leiftan was sent to his bedroom and would not get out of it until he recovered.

Unfortunately, his fever became higher and no one knew how to make it go down and Leiftan suffered, having delusions of Guardienne as he shivered with cold sweat.

It was heartbreaking, but trying to do their bests, each day passed by very slowly with people running from one side to another, searching for ways to help him.

A week passed by and everyone was losing hope, until Miiko decided to open a new portal.

“Are you-“ The kitsune woman simply looked at Kero. There was no indecision or doubt. She was going to bring Guardienne back.

Suddenly, Kero and Miiko saw a bright light appear in the crystal room, seeing Guardienne there.

“Hell-“ Before she could even explain herself, Miiko grabbed her by the hand and told her everything that happened to Leiftan as she lead Guardienne to the man´s room.

“Leiftan!” Guardienne said when she saw the man she loves in such a state. It hurt her heart to see him like that.

“Guardienne? Is that you? No… I must be having another delusion… at least it´s a good one this time.”

Silent, Guardienne grabbed Leiftan´s hand and using her free one, she brushed the man´s hair.

“I love you. I always had.” He said, making the girl tear up to his confession.

“I love you too, Leiftan…”

Those words ressonated inside him. Was it real or a thing of his mind? He wouldn´t complain though, he was happy to hear what he earned for so much, for the very first and last time.

Closing his eyes, Leiftan smiled as tears fell from his face, until he stopped feeling the cold hand that was in his.

One last breath. One last heart beat. He was gone.

“No, no, no! Leiftan!!!” She couldn´t believe it! Why? She returned because she loved him and now he was gone! She was too late. Why didn´t she come sooner?

“WHY?!” Hugging Leiftan´s body, Guardienne screamed, letting her tears fall, not caring about what others would think. The love of her life was gone.

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I’m looking for a story it’s an au with no zombies where michonne is already pregnant when she meets rick and mike tells her to get an abortion thank u xxx

Hi there!

We believe this is the story you are looking for:

A Love Least Expected by severelybabykryptonite

Rick and Michonne are recent divorcees and she has just relocated to King County. 
Rated M

Happy Richonne Sunday :)

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Recent thought: When you see kitties on your dash, you know you follow the right person. #I'mhappy #ThankYouForSuchGreatContent

Kitties are just so fluffy and cute

(these kittens are part of the litter a friend’s cat had. They’re all just the cutest and I’m gonna miss them when they leave, my friends are only gonna keep two, the third from the left, and one that was in my arms when I took the picture)

Even when they’re old men

(I think he still believes he’s a kitty so he counts anyway, 16 years old and he still tries to hide under my hair).

They’re just big ball of fluff and love (and let’s face it, assholeness). 

And let’s face it, is there a better way to get comfort?

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mmm see what i've noticed is that the number of seb/ciel shippers has grown lately *wooohooo*... not only i meet like 12-15 new s/c blogs but some of the old ones ( and new ones too) are like walking around 'cloaked' under nonspecific urls (my case in point) because of the insane amount of hate we got not so long ago. i have no idea what falling is love is but if you're happy, i'mhappy too tee hee wish you the best!!!! <3

Thank you so much anon, I am glad to hear you are happy too. At least the sebaciel blogs are growing in numbers, thats always something ♡

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Hi I’m looking for a story where it’s winter in the ASZ and everyone is supposed to conserve energy or something and Rick and Michonne talk through the walls.


I believe this is the story you’re looking for:

Collective Cyclical Hibernation or Baby, it’s cold outside by hobnobchic

When winter comes the Alexandrians embrace collective napping as the best way to conserve energy and Michonne finds something better than blankets for keeping away the chill. 
Rated M

Happy Reading :)

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can you suggest the best yixing appearances in variety shows that we should watch? :)

im sorry for replying late and i’ll try my best 

With exo: 

Yixing solo appearances: 

  • Star chef has arrived all episodes mega | baidu 

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Do you have the link to a Richonne fic where Richonne fall in love at first sight? After Rick pulls Michonne over. I think they are both still married.

Hi @mariayoung24

Thanks to our amazing staff, we believe we found the fic you are looking for:

You Can’t Help Who You Fall In Love With by shaiwriter

When Rick Grimes and Michonne Gill first lay eyes on each other, they both know they’re in deep trouble. Despite the fact that they both have happy marriages and happy lives, they have set upon a course that will utterly destroy every thing they have in order to be together. Nothing else matters. 
Rated M

Happy Reading! 

do you ever just see a random photo of the beatles and it makes you so mhappy and you’re like “those are my boys!!  there they are!!!!!!!!”  i love the beatles so mchuc