No ice-cream making contraptions necessary! I promise you, this stuff is  amazing, and so easy.

Whip 500ml single cream in a large bowl - do not overwhip! It should still have a silky texture. Dump in 400ml condensed milk and mix together. Break up a packet of mint timtams biscuits* and fold in. Freeze overnight.

*Timtams, for the record, are a chocolate biscuit that come in various different flavours. I really like the subtle mintyness of the mint timtams, although the black forest ones would be beautiful in this ice-cream too. But you can chuck basically anything in there - doesn’t have to be biscuits. Go wild!

I like mine with some ganache or chocolate sauce drizzled over it. To make ganache, heat up 100ml single cream in a saucepan until it boils, take it off the heat, add 100ml dark chocolate, whisk until smooth.