Louis Tomlinson Expands Record Label, But What Is Next?
Louis Tomlinson is starting a new record label, but what are the facts?

Lately, headlines about Louis Tomlinson ranges from the new music he is writing for One Direction to the scandals involving Naughty Boy. However, the real focus should be on how Louis Tomlinson is a 23-year-old businessman starting a record label — but what are the details?

As one of the richest people in the music industry, Louis Tomlinson certainly has enough money to invest in a label. While this idea is barely a month old, what we do know is that Louis Tomlinson will not be asking Naughty Boy to be his producer because they are obviously at odds. In fact, some One Direction fans have even called for Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson to fight in a battle royal, similar to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s “Fight of the Century.”

A Larry Stylinson fan on Instagram, Mhal_Ditz stated on April 28, “[Louis Tomlinson is ] apparently keeping things in the family after appointing his own mum Johannah as the co-director and everything.”

Are these rumors true? As it appears, Louis Tomlinson may in fact be “keeping it in the family” with his mum at the helm of his new record label. Billboard Magazine and others broke the story in mid-April that Louis Tomlinson would start his own record label called 78 Productions. Quoting an interview with the Sun U.K., Billboard says, “The label is an imprint of Simon Cowell’s Syco label.”

About the new record label, Louis Tomlinson said, “To be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling. I hope to sign some really exciting new artists down the line.”

People Magazine also announced the news about Louis Tomlinson’s new record label and pulled a quote from a 2012 interview with Louis Tomlinson by Billboard Magazine. The quote clearly shows that Louis Tomlinson will take things with his new record label seriously.

Louis Tomlinson said in 2012, “I have to be kind of be on board with every minor detail and [I’m] quite opinionated, It’s quite important for me personally to be involved with the whole project.”

The project Louis Tomlinson was referring to in 2012 was One Direction. Of course, fans know that he is not keen on leaving One Direction. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Louis Tomlinson will take as much time as necessary to make his personal record label as good as One Direction. MTV also points out that this record label will be a copy of Louis Tomlinson’s current label with One Direction, Syco (owned by Simon Cowell).

Interestingly, the Mirror U.K. revealed on March 27 documents that show Louis Tomlinson registered his company in January. In other words, while he had been planning the record label for awhile, Louis Tomlinson has not had anything to talk about until recently.

While he has not revealed who else he will sign on his new record label, Louis Tomlinson did initially state that Jack Walton would be the first. The Mirror U.K. also states, “before One Direction’s Australia tour Louis even whisked Jack off to LA with him.”

Insiders for the Sun U.K. also state that, in Los Angeles, Louis Tomlinson and Jack Walton “spent time in the studio together and Louis turned round to him and said come to LA with me. They flew out at the end of January and returned a week later.”

This insider source for the Sun U.K. also says, “Louis has his business head screwed on and is busy making plans for the future. He’s rated very highly at Sony and they knew he’d be great to get on board… Louis accepted their offer straight away. He has visions of being a music boss in the future and has a good eye for new talent.”

Will Louis Tomlinson have any time for this new record label? So far, the Sun U.K. states that after Louis Tomlinson officially launched 78 Productions on April 15, he asked his mom, Johannah Poulston, to be the co-director. According to an insider source, “Johannah will keep business ticking over when Louis is busy with the band. Due to his touring schedule, he doesn’t see his family very often so this is a great way of getting them involved. (He has) already got his sister Lottie a job as 1D’s make-up artist.”

They also state what we should expect next — which is an audition to find a new “girl band.” If he needs places to look for talent outside of the X-Factor, England provides Louis Tomlinson plenty of opportunities. For example, Louis Tomlinson can take advantage of the Metro Radio Big Auditions to find the world’s next superstars.

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