mhairi makes

do you ever get those moments, where you’ve finally started to accept yourself and realise that you’re not actually a broken human, only to have something shoved inyour face that says ‘no youre not normal’. its a swing dancer issue i know, everyone has slept with everyone. and this one person that i find kinda cute has already had sex with a friend of mine. how can i possibly compare to any of them, my hyper sexual friends, when i’m just that chubby ginger girl who just isnt interested in le sex. 

its just irritating. i had a good night out, i was accepting of myself as an ace person just having fun. then one small conversation leads me to right back to the idea that im defective. 

tbh i think im just more irritated that a conversation with an entirely unaware friend can make me feel so shit. 

everyone has had sex with everyone. everyone is interested and im not. im missing that one thing and i dont know how to either fix it or accept it. fuck.