please don’t let joshler come between josh and tyler

please don’t make them uncomfortable by tweeting them intrusive/suggestive questions 

please don’t tweet them fanart

please keep it within the fandom

it’s okay to ship it as long as you’re respectable about it but please don’t blow it 

please don’t make this fanbase an embarrassing one to be a part of 

i just want to dedicate this post to all the people out there that write on their free-time and then post it to any site for other’s entertainment because whether it’s because you just enjoy writing or it’s for others enjoyment or whatever the reason is, i just want to say thank you and tell you that you are appreciated greatly by me and everyone else and i want to let you know that you’re doing a great job

its crazy how you can have so much control over me and not even know it. you don’t even realize that I would literally do anything for you. you could hurt me but I’ll still be there.
—  my 12am thoughts about him.

me: *graduates from college with a ph.d in rydenology with a double minor in the history of panic at the disco and northern downpour studies*

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14 Things That All Southern Women Know To Be True

1. If you don’t have something monogrammed, you can’t sit with us.
2. You have to learn to accept camouflage as a wearable print.
3. No newborn baby girl is complete without an obnoxious bow or flower strapped to her head.
4. There is no greater hangover cure than Bojangles.
5. There’s something about a man whose name starts with “J”. Jesus, Jake Owen, Johnny Cash…
6. The bigger your hair, the closer you are to God.
7. There’s only one kind of tea. Sweet.
8. The seasons of the year are a necessity for our sanity AND our wardrobes.
9. Southern gentlemen are the dream.
10. Department store sales will empty your wallet.
11. Mary Kay/Tupperware/Jewelry parties are a way of life.
12. Gossip is a given.
13. Always act like a lady.
14. Thank God every day (& twice on Sunday) that He chose you to be raised in the South.

  • Rachel:You're not subtle at all, y'know? Like, we are not together for a reason and it's not fair to remind me of how hot he is whenever we're all in the same place.
  • Rachel:Especially when I am sure there are plenty of your other single friends ready to open their legs for him.

haha jk to that last anon, i was going to say my age in the tags but i’m on mobile :’) smiling thru da pain
i’m 14!!! you guys pls don’t treat me any different, i have worked v hard to get to where i am today. it took me 14 years. i will accept no judgement