yg: Big Bang come back
VIPs: where they at doe
yg: here’s more dates
VIPs: what do they mean???
yg: new phone who dis


do you care


someone else’s 


so much 

that you’ll go out of your way

and spend time and energy 

to make fun of them



Hi! I’m PK! Or Mel. But mostly PK. (they/them)

I’m the main author and illustrator behind the comic Seeds: a Mini Story and world of Floraverse.

I guess today’s as good of a day as any to openly talk about being a non-binary creator. It’s one of those things that has helped me make a lot more sense of my life ever since learning more about it, but I guess I look back on it and think: why was it so hard to learn about it? It’s obvious now: there was no representation. It was a hard thing to find. It wasn’t visible. If you had complex feelings on this topic, you’d have had no words for it. You’d feel uncomfortable, and without having any way to talk about it or understand what you were feeling!

I’m sad it took me so long to learn about this stuff, about what gender even means, about all of this! So it’s one of those things that has become more important to me. I work it into my stories - which is my attempt at normalizing the existence of trans individuals.

(Characters pictured above are ones who are trans; either their gender is in flux, non existent, or they’ve changed it at some point in time. There are more characters with a complex gender identity, but I only picked a few.)

I guess I figure if I can tell stories with varied character backgrounds, I can maybe help push things along to a nicer future for everyone, even if it only helps a few people out.

If you’re interested, I also have a Patreon for Floraverse, and an adult Patreon, Forbidden Flora, which features genderqueer characters with regularity. Thank you!