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A Huntress' Guide to Monsters!~

Like all good hunters, we have a variety of names for the monsters we fight! Here’s just a selection, so get that whetstone out and sharpen up! :P

Jaggi/Baggi/Wroggi - “3 Chavs of the monster world”

Arzuros - “Bear” (Aira: Save the Bear!!)

Congala - “Congalalalala”

Nargacuga - “Nargawagawaga”

Narjala - “Najalaralarala”

Zinogre - “Ziggy”

Stygian Zinogre - “Stygy Ziggy”

Queropeco - “Parrot Dragon”

Gobul - “Forget that shit, we’re not doing it!” (This name also applies to the mission Fire Drill)

Deviljho - “JhoJho” or "Pickle"

Jhen Mohran - “John Morman”

Dah'ren Mohran - “Dave Morman”

Zamtrios - “Fat Zammy”

Gypceros - “Turkey Dragon”

Seregios - “Steve”

Gogmazios - “Gogmosis Jones”

Astalos - “Electric Steve”

Gammoth - “Popodrome”

Glavenus - “Dinovaldo” (We just prefer its Japanese name :P)

Mizutsune - “Gay bubble dragon” or “Tama-Lama-Ding-Dong”

Brachydios - “Braccy” or “Mr. Boom Hands” or “*generic screaming*”

,,,, and last but not least…

Daimyo Hermitaur - “Mexican crabs!” (seriously play Mexican mariachi music as you fight it, it moves in perfect time!)

Do you guys have any names for certain monsters? Or curious to see what we call other monsters? Just drop us an ask! :D


Just started Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today. So far, really fun! Although my friend and I spent a long time tracking down the Qurupeco because we forgot to tag it…and then we failed the quest due to wasting most of our time running around zones looking for it. ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” At least we’ll be better prepared next time…

Moga Village

All aboard! We’re headed to Moga Village!

Moga Village was the offline village for Monster Hunter 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  It is a small tropical fishing village, built on rafts of wood planks and rope netting on top of floating barrels in the ocean, and attached to a small chunk of rock within which the blacksmith’s forge is set up.

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// 8 DAYS TO GO. THE HYPE TRAIN CONTINUES. The good ol’ offline elder dragon of MHTri, CEADEUS. With Kayamba sporting the air-giving Ancient mask! Tbh I always joke the Ceadeus is the ultimate neckbeard monster. (m'lagi).