mh3 ultimate


Just started Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today. So far, really fun! Although my friend and I spent a long time tracking down the Qurupeco because we forgot to tag it…and then we failed the quest due to wasting most of our time running around zones looking for it. ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” At least we’ll be better prepared next time…

// 8 DAYS TO GO. THE HYPE TRAIN CONTINUES. The good ol’ offline elder dragon of MHTri, CEADEUS. With Kayamba sporting the air-giving Ancient mask! Tbh I always joke the Ceadeus is the ultimate neckbeard monster. (m'lagi).

//7 DAYS TO GO. Late again! Working bogging me down. Today is the flagship of Monster Hunter Tri. Also Chacha in his acorn mask because Tri was also his first game too! To be honest, Lagi has a special place in my heart as Tri was my first MH game. -ring voice- s e v e n d a y s

On a quest to learn how to draw a Barroth, and to draw out this artblock. I get these art blocks frequently when I get obsessed with a new game, which is extremely frustrating because it sets on quickly and around the same time it sets in I have extreme urges to draw fanart. These two do not mix.

Now if any of you have figured out that my likes are viewable through my blog, then I will give you warning that they will be filled with monster hunter art soon.

All images are from google and the monster hunter wiki page

besides the ones sketched in color, those are my sad attempts to draw in these hard times

// 12 DAYS TO GO…. NOT REALLY. Sorry I was late with this one. I was gonna draw last night but I was so exhausted from work I decided to sleep instead. Went simple with this one, and backtracked to good ol’ Royal Ludroth. And Chacha, calm down, just a little water isn’t going to mess up your BBQ mask.

// I’ll try to finish one and have another posted last afternoon/evening today so I can slowly push the schedule back to what it’s supposed to be!