Wave 2, Wave 3, and Halloween mini guide

My mom wanted me to make her a MH minis guide because she goes to Walmart a lot and would consider picking one up for me here and there. 

So now I have a collection of all the code info I have and because people like @mjneko would like to have something like this I’m sharing it. 

Click this line to get the PDF file!


Turns out there still is some variation with the beginnings of the Wave 2 (unknown about Wave 3) mini codes. 

This cheat sheet has worked for me thus far, but the only one I wrote the full code for was Candy Abbey’s being 20360B24. So assume if the codes don’t start with a 200 number, this is not guaranteed to work.

If they start with a 0 all I’ve seen is Skelita being B31, and PG Rochelle being B27. I have yet to personally see one start with 0, but they’re out there.


Monster Hunter Stories Opening Movie

Since Monday night’s debate, it’s been revealed that Donald Trump –

1. – violated the embargo against Cuba.
2. – agrees with eugenics.
3. – doesn’t think Russia is responsible for the downing of MH-17. (They are.)
4. – lied about Russia being behind the DNC attack, even after he was explicitly told they were.
5. – once told Howard Stern that “vagina is expensive.”
6. – continued to harass/attack Alicia Machado.
7. – repeatedly wanted to fire women he didn’t find attractive enough.

Elsewhere, though – and I think it’s important to note this – scientists have discovered a rare photograph of a shark stepping on a lego.

the number of tag games i have saved in my likes is finally wildly out of control so guess who’s going through and working on them

the first of many to come in the next couple days: the selfie/favorite filter tag from @astrobinn (ur adorable and we should talk more) and @sixstarrybabies (did you know that at least half of the things i have to do are from u smh)

anyway idk who’s been tagged and who hasn’t so let’s just do a couple and ignore it if you’ve gone already but @eunswoon @biahblue @noombean @snibnoom

#75 “You can scream if you want.”
#93 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”
#100 “I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you’re ok.”

“What?” You ask drowsy as someone’s shaking on your shoulder and you slowly open your eyes.
Tate looks down at you, his eyes widen in panic and you ask him what’s wrong.
“I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you’re ok.” He whispers as he lying down next to you.
“I thought you don’t sleep.” You mumble and bury your face in the crook of his neck.
“Doesn’t mean that I can’t have nightmares.” He responds, his voice slightly rough as you spread kisses on the skin there.
“Mh, you wanna talk about it? Or explaining to me why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Amused you look to him.
Instead of an answer he turns you both around, his cold body presses you in the mattress. His hand slips in your panties and you moan quietly as he pushes a finger in you.
“Don’t.” Tate whispers as he notices how you bite your lip to hide a moan. “You can scream if you want.”

ok so,,,, au where haru is a witch nd makoto always comes to his magic shop that haru inherited from his grandma to buy herbs and healing potions and shit for his mom and they fall in love and PINE