I hope we sing together. I hope we spend time in each others arms. I hope we lay near each other and speak softly of small things. I hope we are together, busy with loving each other, until the end comes.


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Without mike hanlon non of the other losers would’ve come back to derry and they wouldn'tve defeated pennywise once and for all.

Without mike hanlon there would’ve been one less thing for the losers to fight for down in that sewer system.

Without mike hanlon the losers wouldn'tve known the full extent of what they were dealing with.

Without mike hanlon the losers would’ve had one less misfit friend to find solace and courage in.

Without mike hanlon bill wouldn'tve ever gotten silver back, and couldn’t have gotten Audra back.

Without mike hanlon the losers club would b incomplete.

Don’t fucking ignore mike hanlon