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My harem dancer! by Фиске
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Self care is so important, here’s a few of my favourites:
- Having a shower
- Moisturising
- Painting my nails
- Reading a book
- Listening to music with earphones
- Brushing my hair
- Washing my face
- Have some water
- Sleep or rest
- Brush my teeth
- Be with my pets
- Go for a walk
- Eat good food
- Have a relaxing candle lit bath
- Be in nature

the other day i was covering for one of our cashiers and a customer came through with a monster high doll. normally I’ll ask if the kid or whoever is a fan of whatever the person is purchasing and this person told me “yeah, she’s really into science and this one is sciencey, but i’m not too keen about the outfit”. i look at the box and nod and say “yeah, I don’t think open-toed heels are safe for a laboratory environment”. the customer just looked up at me with big eyes and whispered back “thank you for saying that”

I’m sorry but you cannot tell me that James Potter was not the biggest bloody dumpster truck of Wolfstar trash out there. 

He’d be there at the dormitory window watching as the pair walked around the black lake, binoculars that he’d gotten from Lily glued to his face, “come on … just a bit closer.” “GOD DAMN IT PADFOOT JUST KISS HIM! KISSSS HIMMM!”