astro trimming the christmas tree


  • loves tinsel too much
  • spends more time “fixing” ornaments other people hung than hanging his own
  • when they went to get the tree he tried to convince them to get one that was 12 feet tall
  • “hyung that won’t fit in our dorm”
  • “shut up it would look great”
  • skimps out on decorating as soon as he runs out of tinsel to throw
  • says he’s gonna make hot chocolate for everyone, scalds the milk and has to let eunwoo come rescue it


  • ends up being the one lugging the tree from the lot to the car and from the car up to the dorm
  • somehow ends up in charge of the lights
  • gets them more tangled than they were when they pulled them out of the box
  • but the time he gets the lights straightened out all the members have gotten distracted and he has to herd them back to the living room
  • really careful when he puts ornaments on the tree and positions them just so
  • suggests doing popcorn strings, gives up on putting the popcorn on the strings after trying for like two minutes and it being harder than anticipated


  • puts the star on top of the tree at the very end
  • is in charge of putting ornaments on the top part of the tree bc he can reach and isn’t gonna break the ornaments on accident
  • sits in the living room on the floor and strings popcorn while jinjin untangles lights
  • sings english christmas carols to himself, tries to teach the others the words but eventually just lets them make noises as backing while he sings the right words
  • splits ornaments into piles so all the members have a relatively even amount to put up
  • the only one that can remember where they put the decorations from the year before, has to be the one to dig them out in order for the decorating to start


  • sits with eunwoo while jinjin’s untangling lights, eats more popcorn than he strings
  • makes comments about jinjin and mj’s heights when they start hanging ornaments, gets swiped at by both of them
  • has ornaments that are His and His Alone and if anyone else tries to hang them they will face his wrath
  • the one that actually turns on music so that they have more than just their weird noises and eunwoo’s words
  • spends a lot of the time sitting on the couch, complains that there are no good spots left for his ornaments when he finally gets up to hang his
  • secretly just enjoyed watching the members have fun decorating


  • started helping jinjin untangle lights, got distracted by helping sanha find a pair of scissors and never returned
  • climbs on bin’s shoulders to hang ornaments on the top of the tree
  • gets distracted by dancing to the christmas music
  • isn’t allowed to have tinsel bc he had more fun throwing it on people instead of the tree
  • a decorations snob, will relocated ornaments if there are too many of one color in one section of the tree
  • puts the completed strings of popcorn on the tree
  • the Most Extra when mouthing the words to mariah carey’s ‘all i want for christmas’


  • accidentally breaks at least two ornaments
  • is safely distracted by being tasked with making paper snowflakes
  • makes so many snowflakes. so many. tapes them everywhere in the dorm. everywhere
  • (also tapes them to members, times how long it takes them to notice)
  • gets fussed at for eating the popcorn they’re supposed to string (points out that bin is also eating it, gets ignored)
  • is more excited about decorating cookies later in the day than he is putting things on the tree

🎄🎁Hannibal Christmas Icons🎁🎄 - 2/??

Free to use as you please. Credit is appreciated, but not compulsory. If you have any request for a specific character / pic / background, let me know, and I’ll do it for you. :)


a summary of the hipster au


Monster Hunter pics!  My favorite of these is probably Dalamadur, felt the best during and upon the end result.

Even if those spikes were a handful.  Why do you make them all so complex Capcom? ;w;

Anyway, we also have Nargacuga, Astalos, Rathalos, and a Yian Garuga.  Hope you all enjoy! uwu

BTS Daesang

I just watched the BTS Daesang win again after seeing it live yesterday. I am bawling my eyes out, I’m so proud of my boys. They’ve worked so hard to get where they are and I’m so proud of them.

I really broke down when Yoongi started crying. He must have been so overwhelmed at what he’s done in his few years on this earth. That man is my personal inspiration and icon, he shows me time and time again where you can get to, even having to battle with mental health and well being on the way . I love him and wish him every success in the future and happiness too, as I do with all the boys.

As I sit here on my laptop, tears drying on my face, I’m glad for BTS and I’m glad for Min Yoongi and I’m glad that he has taught me that I can go somewhere even when it isn’t easy. I cry along with him because I am overwhelmed too, I’m so, so proud of them, and so so hopeful for myself.


Some random pics of clone dolls from yesterday. Note the giant MH knockoff dolls with holes in their abdomen + matching holes in the plastic. There’s no explanation, there doesn’t seem to be a part that’s fallen out, they’re just… there. Maybe it’s to draw attention from the fact that they all have their tits out (it certainly worked on me).