I want more friends who are into monster high, even though im not caught up I still love the characters and I would love it if monster high was the fandom that snapped me out of my art block honestly

So please like or reblog this if you either actively reblog monster high or you would be willing to chat with me about monster high headcanons/etc (please tell me if its okay to talk to you about monster high

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Gem-Rathalos! And a special Saint Valentine version for you romantic people!
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Happy 21st Birthday Changkyun!
You’re a year older, and it’s also been a year since you’ve met your hyungs. Although it was hard for them to open up to you at first, they’re now showering you with so much love! ❤ I hope you get better soon kkukkungie and come back as 7 。◕‿◕。

well, also, in hindsight i started displaying avpd symptoms earlier than bpd symptoms

like my avpd symptoms started getting bad around the 6th grade… i spent the first 2 years of middle school living in the library and i talked to no one and i had one person i could call a friend but they always sought me out, not the other way around, even though i desperately wanted to be closer to them i was just afraid i’d find out they didn’t like me after all (despite the fact that They Were The One Seeking ME Out)

and my bpd symptoms started getting bad probably around the 9th grade, that’s when identity issues started becoming really terrible, and all the splitting/unsplitting/splitting again, among other things

so avpd is a lot more something i’ve just learned to live with, i guess