mh tri

on weekly idol hongseok did the handstand from seating postion thing btob minhyuk always does

and mcs reaction was basically ‘minhyuk what are you going to show now??’

and just now minhyuk actually replied to mbc tweet

‘i will yield the palm of the sports-dol idol title to hongseokie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ’

and pentagon official twitter replied to that

‘from sports-dol legendary legend god minhyuk..🙏

When you ignore their text~

the okey dokey edition


*Minho has been at the studio all day, you hadn’t mentioned that you were going to be hanging out with friends so he presumed that you were home.*

[MH] I should probably send Y/N a text… check she’s okay…

*Minho grabs his phone and sends you a cute message*

*Minho waits for your reply, his phone buzzes a few minutes later*

*Minho stares at his phone*

[MH] who? she’s out with a guy?

*Minho sends another text in a mood*

*Minho dials your number but you don’t pick up*

*Minho sits at his desk visibly worried and annoyed*

[MH] who the fuck is Minhyuk?

*Taehyun goes over to Minho*

[TH] are you okay, hyung? 

[MH] fucking great…

*Minho tries your phone again but he gets no answer*

[MH] Why isn’t she answering?!

*He throws his phone in a mood*

*Minho grabs his things*

[MH] Yah! Seungyoon… I’ll be back in a bit…

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The Monster Hunter Tri ad campaign is so cheesy

I love it