mh comics

Dead cold hands.

its been three years now since i started those shitty MH comics(I started then in March 2014 :0! ), and it was a dang trip for me. I had been such a fan of MH way before i started the comics, but it helped me shove my art out there and ive met so many incredible people and creators and dang here i go being sentimental

so heres me trying my best at recreating 2014 mh comics style

Monster High Comic Issue #0

Hey ghouls! I uploaded the scans I made of the MH Comic from Free Comic Book Day! You can view the entire comic on the imgur album HERE!! I’ll also hopefully be uploading the later issues to the same account ( once they’re published. Have a furrific time reading! <3

mini-comic for gerard on his birthday. i think a lot about mcr and the impact that gerard had on me when i was a kid….and I feel like if I had never known Gerard, and loved his music and saw how much he loved performing and music, that I would’ve never become the person I am today. I am forever grateful to him. He did it, and I can do it too. Whatever it is, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m excited about it. Happy Birthday, Gerard Arthur Way.