And now it’s time for some horn-tooting. In December of last year, we were all over this still-developing story. And it was surprising last week to find out just how dead-on we were seven months prior to its launch.


Is that because you hate me or hate TechCrunch? I can never tell anymore.


Brag, complain, brag, brag, complain. Worst Twitter user ever?

Does anyone else find the combination of these three posts slightly ironic?
MG Siegler thinks childish hissy fits can be deemed 'opinion' from a 'genius'

Sadly, Apple fanboys who have drunk a skin full of Kool-Aid direct from Steve Jobs’ toilet have read their master’s biography and have come the sad and deluded conclusion that being a sweary, egotistical maniac (again, like their recently passed master) is somehow a sign of “genius”, of robust thought.

Wrong @parislemon, you’re just being unprofessional.
MG Siegler on Apple fanboyism

“I’m a fan of Apple’s work because it’s great. I suspect my peers he would criticize would say the same thing. I’ve been a fan of Apple’s products for about 6 years now. Before that, I didn’t own one. You could even say that I hated Apple products back in the 1990s when I was going to midnight launches of Microsoft products. Why did that change? It’s not some spell or some bullshit marketing. It’s all the hard work and attention to detail Apple put into their products during the second Jobs reign. I wanted the best, Apple made the best.

If Apple’s products start slipping again, I’ll drop them again. The loyalty isn’t to some magical unicorn tear voodoo — it’s to the best products.”