I’m still fighting for Peace [和]

Finally finished the water colour painting from here [X] - I’m really pretty happy with the desaturated colour pallet.  usually have a hard time doing low chroma paintings. 

The entire image is meant to be ironic, considering the tie dye patterns but grungy colour scheme, the nukes in spite various peace related motifs - even Kaz throwing up the peace sign; his very name means peace, but he’s a bit of a harbinger of war. I am seriously in love with this dichotomy. 

I believe I’ll be posting all of my artwork to this account from now on.


Fun stuff to do with Kaz

So right now, I’m playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and trying out some stuff on mission 068; 'Date with Kaz’

Here are some fun stuff:

- Good Co-op Communications to use are typically compliments (‘You’re pretty good’) but ones like 'Thanks’, 'I like it’, 'Hasta la Victoria siempre’, 'Meow, meow, meow’ and 'kept you waiting, huh?’ get some pretty sweet replies.

- Use the Co-op Communication 'follow me’ and Kaz will chase you around the beach. When you stop Kaz will say something (so far I’ve heard “Take me to heaven, Snake” and “Maybe we were made for each other”.)

- You can also put on the Love Box and run around. Kaz will eventually chase you.

- Grab Kaz and interrogate him. He gets so close to confessing his love it’s frustrating.

- Use the Co-op Communication 'come on!’ and Kaz will punch you across the beach. He’ll walk up to you and say something (“Nice pecs.”) You can also use 'You dish it out, I can take it.’

- Knock Kaz out and lay on top of him, he not only starts mumbling in his sleep (“Stop it… I’m not that kind of guy…”) but you’ll also get a codec call from someone on motherbase.

- If you start trying to use you’re codec, Kaz will get upset. Same if you use the Co-op Communication 'Somebody get over here!’, he’ll stomp his foot, it’s really cute. 'Sorry… I have to pull out’ also gets a cute response.

- Just beat the shit out of him, he loves it. You can break his glasses too.

- Aim your camera at him and he’ll start posing. Make sure you get a good shot of his muscles.

- Use the 'Kyehhhhhh!’ Co-op Communication and Kaz will get knocked back by how ridiculous it is.


Those are all the things I’ve come across, I’m not sure if there’s more. I’ll add to this if I find anything else.