mgs: yes! precure 5

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Rin is like the only one who considered how dangerous being a precure would be before she actually became one? Like, she was terrified, but she did it because she loves Nozomi and she was even more terrified of losing her and oh my god I just love Nozomi and Rin so much. 

Literally the only thing she wanted was to protect Nozomi


The effervescence of lemon, Cure Lemonade!


Sorry for the long wait, but I only to posted the whole precure group per saeson as ponies, so drawing six pony versions of each girl will take a while to make. For the most part I’m happy with a lot of the final works.

My Little Dysdark

My Little Pretty Cure Max Heart

My Little Pretty Cure Splash Star