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So I know each of the ascendant signs have certain physical features and I've heard some but can you describe how each ascendant will usually look? I'm looking for something rather specific Id love if you would answer my question cx thanks if you do and your blog is wicked btw

Alright so there are physical appearances associated with the rising signs. Of course genetics are responsible for your looks but for fun here you go:

Aries- Some with an Aries rising have an athletic build to them with a youthful face. They tend to have a distinct way of moving (ex: goofy walk, confident stride, etc).  

Taurus- It is said those with a Taurus rising have a solid, big boned frame and if a woman a voluptuous (hourglass figure) body. Prominent, round lips and rounded nose can also be popular among these risings. These risings also have a tendency to gain weight.

Gemini- Gemini risings can have expressive eyes and small-boned, well defined features. They are also known for having a simple attractiveness to their face and body.

Cancer- Cancer risings are said to have round faces and medium built. Usually nice, smooth rounded eyes and if a woman they can have prominent breast and a very nicely shaped, voluminous figure.

Leo- Those with a Leo rising are said to have a strong, muscular built. As a woman they can appear very athletic and/or naturally in shape. The men also give off a muscular powerful build but have more of a tendency to gain weight.

Virgo- Those with a Virgo rising are told to  have a nice round face and sometimes a reserved manner. They are between medium and slight built. They usually have very appealing eyes and they are usually extremely glamorous and graceful or completely the opposite as clumsy. Many Virgo risings are rarely in-between being really graceful or really clumsy.

Libra- Those with a Libra rising are told to have a oval shape face with attractive features. They usually have no sharp features at all and their complexion is usually smooth and clear. They are also known to be graceful.

Scorpio- There isn’t much on how those with a Scorpio rising can look except that they are prone to having a square face and almost any Scorpio rising has an intense look in their eyes. Many men risings have the tendency to be naturally muscular.

Sagittarius- Those with this rising are said to have long, strong legs and their built is usually slender. A long face is sometimes associated with this rising. Many men risings will have thick lips and woman can have the tendency to have a tomboyish look to them.

Capricorn- Capricorn risings are said to have a medium built and can easily get in shape if they put in the effort. Those with this rising can also have small facial features.

Aquarius- Those with Aquarius risings are said to have an attractive body and handsome/cute face. They are also known for having beautiful eyes and an angular face. Their facial features are usually smooth and not well defined.

Pisces- Pisces risings are said to have a frail to medium build. Their faces easily express emotion and their features can be described as “soft”.