I’m absolutely in love with the idea of Snake and Otacon’s separate interests mingling together once they grow closer. Snake likes to poke fun at Otacon’s anime but loves to watch it with him and they bicker about character arcs and stuff.

Meanwhile otacon normally wouldn’t have touched 70s and 80s sci fi because he thought it was all dumb camp and cheese but then he finds he grows to have an uncomfortable level of knowledge about Battlestar Galactica and The Thing.

by the time MGS2 rolls around, he knows enough that the second he and Snake get home he makes a beeline for their VHS collection and takes Escape from New York and threatens to throw it away because of how awful Iroquois Pliskin was as an alias. snake is just like “I panicked, okay? Jesus Hal, you try to make up something on the spot. You’re the one who goes by Otacon.”