Why Senator Armstrong is a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump:

  • Armstrong isn’t greedy, just batshit insane
  • Trump is greedy AND batshit insane
  • Armstrong wants to make America great again by returning power to the people
  • Trump wants to make America great again by banishing all non-white people
  • Armstrong doesn’t care about where you’re from as long as you fight for your dreams and is an equal opportunity employer
  • Trump believes if you’re from certain parts of the world that you are a murdering drug-abusing rapist
  • Armstrong offers cybernetics and a good paying job to veterans
  • Trump thinks that POWs are cowards
  • Armstrong has youth programs to get poor children off the street and prepare them for a career
  • Trump could care less about the poor
  • Armstrong can break the president in two with his bare hands
  • Trump can’t

Senator Armstrong for President 2016