I’d like to posit this theory if you will.

If you look at the VR training sessions, they’re all the same regardless of who is running them. They have the same textures, same models…etc… this means that they’re made and run by the same developer. 

At the same time, since they are accessible from a variety of places, I’d expect that they are not specifically affiliated with Desparado or any PMC, and is instead accessible world wide, like world of warcraft. 

So basically….. it’s an MMO

Now, PMC’s probably have their own servers, but I’d like to see a situation where Raiden is forced to train on a public server. (perhaps the maverick server went offline)

  • I’d imagine that he’d complain liberally about griefers and trolls. Some cyborg asshole that stunning him at his spawn point, and stealing all his nanopaste.
  • There are TONS of creep guys that bomb Raiden with “ASL?” He zandatsu’s them all.
  • There would be crafting and trading in the VR store. Raiden zandatsus 9 cyborgs, offering the trade the 10th one, all the spines for some EM grenades.
  • It’s possible that he might run into Bladewolf and Sam at some point. This might be a logical way for them to meet on non-enemy terms.
  • Achievements and collectibles are compared. Raiden is indescribibly jealous at all of Sam’s bladewolf related achievements. Paw shake = Cyborg’s best friend achievement.
  • What happens in VR stays in VR. 


I dub thee VR!verse…..Post moar achievements. 

So… about that earlier post about the boss themes in MGR…..should explain since people seem confused…..

But the technology currently exists to program artificial muscle with music. 

Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that the artificial muscle that makes up the MGR cyborgs can be loaded music. 

Each cyborg has a theme song that is triggered when heavy muscular activity is activated,……like when fighting.

The boss themes start when fights start, it’s generated by the muscle and is audible to anyone within the vicinity in game.

……………it can be involuntary, or possibly desparado is just sass enough to fight to music, rubbing Raiden in the face with his lack of a cool theme song.