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Annnd last but not least, a quick comic I wanted to dish out about my feelings after beating Armstrong. With the way Raiden was holding Armstrong’s heart that close to his face, I felt the need to see Raiden just savagely eat it or something. It would have been a great satisfaction for me to watch that considering I died 50+ times to him on my first run.

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(Mgr spoilers) I remembered you guys talking about Raiden's tie being yellow. Well my theory is, it is yellow for a reason. Yellow = always being associated with freedom, liberty, independence etc. Now, at the after credits scene, as I remember, he was wearing a grey or black tie, probably symbolizing his "dark" state yet again... Well yeah, just a thought~

Raiden’s horrible choice of clothing isn’t so horrible after all YESSU

I’m not finished playing MGR since Senator Armstrong is a real pain in the ass to beat, but I wanted to write about MGR.

Two things I am not happy with in MGR:

  1. The timing and spontaneity of Samuel’s boss fight. Raiden is riding along a highway and then suddenly sees Samuel petting Wolf. He gets off the bike and dances with him before continuing onto Solis. This was VERY sudden. Clearly Samuel’s got tons of rich history that the devs, for some reason, did not want to incorporate into MGR’s main storyline. I know there’s going to be DLC released of this that’ll fill in this gaping plot hole but I guess I’ll just have to watch it on youtube. 
  2. Jack the Ripper and his relevance to anything outside of the Monsoon boss fight. Okay, we get a new “Jack the Ripper” mode that we can choose to augment our gameplay with. Story-wise, though, we don’t get much substance to it. Raiden uses it to his advantage against Monsoon and then we get to use his child soldier personality as a temporary God mode. In MGS2 we get lots of signs that Jack/Raiden had a hard time coping, even before he lets loose in MGR. But the series before MGR first portrayed Raiden as a naive n00b - then as self-pitying, apathetic, traumatized in MGS4. Then in MGR we see a self-confident and content Raiden. Things really got better for him and his family. And then smack-dab in the middle of the game, we get a Ripper Jack that barely gets acknowledged by the rest of the cast after that one time with Monsoon? Heck, it gets confusing afterwards. The game could have handled Jack the Ripper tons better, methinks. Can’t say I’m too comfortable with even the cast acting like Raiden didn’t change an iota after Denver. Like I said, still need to finish the final boss fight and watch the ending + after credits scene. Maybe by then they’ll close the circle on Jack the Ripper. The game needs to make it conclusive somehow.

Otherwise, I’m very happy with the game. Though sticking in the body double fight with Monsoon/Mistral was A RIGHT PAIN IN THE ASS. COULD DO WITHOUT THAT.