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Cris, did you see there's a Full Stop MGMT twitter account now? Tommy Bruce follows it

Look at that!!  He sure did.  And it wasn’t any of the ones we thought, this one was “born” February 27, 2017. Thanks for the heads up, Anon!



In conclusion, the media influences 99.9% of Modest’s actions. Those two tweets were sent by Tweet Ads. I bet if that newspaper hadn’t been published and gotten attention (because it had been like 2 days since the pic was taken?!??), management wouldn’t feel the need to tweet those tweets of apology on Liam’s twitter account. 

And, it falls into perfect timing as he just apologized for wanting to spend quality time with his friends and not having to be perused by picture wanting fans. So of course, Modest would post those remarks.

How does this fall into other situations where Modest reacted from media attention?

Well of course, Larry, Ziam, Zerrie cheating rumors, Harry seen at a gay bar, Louis seen at a gay bar. Those were right of the top of my head.

So I guess what I ’m trying to say here is, the argument that everything is legitimately the boys, and everything is true as rain (relationships, tweets, whatever the hell) is so ignorant that you’d be a fool to think Modest doesn’t control these boys like little puppets on strings.

Well, that’s my take. Those people who make the calls up their at Modest Headquarters and the biggest, most controlling, and in a lot of times, inconsiderate human beings that the boys will ever meet.

So let’s not believe everything we see. yea? x

The End.