mgmt song

Signs As My Favorite Songs

Aries: Deadroses by Blackbear

Taurus: Electric Feel by MGMT

Gemini: Love Song Drug Song by X Ambassadors 

Cancer: Naive by The Kooks

Leo: Gold by Chet Faker

Virgo: Booty Swing by Parov Stelar

Libra: Afterglow by Phaeleh

Scorpio: Honest by The Neighborhood 

Sagittarius: Riptide by Vance Joy (FlicFlac Remix)

Capricorn: Worthy by Jacob Banks

Aquarius: Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

Pisces: Here by Alessia Cara

(I highly suggest you hear them out!! Tell me if you like or disagree)

The signs as MGMT songs
  • Aries: Your Life is a Lie
  • Taurus: Weekend Wars
  • Gemini: Electric Feel
  • Cancer: The Youth
  • Leo: Of Moons, Birds and Monsters
  • Virgo: Pieces of What
  • Libra: Time to Pretend
  • Scorpio: 4th Dimensional Transition
  • Sagittarius: Kids
  • Capricorn: Congratulations
  • Aquarius: Song for Dan Treacy
  • Pisces: Siberian Breaks